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Deduced, so don’t completely trust them

Cultivation: Basically, cultivation is about absorbing the energy/power in the air. When you’re in a certain realm, you can absorb certain energies/powers. I’ll assume that the better talented people absorb the things quicker into their dantian, and since some people aren’t able to absorb them at all, they can have no cultivation as their dantian does not function. The Essence Pool was able to increase cultivation quickly because it is like normal cultivating but just with denser amounts of energies/powers.

Breakthroughs: Similar to CD. You must somewhat “understand” the level/realm you are going into in order to get into it despite having enough stuffs in one’s dantian in order to get a “level up”. That’s why people fail many times when they try to achieve breakthroughs. Of course, that only applies to normal people. When there’s enough power in Chu Feng dantian, he just levels up.

Spirit Stuff: Spiritual World is basically the mind of a World Spiritist. The World Spiritist has complete control what he/she does in that world. World Spirit Space is like “the gates” to the Spirit Worlds despite seeming to be shaped like a residence. You must have a World Spirit Space in order to use anything related to Spirit Formations. Spirit World is where the power for Spirit Formations come from. You must use the World Spirit Space to link yourself to the Spirit World, then use its power to use Spirit Formations. Chu Feng, on the other hand, doesn’t need to do all that since he made a contract with Eggy, who provides the power for Spirit Formations to him.




Azure Dragon Founder (Volume 1): Creator of the Three Thunder Styles, and the founder of the Azure Dragon School. Had the power to go wherever he wished to in the Nine Provinces when he was still alive.

Baixi (Chapter 273): Closest friend to Yan Ruyu and is more prideful than her.

Chu Feng (Volume 1): Unknown parents, but raised in the Azure Province by Chu Yuan of the Chu family. He has a very benevolent, kind, forgiving nature. When he faces his enemies, he always gives them a second chance. Yep.

Chu Guyu (Volume 1): Son of Chu Yuan, Chu Feng’s closest brother. Was formerly in the Lingyun School, but because he offended a disciple who was the grandson of an elder, he got kicked out. After being bullied relentlessly by that disciple and his friends, Chu Feng came and rescued him.

Chu Renyi (Volume 1): Father of Chu Wei, eldest in the Chu family other than the grandfather.

Chu Wei (Volume 1): Son of Chu Renyi, eldest in the young generation.

Chu Yuan (Volume 1): Father of Chu Guyu, foster father of Chu Feng. Former master of the Chu family.

Chu Yuanba (Volume 1): Former master of the Chu family.

Chu Yue (Volume 1): Daughter of Chu Renyi, very close with Chu Feng.

Duyu Aoyun (Volume 1): Number one disciple of the Lingyun School. Had some past conflicts with “Asura”, and his younger brother was forcefully married off to the “number one beauty in the Azure Province”. Has the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm when first seen.

Eggy (Volume 1): Unknown origin. She was locked up in Chu Feng’s body since he was born, and she had always been sealed in Chu Feng’s Spiritual World. After being unsealed, she formed a Spirit Connection Contract, and with that, Chu Feng was able to freely use Spirit Formations. When she speaks, she says “this queen” instead of “I” (though left as “I” when translated), giving some hints of her background.

Fenghao (Volume 1): When Chu Feng, under the alias of “Asura”, was robbing the various medicines in the Heroic Hunt, he was discovered by Fenghao and some other disciples at first before Dugu Aoyun arrived. Chu Feng then killed several disciples and heavily injured Fenghao. Number two disciple of the Lingyun School.

Gu Bo (Volume 1): He and Chu Feng met in the Asura Ghost Tower. He was the strongest one within the World Spirit Guild as he was in the World Spiritist exam, he stood on the side as Chu Feng and Jie Bufan fought.

Jiang Hengyuan (Chapter 314): The mysterious person living in somewhat seclusion in the Valley of Hundred Bends. Blue-cloak World Spiritist, unknown cultivation, but is part of the Jiang Dynasty. Friend of Qi Fengyang, and he saved Qi Fengyang and Chu Feng when they were running away from Yan Yangtian and Lin Moli.

Jiang Wushang (Chapter 341): Fought and assumedly killed the “lewd old man” Wang Qiang. Officially the first to pass the Profound level underground palace despite the fact that Chu Feng snagged all the beads. Part of the Jiang Dynasty.

Jie Bufan (Volume 1): Strongest person from the Jie clan in the World Spiritist exam. Fought Chu Feng 1 on 1 with a Elite Armament, but was defeated by Chu Feng with the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

Jie Qingming (Volume 1): Jie Bufan’s elder brother. The true owner of the Elite Armament but lent it to Jie Bufan, and also in the Heaven realm as well as a Blue-cloak World Spiritist.

