MGA – Release Chapter 1007

Changed all level (number) martial king/lord/etc to rank.
Any other suggestions appreciated.

No idea how to footnote, advice appreciated.

Schedule TBD.


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    1. the same as before. He just used level instead of rank (like fbt did) and now started to use rank aswell to stay true to the original translation eventhough both are similarily correct.

  1. Do you want the HTML code for footnotes, or do you simply want to know the best advice. The HTML will provide a link to the bottom of the page if they click on it, with a return link in the footnote, while you can just do a (1) or ^1 and connect it at the bottom if that’s easier. It’s up to you. I’ll check this in about 12 hours for a response 😛

  2. Brah, MGA chapters are extremely short. Are you going to just release one at a time?? ISSTH releases 5 every 2 days or so, and the chapters are longer… could you explain what are your plans regarding this???

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