MGA Release ~ Chapters 512 – 519

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Hello once again, and once again as well, sorry for the extreme lack of updates. Not feeling too great recently which has deterred me from translating quite a bit, but I’m not sick or anything, so no need to fear, more chapters shall come here!

Anyway, putting aside that stuff, here’s eight chapters, and if my (amazing) math is correct, I should have some 11 chapters to do. So, I’ll start on that soon!

That is all, and once again, sorry about the inactivity (I do feel guilty seeing such rapid updates from the others), but yes, I’ll try to really pick it up. Enjoy~ And congratulations to Ren for increasing the harem size… erm I mean the size of WXW! World domination through novels! Hip hip horrah!

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  1. I rather have chapter updates like this, it’s more pleasant to read MGA in this matter.

    If you could only screw off with the troll cliffhangers, life would be good, and i’d call you grandfather.

  2. I get how you feel I play a game get really good at it starts feeling burned out and doesn’t feel like playing anymore, whale yes I would love too see more updates I feel like you should never push yourself too do something you don’t want to, other than that keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Bro, you are the original King of rapid releases. Aint no reason to feel sorry! seriously, 510+ chapters in under a year (8 months or so?), who wouldn’t feel wore out from all that back-and-forth reading/translating?

  4. Hey Flower. I’m glad you’re ok. Don’t push yourself too much. We do miss those mass releases, but we can wait. As long as you’re fine and don’t quit, we’ll get catch up with the author ?

  5. Yikes… Feeling guilty when you release 7 chapters/week, that pains my heart…
    I really wish that you felt great about it, 7 chapters, that’s amazing and that you find happiness in translating, ignore the haters/leechers.

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