MGA Release ~ Chapter 385

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A single chapter today because uh… I felt that it was the most appropriate ending for the weekend 😉

Unlikely that there will be any chapters on the weekend, so they’ll allllll be pushed to Monday, which is also when I will likely translate the idiom (if I remember).

That is all, enjoy~

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  1. thanks, but i think i’ll wait til monday then. you might want to just officially take sundays off since you never translate on sunday anyway.

    P.S. you should probably seek help for your addiction to cliffhangers, your worse than an alcoholic or druggie lol

  2. Guys, I’d like to ask you: Is MGA good? I mean w.r.t novels like Douluo dalu, BTTH, Coiling Dragon, ISSTH,ST?
    I ask because i have heard a lot of people complaining about the protagonists attitude which made me think that the characterization might be unpleasant >.<
    I am willing to give it a try though, so it would be really kind of you guys if i could get a summary along with pros and cons of this particular novel. Cheers! 😀

    1. Lot of the comment on MGA MC (that if you look around are extended to many other xanxia/wuxia MC) actualy comes from people that have their first experience with those kind of WN and come from japanese LN/WN… the reason is that japanese MC are GOOD heroes… they are kind… most of the time avoid killing (even when facing people that really want to kill them…) and almost never do act that are borderline evil… Xanxia/wuxia heroes on the other hand rarely spare their opponent (there is plenty of time when things like “sparing an enemy is like releasing the tiger into the forest” or “pity toward the enemy is cruelty toward yourself” make their appearance in this kind of novel… and it should by itself already give a description of the MC way of thought…) killing an enemy is something that most of the time is not actualy even considered as something shocking or trauma inducing (on the other hand in japanese LN you see lot of trauma or long winded psicological stuff that accompany the MC first kill…)… also Xanxia/wuxia MC are usually selfish… there is plenty of chance that something thay criticize about an antagonist is later on done by themself (like the MC cursing his enemy for taking revenge against the MC family only for the MC later on exterminating the enemy family without much toughts…)

      for MGA the MC is probably a little more extreme than other Wuxia/xanxia (not the most exterme but just a little above the standard when it comes to mindless killing of his opponents/opponents relatives) still is not like he goes around killing random people… is just that his treashold of what is worth to kill for is a little lower than other MC ^^’ at the same time he is also a character that like to act as a big shot… and thus there is plenty of chance where he actualy is the one to instigate accidents (even if in the end the accidents are due to the enemies beins XXXXXX that try to kill him… but non the less he is the one to instigate them…)

      The greatest argument for bashing about MGA MC is actualy the 2 “rape” that happens in the WN… without giving out spoiler is quite hard to explaine them… but they are actualy an accident (the MC got set up and drugged) and a retaliation (well if you consider that his standard retaliation is killing his opponet… the fact that he didn’t went for the girl life could actualy be considered him be “kind” ^^’ … ok I’ve no intention of calling a rapist “kind”… just to be clear 😉 )

      All in all… MGA just like many other Wuxia/xanxia depict a more “realistic” MC that lives in a period where personal strenght dictate one’s standing (this actualy happened in china… as well europe… is just that people prefer to forget about it and adopt more “ideal” vision of the worring state and medievaly society… seriously… tehre is a reason if it’s called DARK AGE -_-‘)

      1. Thanks for the detailed reply! 😀
        I am definitely going to try this then, although I might have had my fair share of “good” Xianxia novel heroes because i have read DD,CD,ISSTH and similar novels so idk whether i’ll like it or not but i will definitely try it 😉
        The main thing i was concerned about is that people describe chu feng’s way of revenge as being too excessive, which is the only thing i was worried about tbh.

        1. Yeah, but the “rape” is actually both ways. Cause both parties were victims this time. So don’t listen to what some say when they question Chu Feng’s morality.

          Oh, and about the Revenge, just remember that it is the world of cultivators, a brutal world where it’s the law of the jungle. 😛 Anyway, it’s good fun seeing badassery occur so it’s worth some of the pointless slaughter. 🙂

          I’m kinda envious cause you get to start reading it all from start…

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