MGA Release ~ Chapter 237

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Sorry guys, but only one chapter today. Didn’t have enough time to translate since I went back to sleep after I posted the chapters earlier. However, the two chapters that should have been out today will come out tomorrow! Yeah~


That is all, enjoy the chapter~

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  1. I would always vote the English alternative, unless it sounds like total gibberish. When I read translations I often like to read English terms. Although in a name it doesn’t matter that much for readers, it’s still nicer if things are in English. (like what Ren and that-translator-who-does-ISSTH-whose-name-I-keep-forgetting does)

    1. how do yea dare forget about Lord Deathblade, he shall give you a silent death in the middle of the night with his heroic blade

  2. I don’t mind if you don’t change it only ask that you put a note in every chapter that the school name appears in for the rest of the series.

    However I did vote to change it

  3. Thank you FBT-sama!

    I prefer Rising Cloud myself. It’s nice to know the original name but since school names have been translated (like Azure Dragon) it makes more sense to me to have Rising Cloud.

  4. I don´t really get why folks wants to change the name, after getting used to the name it would only be awkward to read it as rising cloud bellends

    1. Never got used to it. It’s just a gibberish name that has(had) no meaning. Still gibberish though.

      Although I’ve already changed the name in most of my pdf’s for it though. Still have a few more volumes to edit

      \Just called it Legume School. made it a damn plant based school

      1. I wish it was possible to vote, change would be better.

        I honestly have a hard time remembering a name of something that i have difficulty sounding out in my head. Like back when the names were ChiYu ChiYen ChiYi ChiYe I was crying tears of blood while trying to un-read the Chi part of the names. The names of schools to me look like asdfkjert school, askcrkwer school, asdasqwe school… I gave up trying to remember them, the story was too intense so I glazed over them. I do feel like when they reference each other I get lost in spaghetti but that’s okay.

        If you called them yellow school, green school, golden banana school I would “personally” enjoy the story more.

        No offense to you or anyone, I love you all, I love what you do, the story is amazing I can’t stop reading. Keep up the good work, these are just my personal feelings. Thank you thank you for everything, today was amazing. Thanks again.

      2. I find when leaving the names in Chinese it tends just looks like a gibberish name with no meaning that way and also makes it harder to remember/associate with. In the end though both ways can work, that is why I have a separate notepad file that I keep updating when Chinese terms are used, just makes reading it a bit harder.

  5. I voted for Rising Cloud school. I didn’t mind Lingyun school, but if all the other school names are translated, it only makes sense to translate Lingyun to Rising Cloud.

    The Rising Cloud school is full of students whose eyes rise to the top of the clouds!

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