MGA Release ~ Chapter 699

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One more chapter for the milestone! I’ll be working on that soon, maybe it can be finished by today. Anyhow, edited by Littleshanks, enjoy~

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  1. this Novel is like crack , i’m having bad with withdrawal symptoms ..700 please or someone send me some drugs to deal with the delay 🙂

    and i’ve already read the Battle Through the Heavens / Renegade Immortal (glad this was picked up) /Wu Dong Qian Kun and Shen Yin Wang Zuo ( from a diff site)

    i need more MWA

    p.s. anyone recommend anything else to read ?

    P.P.S. Flowerbridgetoo thanks so much for doing a great job

  2. Hi FBT,
    i really know why you can’t help but read ahead (i’m reading ahead myself with googlertanslator and it reaaally sucks! But well i can’t stop…)
    This Novel is truly a drug i check this Site around 20 Times a day to see if there is an update and every time i see one it’s like i’d give an arm or a leg to read it…
    So if you need any help just say so there will be hellalot of people who would want to help you!


    PPS: Pizz01 Coiling Dragon / Stellar Transformations

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