MGA Release ~ Chapters 706–711

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Hey all! I wanted to post this yesterday (26th) but a bunch of stuff (a few rounds of LoL, some youtubes, some reading, etc.) distracted me from doing that and releasing more.

As for the reason why I wanted to release more, yesterday (26th) was actually an anniversary! One year ago yesterday was when I posted my first translation on my newly made wordpress blog, though, the first ever chapter of MGA came a few weeks later. So, a bit of a special day for me and I wanted to celebrate it with a few more chapters than usual, but you know . . . procrastination xP

Nonetheless, I hope you still enjoy this small release. I have a bit more planned for tomorrow if I can get those done, but anyhow, edited by Littleshanks, have fun~

33 thoughts on “MGA Release ~ Chapters 706–711” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Congratz.
    Have fun with LoL. Gotta have some fun sometimes too.

    Easter too, so all the more reason to have fun and celebrate 🙂
    and thanks for the hard work as always, both of you.

  2. First of all i greet you belated happy anniversary!????????????? and thank you for the gift of mass releases!??????hehe..and I wish you many more years to come!

  3. Happy belated anniversary and thank you so much for the translation!

    But if you say you may be adding another batch the day after, please do so. My heart can’t take the false hope Q___Q It has been 4 days now…

    1. Yea sorry, sometimes I just can’t into the mood of translating, and if I force myself to translate while in such a mood, the results are usually horrendous so often, if I, I suppose, don’t feel like it, I’ll hold off TLing until I’m in a good mindset.

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