MGA Release ~ Chapters 717–?

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I have accidentally dropped MGA, see below.



With that out of the way, happy April Fools’ everyone! I actually wanted to make a troll chapter too (replace a few instances with Trump and a few punishments with walls), but I got lazy and just read some novel instead xP

Anyhow, I’ve got nothing other than the thingy above, so you may peacefully enjoy the unknown number of chapters! Edited by Littleshanks, enjoy!

31 thoughts on “MGA Release ~ Chapters 717–?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Я надеюсь никто этот комментарий переводить не будет, так как он затрагивает личностные отношения….
    В общем —- переводчики! Я ВАС ЛЮБЛЮ!!!!!

    1. REALLY???
      now after French, Spanish, Thai(or i don’t know what), we have FREAKING Russian
      respect other people and write in english like we all do

      1. Basically he’s saying he knows no one will translate it. And he loves the translater.
        You know, not everyone is an english speaker here, so we’re free to comment in whatever language we want, even if no one understands. Just sayin 😉

  2. I appreciate how you’ve translated this for a while now but can we have a chapter a day rather than piling a bunch and then not posting anything for 6 days. It has been really inconsistent and I am always disappointed to see there is no chapter update for MGA.

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