MGA – Chapter 916

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MGA: Chapter 916 – A Mocking Laugh

Feeling Chu Feng’s gaze, Lady Piaomiao turned her head over as well and said, “Chu Feng, my abilities are limited. I can only save you and Fuyan. If you want to go back, I won’t stop you, but I’ll leave you with some words.

“Only by staying alive can you exact revenge. Otherwise, everything else you do will be useless.”

Chu Feng’s eyes reddened. They moistened. But, he remained silent. He closed his eyes, allowing Lady Piaomiao to bring him away. He chose to leave.

Only when Lady Piaomiao flew far, when they could no longer see any traces of the Misty Peak, did the corner of Chu Feng’s eye tremble slightly before the fall of a single tear.

At the same time, Chu Feng clenched his hand, which held the rune.



An explosion erupted when the rune was crushed. A powerful shock wave wreaked havoc, and they interfered the lives of every being. Even Lady Piaomiao, who flew speedily in the air, was shaken by that shock wave. She swayed left and right, and almost fell from the sky.

Turning their heads, no matter Chu Feng, Qiushui Fuyan, or Lady Piaomiao, all of their pupils shrank. Their eyes widened, and their faces were full of shock.

At that very instant, only two words could describe the scene behind them: absolute chaos.

Above: black clouds rolled about, thunders rang out in bursts, as if the sky itself had been torn.

Below: the waves were surging, and the waves were roaring, as if there was some evil beast soon to be spawned.

Most importantly, as such change occurred to the sky above and the sea beneath, a visible barrier appeared. It sealed off everything in the direction of the Misty Peak, and separated Chu Feng and the others on the other side.

That barrier was like a wave. It was colourless, auraless, and if one gave it a careful detection, they would discover it was unmovable as well.

“It succeeded! Chu Feng, you’ve succeeded! We’ve succeeded!” Qiushui Fuyan was ecstatic. She was so excited she could nearly jump. She knew this was the thing the mysterious existence gave them. This was a technique of the mysterious existence. With this barrier, Jiang Qisha’s strength didn’t matter anymore. He was no longer able to catch up to them.

“What is this?” Just at that moment, Jiang Qisha had been quickly rushing over. His first appearance was in the distant horizon, and after his second step, he had arrived before them.

However, Jiang Qisha clearly noticed the barrier already. He kept some distance; he stood in the air, and with a fierce gaze, looked at the barrier that stopped his advance.

“Chu Feng, Qiushui, let’s go,” Lady Piaomiao said after seeing Jiang Qisha.

“Ah.” However, just after she finished speaking, her body tilted and she lost her ability to fly, beginning to fall from the sky.

“Lady Piaomiao!” Alarmed, Qiushui Fuyan quickly held her up.

At that instant, the light surrounding Lady Piaomiao’s body started disappearing. As it started fading away, Lady Piaomiao’s complexion also started to change.

Not only was her face starting to fill with wrinkles, her skin dried and was full of darkened spots, as if there weren’t even have an ounce of water or life in her. Even her visage changed—it became one full of scars. Those scars were extremely terrifying, and every single one was a horrid sight to behold.

Chu Feng’s heart beat quicker upon seeing her change in state. An unspeakable fury surged forth. He knew this was Lady Piaomiao’s true appearance after living for nearly a thousand years. The scars on her face were the evidence left behind by Murong Mingtian’s criminal actions.

Cough cough cough… Go. Fuyan, quickly take Chu Feng away from this place,” Lady Piaomiao said with a weak voice. In spite of her present state, she was still concerned with Qiushui Fuyan’s and Chu Feng’s safety.

“Chu Feng, let’s go.” With one hand supporting Lady Piaomiao, Qiushui Fuyan used the other to pull Chu Feng, and continued flying forward.

“Don’t even think of leaving!” A chilly glint flashed in Jiang Qisha’s eyes as he raised his hand and threw out a talisman.

The talisman rapidly changed as he flew in the air. As radiance swirled around it, it became a sharp blade dozens of meters long. It slashed through the air, and its might was terrifying. If struck, not to mention Qiushui Fuyan, it would mean an instant death for even Lady Piaomiao.


