MGA Release ~ Chapter 621 + Hiatus Notice

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But before reading though, quite an important announcement:

Ahh, January. For me, the month of examinations and deadlines of final projects. With many things in mind, I hereby announce a half-month hiatus! Feb. 1st should be the latest date I restart, though given no surprises, I can likely restart earlier.

I thought I could keep up with the schedule, but as things are, I don’t really think so. I think I’d rather just halt completely than squeeze out barely any chapters during this time, so that’s what is done. With the beginning of a new semester however, hopefully things will be more simple, so if I can I’ll try my best to compensate the lost chapters.

Anyways, sorry for stopping so soon (it’s been only 70 chapters since my last break), but yeah, I gotta study diligently for the dreaded exams (OTL). Regardless, hope you enjoy the tiny release~

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