MGA Release ~ Chapters 543 – 548 [Donors please read]

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Planned to take a short nap, but woke up at 3:30am to discover that I had yet to finish >.< But, I was nearly done so they were somewhat quickly finished. Anyway, I have quite a bit to say here so:

Regarding donors. I have never really showed my gratitude to those who have donated to me (it was for quite a foolish reason, but I am always grateful for all the support!), so as I am going to take some time off, I am going to compile a list of donors who have donated to me and acknowledge them. I know that some people prefer to stay anonymous, so to those who do, please send me an email at: [email protected]

The general format of acknowledgement will be 1) Your account name on WW if there is one, or otherwise, 2) Full first name and abbreviated surname. For example, “Flowerbridge T.”

Then, regarding the length of this break I’m having. I’m thinking roughly 2.5 weeks, maybe more, maybe less. Number of chapters that come after the break remain the same: I’ll try my best for 14 chapters/week, but given busy week and whatnot, it will be 10 chapter/week. Posting schedule is the same as well, at random intervals and random chapter release sizes 🙂

Finally, some term/name changes:

1st, 2nd, 3rd (of the XX realm)… —> First, Second, Third…
consciousness —> Consciousness (regarding the entity)
bloodline —> Bloodline (regarding special ones)
Source energy —> Source Energy
Everything with “Emperor” that should be in adjective form —> Imperial (ie. Imperial Tomb)

That’s all I have in my mind for now. Of course, suggestions are always welcome. And, as usual, thanks for reading~

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  1. Does this mean that around the sixth of december de next chapter will be uploaded again?
    I just cought up with the chapters and am loving it so i would love to read some more.
    P.S. i made this account just to ask this so will apreciate it if i could get an awnser.

    1. i dont really know….
      all i know is that he took a well-deserved break for about 2 weeks maybe more maybe less.
      so it might not come to 6th of december……

      and for all as i care he could take a break for even a month if he comes back just like he was ( or. no, he has to come back even STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE…… dont mind me, jk ).

      and at least he gave us at least the information of what he is doing ( unlike that miura kentaro 🙁 not even a single update on what he is doing, and a year later he finally releases a new chapter….. not satisfied. he could at least tell us he didnt gave up, right ??? )

      1. That’s certanly true but i am a really bad waiter and because of that i am already waiting for updates on 5 different novels here XD. And i only discovered this heaven about a month or 3 ago.

        1. well if you are called bad, then i dont even know what i am called having to wait for over 20 novels to update…….

          All of them xianxia 😉

          if you want i will give you the list of the novels i follow 🙂

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