However, when the sharp blade came into contact with the barrier, there was no explosion. As if engulfed by water, it was sucked in.


At that instant, even Jiang Qisha’s expression couldn’t help changing. His face, filled with fury before, paled immediately. The chilly glint in his eyes not only disappeared, it was replaced by deep fear.

He couldn’t help but back away. Quickly after, he carefully examined the barrier blocking his way in front of him. After a good while, the fear in his eyes faded away, and instead, his eyes surged with an indescribable excitement. He said, with a smile, “Misty Peak? Some Misty Peak this is… I didn’t think there would be a treasure like this in such a worthless land.”

“How is it? They escaped?” After a moment, someone came flying over—it was Murong Mingtian. He looked at the scene before his eyes, and stared at the squirming barrier. He frowned.

“With this thing in the way, would you be able to catch up?” Jiang Qisha cast his gaze at Murong Mingtian.

“I…” Murong Mingtian felt rather speechless. He was no fool, so he could instantly tell how powerful that barrier was. And especially as a person who had cultivated in the Misty Peak, he knew even more what the world-sealing barrier represented.

“You told me before that this Misty Peak is something from the Ancient Era. Now, I believe your words. Let’s go. Let me see the things left behind in this place,” Jiang Qisha said.

“Should we wait a bit longer? This thing shouldn’t stay here forever,” Murong Mingtian said as he pointed at the barrier.

“Even if it disappears, they are already long gone. However, that old granny used a forbidden technique. Her cultivation will not be retained. Without her here, that woman and brat are two pieces of garbage. What do you need to fear?” Jiang Qisha said.

“Actually… the one I’m truly worried about isn’t Lady Piaomiao, nor Qiushui Fuyan. It’s that boy called Chu Feng. You just don’t know, but that brat is a monster, and his origin is an unknown. I have always suspected whether he is also a person that came from the Holy Land of Martialism, like you,” Murong Mingtian said.

“What? Came from the Holy Land of Martialism? Him?

“Haha, hahaha, hahahaha…”

After hearing those words, Jiang Qisha burst with laughter. Moreover, he laughed very loudly, and very mockingly. Only after a good while did he say, “You think that Chu Feng is qualified to have come from the Holy Land of Martialism?”

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      1. At this point, you should be saying you hope it doesn’t start going out to beat people up and force feed them this steaming pile of crap of its own accord, because if that happens, countless people will die.

        Really though, starting to lose hope here…

  1. By the way things are going it doesn’t seems like Chu Feng will finish things by his ”own power” in this book just like that past one… i don’t mind Chu Feng being the ”underdog” for most of the book but in the end of it just like the first ones is truly annoying…

  2. TL;DR: I’m conflicted on whether I want Chu Feng to suffer or whip out the Deus Ex Machina and save the day/.

    I’m so conflicted right now by the turn of events. On the one hand, I’m glad we’ve been given some insight into how fearsome the Holy Land of Martialism is with one of, if not THE, strongest and oldest figures in the Eastern Region being completely helpless in front of a junior from there. On the other hand, the story has been pushed into this uncomfortable situation where I’m torn over whether or not I want Chu Feng’s friends to suffer a horrible fate or not before being rescued.
    On one side, it just wouldn’t be plausible/believable that the women would be able to get out of this without being sexually assaulted by Murong Xun and the men getting tortured as revenge against Chu Feng without the author pulling some BS reason for why they can’t be touched out of his ass. On the other side, I really despise the rape sections of the story and really hope that Chu Feng can save them before anything happens. Either way, I feel like I’m going to be disappointed in some way no matter which way the story goes. Maybe there’s some third option that I’m not seeing?

    Oh and thanks for the mass release. Hope the next one comes out soon.

