MGA Release ~ Chapters 630, 631

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Chapter 630 might take ~10 minutes to update. Also, thanks to LittleShanks for editing this release! Enjoy~

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  1. Who Was the Girl Monster again?? can someone POST what happened with her? The Former lover of Chufeng.. Too Many wuxia novels I’ve read i almost forgot most of the story of each Title.. Thanks!

    1. she is Yan Ruyu, who was the #1 discible of the all female school in the azure province
      the Azure school head and the women school head was in love and decided their #1-s to be married

      she didn’t think much about him, tried to poison him with her best friend to f**k her best friend so that he has to marry her instead of Yan Ruyu do to guilt

      it backfired, Chu Feng raped Yan Ruyu. She turned into a monster because of the forbidden mysterious technique she practiced didn’t allow her to sleep with men (similar but different with Zi Ling)

      if any mistake someone will correct me 😀

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