Jie Xingpeng (Chapter 396): Chief of the Jie clan of the Spirit Province. Chu Feng met him as he was escaping from the Prestigious Villa, and he had the cultivation of the 6th level of the Heaven realm. He was also a Blue-cloak World Spiritist when Chu Feng met him.

Lin Moli (Volume 1): Lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, chief of the Lin clan, and father of Lin Chong. Schemed together with Yan Yangtian in order to remove Qi Fengyang and Chu Feng and spread false information out.

Prestigious Villa (Chapter 328): Also known as the “Prestigious Prince’s Mansion”. Current ruler of the Qin Province, took over the position of ruler from the “Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion” as it grew more powerful than the original mansion.

Qi Fengyang (Volume 1): Chief of the Qi clan of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, sworn brothers with Chu Feng, friends with a mysterious old man in the Valley of Hundred Bends.

Qilin Prince’s Mansion (Volume 1): With the Jiang Dynasty behind its back, it is the overlord of the Azure Province. The mansion lord was the chief of the Lin clan.

Shangguan family (Volume 1): All dead.

Su Hen (Volume 1): Lord of the Vermilion Bird City, father of Su Mei, Su Rou, and Su Long.

Su Long (Volume 1): Son of Su Hen, eldest.

Su Mei (Volume 1): Daughter of Su Hen, youngest.

Su Rou (Volume 1): Daughter of Su Hen, second eldest.

Uber-Geniuses of the Nine Provinces (Chapter 333, 347):
Tang Province. The number one disciple of the Yuangang School, Tang Yixiu.
Song Province. The number one disciple of the Fire God School, Song Qingfeng.
Yuan Province. The number one disciple of the Hidden White Sect, Bai Yunfei.
Ming Province. The number one disciple of the Free and Unrestrained Valley, Liu Xiaoyao.
Sui Province. The number one disciple and young head of the Sword God Valley, Murong Yu.
Jie clan member of the Spirit Province, the future chief, Jie Bufan’s elder brother, Jie Qingming.
Spirit Province, number one member of the young generation of the World Spirit Guild , Xu Zhongyu.
Azure Province, Zhang Tianyi.
Qin Province. The number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, Liu Zhizun.

World Spirit Guild (Volume 1): Current overlord of the Spirit Province, Chu Feng’s ally.

Xia Le’r (Chapter 362): Invited Chu Feng to a meal, and when her flagon exploded, drenching Chu Feng’s clothes, some stuff happened and she accused Chu Feng for attempted immoral behaviors.

Yan Ruyu (Chapter 270): Number one disciple of the Jade Maiden School. Has unmatched beauty, is quite a genius in cultivation, and she is also the arranged fiancée for Chu Feng.

Yan Yangtian (Chapter 276): Head of the Lingyun School. Was suspected to have the cultivation of the Heaven realm when Chu Feng swept over him with his Spirit power.

Zhang Tianyi (Volume 1): Founder of the Wings Alliance in the Azure Dragon School’s inner court.

Zhuge Liuyun (Volume 1): White-cloak World Spiritist for the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng’s master.

Zi Ling (Chapter 354): A Divine Body, first met Chu Feng in the White Tiger Villa’s Emperor Tomb entrance, in which Chu Feng took the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique instead of her.

Zi Xuanyuan (chapter 366): Zi Ling’s grandfather. Undetectable cultivation when first met, and pushed Chu Feng into the nest of Monstrous Beasts when they arrived there.


Black line all over forehead: A picture I found on the internet. Another one here

Clan/School Foundation Treasure: Powerful and unique items that the clan/school has that are used for securing/fortifying their position.

Dog crap luck: Luck that’s like stepping on dog crap: Very rare, happens for no reason, accidental, and is usually not anything good. Said to mock someone else’s good luck.

Dog Leg: A person who follows someone obsequiously and does things for them. (Usually a bully or something similar)

Having eyes but don’t recognize Mount Tai: This is one of the origins, but this is a possible origin as well.

Head filled with fog: You cannot see clearly through a fog. Thus, the saying means that you cannot seen clearly in your head, meaning that you cannot think clearly, meaning that you are confused.

Lamp that saves on oil: A person that seems to be very impressive, yet in reality isn’t. Aka, a lamp (the person) that saves (doesn’t possess) on oil (strength).

Sweeping through [location]: Do whatever one wishes to do wherever they wish to do it, and whenever they wish to do it.

Three, down five take two: It is an abacus addition chant (think of multiplication tables in a way) used to represent an idiom. In the abacus, there is a row for 1s (there are five beads), and above that, there is a row of 5s (there are two beads). If you add three to any number over two (inclusive), you pull a bead from the “5” row down, and then take two beads from the “1” row back up. It means that one is very proficient/used to what they do. 

Took in a breath of cool air: Pout (or form mouth into a smaller shape), then breathe in.