    1. I’m usually pretty pissed about this ”situations” with the mc’s girls but i’m starting to not care anymore with all these dansel in distress plots, if Chu Feng ever gets another fiance/wife i hope she will be like Little Fish OP as hell and stay that way for a long time if possible, not needing to get her ass saved every 100 chapters…

      1. Yeah, I am so tired of Chu Feng’s harem being completely useless. Zi Ling gets a pass because her potential is being sealed by that pill. But Su Rou and Su Mei were supposed to have received those two pearl things that were supposedly super powerful and the author has yet to do anything with those as far as I can remember. Come on author, what was the point of even giving them MacGuffins if they aren’t going to do anything with them? You could have kept them super weak and still have them be part of his harem because it wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the overall story.

      2. It’d be great if everyone was removed and only Eggy was there, she can keep up with him properly and will never be a burden.

        I’m really sick and tired of these damsel in distress plots that has been used since he started to pick up worthless crap to bring along with him. Not only are all the characters that follow the mc just copy-paste generic templates, being completely insipid with exactly the same personality, they’re also way too weak and only pulls the mc down. Usually I would rage hard if the girl gets put into a bad position, but I just dislike his entire team of friends and lovers. All of them are really just trash. I find no energy to even read properly anymore and I’m just skimming, because nothing new ever happens and things are just going downhill…

    2. I dont even want his “brothers” and fiances to follow him to the holy land of martialism they will just be a burden and they dont really bring anything to the story they are not funny or good characters with the exception of Zi Ling she is brighter then the rest loves him the most, devoted to him and her power is sealed

    3. It’d be great if they all died, but that won’t happen. They’re just baggage, trash, worthless waste, leeches that stick onto the mc but are completely useless and hopeless in every way possible. I guess they might be brought to the holy land of martialism by this guy and now he’ll have to kill off the entire cursed soil clan. Yet another “save people” plot. Tired of this…

    1. True, if she had listened to Chu Feng and chose to fled instead of fight the soiled dude they may have not lost the emotional support team and her as a shield.

  3. “Cough cough cough… Go. Fuyan, quickly take Chu Feng away from this place,” Lady Piaomiao said with a weak voice.
    “Cough, cough, cough… Go. Fuyan, quickly take Chu Feng away from this place,” Lady Piaomiao said with a weak voice.

  4. Yeah, zero sympathy for Piaomiao. The daft bitty tried to fight it out with someone from the Holy Land of Martialism despite being warned multiple times that he could probably trash her. If she did this while she was on her own it would be fine, still stupid but she only harms herself. But she had Chu Feng and the others to take care of and she still tried to fight it out.

    Now let’s hope that Piaomiao can stay alive long enough to use her powers to free Chu Feng’s master, they go back to the sect, Chu Feng get’s the armament, proceeds to power up, exterminate the Immortal Execution Archipelago, goes to the Emperor Tomb, get some kind of heritage and then off to the land of Martialism to save his friends.

  5. Lady Piaomiao just caused all those people to be captured because of her worthless pride. “No matter who it is, I won’t forgive him…” dumb b***h you think people from the HLM give a rat’s ass about forgiveness from some self-righteous nobody? FOH!

    thanks for the hard-work!!

    1. That’d be a sight for sore eyes 😀 It’s not as if they’re important to the plot anyway, they’re just ornaments, annoying and insipid ornaments that should be thrown out with the trash.

  7. “What? Came from the Holy Land of Martialism? Him?

    “Haha, hahaha, hahahaha…”

    After hearing those words, Jiang Qisha burst with laughter. Moreover, he laughed very loudly, and very mockingly. Only after a good while did he say, “You think that Chu Feng is qualified to have come from the Holy Land of Martialism?”



    Eggy is the one true love interest now ! The only one who doesn’t require constant saving, has always been by Chu Feng’s side, and the cutest !

    1. Wow, I have thought that since eggy first was introduced, but the other love interests and friends have just gotten worse and worse, they’ve now degraded into being copy-paste personalities who just sing the mc’s praises and kiss his arse while depending on him for everything and the only thing they ever do are getting captured or trying to restrict/make the mc do something he doesn’t want to.

      Eggy is the best girl and only girl worthy of the mc. The rest of his friends and harem members… Hah, I don’t even just dislike them a bit, I f**king hate them. This story would be a many times better without them, at least it might reach slightly positive values instead of negative like it is now.

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