MGA Release ~ Chapters 722–727 + One month hiatus

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As you can probably see in the title, I will be taking a month off to focus a bit more at school/studying with the AP exam coming up (albeit, it’s in a month). There is still quite some time until the exam actually starts – and I’m giving myself much more time than I probably need, in fact – but I just want to give myself more time (and start earlier studying) so I’m completely prepared, as out of all the things I don’t want to fail, this is probably at the top.

Of course, it’s not like I’m going to spent nine hours a day studying for an exam that’s coming in a month, I’ll still do other stuff here and there, but I won’t be able to put out many chapters. So, given I have the time, I’ll translate a few, stock it up, and release it when everything’s over. Do have no expectations since I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to do.

Anyhow, I do apologize for the hiatus. I know I really should have translated more beforehand, but I decided just today to push the hiatus two weeks earlier (initially planned for a two-week hiatus) just so there’s no pressure and I’ll have ample time to do whatever I need to do. But yes, I’ll see how it goes. If the studying goes quick (I really have no clue how much needs to be relearnt and whatnot), then I’ll translate a few more chapters.

But anyway, edited by Littleshanks, enjoy the chapters!

TL;DR: One month hiatus so I can have all the time to study!

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  1. Haha, what coincidence! I too got my exams starting in like 1 month too! Good luck with your exams! 🙂 And you don’t really need to translate 1 chapter here and there. Just focus entirely on your exams because it’s obviously more important! And again, good luck! 😀

      1. yes f**k the guy that just wants to be supportive of a translator that has zero obligations to push out these chapters to you… how dare he care so much!

        honestly now… -_-‘

    1. Yes, agreed that exams are definitely more important. But some of us have shed some cash to read more sooner. I guess donations from some people will also be put on hiatus.

      1. The language translators use in explaining donations always leaves this one simple fact…

        You’re not buying anything. You’re donating. You’re donating to motivate them to translate faster.

        You never,


        EVER purchase chapters

        And this means nobody is entitled.

  2. Did you ever came back from last hiatus? , Normally you did 2-3 a day or in standard length chapters of other novels . 1.5-2, since you “came back” 1 every few days , now you break again , you can get another translator in your team meanwhile if you lost your focus , just saying its normal…

    This comment will get so much hate, but f it someone had to say it

    Stop the ballsucking of translators , aint gods

    1. So after coming here to read what the TL and ED posted after spending their time for free you still come here demanding and acting as a prick to TL and insulting their fans! Can anyone be more of a scum?

      In the end you still act as if your doing something noble… Parasite…

      1. Sound that you think you have all the right to rebuke the translator for not translate as much as you want. Do you mind to share with all of us what is it that give you that right? You pay him to translate the MGA? He owes you something and you want him to pay with translation? You read the excellent translation FOR FREE and you dare to say such arrogant words? We don’t ballsucking, but we know our standing, pal. Even if he stop translation nobody can blame him.

        1. Dunno why you’re replying to me since from what i read from your post we share the same opinion. 🙂
          Still I believe you wanted to reply to the prick above me!

          There have been a lot of these guys lately! I’ve seen the same type of prick in other sites like Bagleson’s site and Gravity tales… After months of dedication by the TLs and EDs these entitled people come around demanding and pressure them if they slow a bit as if they don’t have lives and do this as a job!

          I’m not sure if this is just random or someone’s trying to push TLs and EDs away to stop their work so they can steal the more popular series… I find hard to believe that so many people can be stupid enough to come here and insult the guys that provide them their entertainment expecting TLs and EDs to work harder afterwards…

          Cmon… Not even dogs bite the hands that feed them…

          1. Jesus shut the hell up, what a whining little girl. You should be at work but you probably don’t even have a job you piece of manure haha

          2. I like to argue with you about Bagelson’s Blue Silver Translation.

            They pushed out like 3 Chapters every Saturday. Now they maybe release 3 Chapters in a Month. If we would talk about some mid level Novel this would be fine but we are talking about Doluo Daluo one of the most liked Novels. They dont even accept Donations making the Reads bear with their Whimsical Attitude.

            Exams are one thing and i wholeheartly support the Hiatus.

            But losing Interest and just be lazy because they don’t want to, info which i picked up in some iirc chats where they blabbed it out, then by all means they should hand over the translation to ppl with more passion.

            Flower does the TL all alone while Bagelsons sits with 2 other TL’s together. And they are still lazy and whimsical like hell. If they don’t want to translate anymore then quit and handover the Novel to someone else.

            Yes it is unfair from Readers to Flame about this 1 Month Hiatus and they will get their Share off Bad Karmic Luck. But its unfair too, making Readers wait just because they plain dont want to and refuse to take in Donations because oh! this would mean they are half-half obliged to do something!

            Hell if i could understand Chinese i would even be so brazen and just plain take away the Novel from Bagelson because such Attitudes pisses me of to no End. Sadly i can’t so i have to bear with his Attitude and can just critize it.

  3. Good luck.on your exams…my daughter has her ap exam next month as well. And exams are more important but don’t get burned out studying too hard either.

  4. Ugggggggghhh! This chapters were teasin me..!! I need More! But Study is Important..! Goodluck To you..! You just better add more chapters next time..! 😀

  5. i’m kind of disappointed with that preview.
    where did your sadism go?
    why is there no real cliff?

    good luck on your exams though.
    reminds me i also have an exam next month, should start stressing out about it soon…

    1. Good thing that hiatus came up. I had 4 AP exams once and managed to score 4s or 5s in all of them. A month of just focused studying did the job. Good luck.

  6. Good luck on the exam! I know the feeling all my exams are starting to come up now as well and have been a huge killer to catching up to MGA,ISSTH,ST and others but hey atleast i’ll have a huge marathon after the exams are over.

  7. so thrilling that I want to cry. good luck to your exams though haha hoping that when you comeback it will be raining chapters hahahaha goodluck homie

  8. Good luck with the Exams 🙂

    and to the haters if you can’t live with a fix their a few sites that use crap machine translations
    that are in no way as good or up to Flowerbridgetoo’s great standard of work , learn to use google for the month and don’t give the guy a hard time when he needs to do something very much more important
    i donate to this and tales of demons & gods , so i’m screwed twice and can still smile about it

    once again Good Luck

  9. Bummer to hear about this, but I’ll be excited to keep reading in a couple months, usually I give you a few months to get a few hundred more chapters under your belt, two months in and I guess I’ll need to wait a couple more months. Good luck on exams, but really don’t freak out about them it does you no good!

  10. So curious you said a one month hiatus does that mean you’ll be back around now the 1st or do you mean like from your post day so like the 8th? Or is it longer? Not trying to be a bother or rush just looking forward to your return and was wondering when to expect it 🙂 I hope your exams have gone well

    1. from flowerbridgetoo website : “Regarding chapters, I’ll probably resume May 9th, with a teaser or two the day before. Maybe, who knows. Anyhow, that’s the announcement~”

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