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    1. Oups, my bad there isn’t 6 chapters but just two. I just wanted to have a lot of chapters and I guess my imagination did the rest ^^’
      thx anyway flowerbridge

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    Just a random note but, would Temple of Procreation sound better?

    Completely random, I know, sorry. The literal translation is indeed “Pregnant Temple” but I feel that “Temple of Reproduction” sounds awkward. Then again… So do “Temple of Procreation”… Never mind.

    1. I did think of “Temple of Procreation” after thinking of “Pregnant Temple” (which was just a tentative name), but after looking it through I chose “Temple of Reproduction” instead since it 1) fits the raws, and 2) fits, a bit more at least, the definition.

      The raws is obviously “pregnant”, which lets me to choose either “Procreation” or “Reproduction”. However, since the temple is used for creating markings, it’s more of “(re)producing markings”, instead of “procreating markings”. So, that’s why “reproduction” was chosen over “procreation”.

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