MGA Release ~ Chapters 504, 505, 506

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This is going to be slightly lengthy, so:

First of all, sorry ’bout the lack of chapters. There really should be 8 more chapters in addition to the 3 released right now, but I have yet to finish them this weekend. I’ll get to work on them quickly though, so they’ll be out soon hopefully.

Secondly, the more important part of this post. For a few reasons including freeing up time and a more flexible schedule, I have removed the option to donate, so if anyone was wondering why the link is gone, that is why. Of course, that in turn means I won’t be doing any more sponsored chapters and as of now, I do not have any plans to bring the extra chapter system back.

Regarding the number of chapters per week, it should generally be the same, but one of the reasons why I came to the decision of taking away the donation system is so the number of chapters per week can change according to RL. Currently, 14/week is what I have always done, but now, it will most likely range from 10-14 per week.

Anyway, that’s that. If you have any questions, throw a comment below.

Enjoy~ And chuck your money at the other translators instead! Make ’em work!

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  1. Thanks for the releases and the notice. Lol, also you’re going to translate that much without the donations… sneaky sneaky… that’s just going to make us more addicted when you add them back in a while when the story gets truly intense again. :p

  2. And chuck your money at the other translators instead! Make ’em work! But we want to make MGA work 😛 dw i guess even if there are some potatoes, which are flaming a bit, there are many readers who are truly thankful, after all there are ln releasing 1/month. just keep p the good work and provide us with some chapters a week, if you cant? then you cant, everyone knows, wihtout the translators there is no way of reading MGA anyways

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