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  1. there should be 30 chapter starting from 21 of sept to now 5 oct including the release of the recent 453 there is a release of 24 chapter so there should be 6 more chapters after the 453 release. thank for the chapters 🙂

    1. you have ignited my hopes!

      If flowerbridgeto releases 6 chapters more that would make me sooooo happy!.

      Anyway since life comes first and we rly apreciate the effort of translating after school/work or whatever i will paitiently wait and see what happens!

      THANK YOU FLOWERBRIDGETOO!!!…… even if you are the great geat grandmaster of cliffhangers we still love you!

  2. I have a request/proposition – put MGA titles AFTER chapters, not before. They very often either spoil the chapter itself… or even the next one. Sometimes it’s unimportant, but there are times when the spoiler is really annoying… :/

  3. You and your cliffhangers, good thing i skimmed through the titles before i read them. Going to read the whole batch when you release the next few chapters 🙂

  4. Touch any but wifee.. now u die..

    Then the cliff… too steepy hahaha.. the master of cliffhangers hit once again.. hahaha

    I wonder if this is Asura Enrage Mode or CF’s real bloodline awakening.. but I’m guessing too that his other spirit might also awaken since its a berserk type. But that black mist coming out from his eye’s, seems to be from eggy’s..

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