MGA Release ~ Chapters 495 – 500

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Chapter 500, horrah~ The end of volume 2 is only 48 chapters away! Creeping closer and closer to it :O

Other than that, a change in terminology. Chu Feng’s Elite Armament is one that can “recognize its master”. A bit wordy, so it has been changed to a “Mastered Elite Armament”, or a “Elite Armament that can be Mastered” (Capitalized “M” to distinguish it from normal mastering)

Nothing more, so have fun reading, and thanks for reading the 500 chapters xD

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  1. Thanks a lot for the chapters! finally 500!! congrats!!!! very pleased to be a tiny part of it! heheeh , well looking forward to the next realease. PD: u REALLY love cliffhungers hahaha , gotta be ready if not i cant sleep ehehe.. Good work!

  2. Hey first off I just want to say thanks for all the translations! Second I have a sugestion as far as what to call the strange armament because mastered sounds slightly confusing it might be better to use the term from another wuxiaworld translation, coiling dragon, for items and call it a bound strange armament because the term fits well, and makes more sense than mastered. Just a thought keep up the goof work!

  3. So bound strange armament where you only need to kill the master and bound it with blood just like coilin dragon.. Nope it’s way different then that since the strange armament can recognize it’s master and only choice his own master. Other people can’t take the strange armament only when they are recognized by it. Mastered strange armament even when it’s sound a little bit weird i still think that’s a better fitting for it.

    1. zackattack, I’m not saying that it has to directly correlate to coiling dragons blood binding system, I’m just saying that bound strange armament sounds better than Mastered, and it still makes sense, because the strange armament is technically bound to Chu Feng as it has recognized him as a
      master. I only mentioned coiling dragon because that’s where I pulled the term from.

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