Anti-Demon Symbols (Volume 1): Protection from Evil Spirits.

Armor of Thorns (Volume 1): Jie Qingming’s Elite Armament, creates a Spirit Formation that surrounds the user.

Cosmos Sack (Volume 1): A bag that contains the cosmos. ~ooohhh~

Evil Spirits (Volume 1): World Spirits that escapes the control of World Spiritists. They have at least the cultivation of the Heaven realm.

Robe (Volume 1): When someone is wearing a robe, it is pretty much this.

Sedan Chair (Volume 1): A common transportation in ancient China.

Spirit Fruit (Volume 1): A fruit that can recover the power of World Spirits, increases quality of Spirit Formations and strengthens power of Spirit power.

World Spirit Gate: A gate that allows World Spirits to enter the “real world”.


Asura Ghost Tower (Volume 1): Resides in the Spirit Province, houses/locks a monster with high cultivation. Contains possible unknown treasures.

Black Tortoise City (Volume 1): Formerly ruled by the Gong family, but after extermination, the Lin clan from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion now rules over it. An entrance to the Emperor Tomb is located here.

Emperor Tomb (Volume 1): Entrances to this tomb are located throughout the Azure Province: The White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, and Vermilion Bird Mountain Ranges. The tomb was created by the genius Qingxuantian whose current location and condition is unknown.

Essence Pool (Chapter 266): Located in the Thousand Bone Graveyard. Contains spiritual energy (strongest), Origin power (medium), and Profound power (low). Allows one to rise from the 1st level of the Spirit realm to the peak of the Profound realm, but requires years of time.

Spiritual Medicine Mountain (Volume 1): Located in the Azure Dragon School. A mountain that contains spiritual medicines and only opened once a year for the inner court event “Spiritual Medicine Hunt”.

Thousand Bone Graveyard (Volume 1): Located in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain of the Azure Dragon School. It is hidden from normal people, and it is the entrance to a Emperor Tomb. Tens of thousands of bones make the name up, and the bones represent all the powerful people who died in the graveyard.

Thousand Monster Mountain (Chapter 326): The place where the treasure for training Spirit power was said to be in. Is located in the Qin Province, contained millions of Monstrous Beasts, and is ruled by four monster kings.

Valley of Hundred Bends (Volume 1): Location where the Heroic Hunt is hosted, and also where the mysterious old Blue-cloak World Spiritist is located at.


Cultivator: Spirit, Origin, Profound, Heaven | Martial Lord, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Ancestor

Powers: Cities in the Nine Provinces are under the management of the Jiang Dynasty. Roughly, first-rate school = Prince’s Mansion | second-rate school = first-rate city | third-rate school = second-rate city. Recall that a third-rate school was mentioned to be destroyed by the Wings Alliance, and a second-rate city was destroyed by the “Five Tiger Village”.

Provinces: Azure Province, Tang Province, Song Province, Ming Province, Han Province, Sui Province, Spirit Province, Yuan Province, Qin Province

Spiritist: White, Grey, Blue, Purple, Gold, Royal, Immortal


Black Tortoise Armor Technique (Chapter 302): Found underneath the Gong family’s residence in the Black Tortoise City. When grasped with proficiency, fog can be emitted and it can muddle one’s mind.

Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry (Volume 1): Found in the Void Tower, bestowed to Chu Feng via narration by the Void Zhenren. A rank 7 martial skill, but is infinitely near rank 8s.

Bow of Hundred Transformations (Chapter 84): Rank 5 skill, one of the hardest to cultivate. Can condense many weapons out, but the bow is the hardest to condense. After bow is condensed, arrows do not miss.

Imperial Sky Technique (Volume 1): Discovered in the Imperial Sky Sage’s tomb, and the skill itself chose Chu Feng. Allows quick movement, and when mastered, allows flight.

Murderous 7-Injuring Fists (Volume 1): Every layer increases the user’s power, but every layer also has rebounds to the body, similar to Forbidden Medicine. Was first appeared in the New Excellence Assembly and used by Ding Chou.

Mysterious Techniques (Chapter 5): Mysterious Techniques are mysterious techniques! It has three levels: Beginning, Middle, and High. Chu Feng’s beginning-level Mysterious Technique is a breathing technique.

Prestigious Sky Opening Hand (Chapter 346): The Prestigious Villa’s unique skill. Rank 8, able to fight against the might of Elite Armaments. Was first used by Liu Zhizun when dissolving the battle between Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu.

Three Thunder Styles (Volume 1): A prize by being first place in the inner court disciple exam. Created by the Azure Dragon Founder, a rank 4 skill but can be comparable to rank 5 skills when mastered.

White Tiger Slaughtering Technique (Volume 1): Granted by the White Tiger in the White Tiger Villa after the fight with the purple-clothed female. (add more descriptions)


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