MGA – Chapter 852

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MGA: Chapter 852 – Paradise

“Dammit! Eggy, run—”

Chu Feng’s complexion changed greatly when he felt the powerful aura binding him. He quickly opened the World Spirit Gate and called Eggy back, preparing to escape.

“Hmph. You’re lucky today.” Eggy coldly snorted upon feeling the aura as well. After casting a glance at the head of the Stone Sword Sect, indicating she was not finished yet, she stepped into the World Spirit Gate.


Chu Feng explosively shouted and tightly grasped the Royal Armament in his hand, increasing his power, to fight against the imprisonment of the Martial King’s might.

“That Royal Armament does not belong to you. Return it immediately, and perhaps I can spare your life.” That voice rang out again, and it was coming nearer and nearer. One could tell that person was quickly approaching.

“Who are you?” Chu Feng asked with the Royal Armament in hand as he used his Martial power.

“I am the Third Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.” That voice rang out again. His tone was full of confidence, as if Chu Feng were already dead.

“As I thought, it’s someone from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. You want to take back this Royal Armament? That’s dependant on your ability.”

However, after knowing who he was, Chu Feng coldly snorted. Then, he bent his knees slightly, and put force into his legs.

*bang* Afterwards, Chu Feng not only used the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, he even became a stream of light, flying towards the entrance of the Burning Heaven Church.

He had actually escaped the binding pressure of a Martial King.

Chu Feng flew forth, channeling almost all of his strength into the skill. The Third Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago followed. That was not good at all.

Right now, Chu Feng understood the Immortal Execution Archipelago a bit, and he especially understood someone as famous as the Third Immortal. Chu Feng knew the Third Immortal wasn’t just a rank two Martial King, his Spirit Formation techniques were very skillful as well.

Even amongst other Gold-cloak World Spiritists, his Spirit Formation techniques proved superior. Therefore, he became very well known within the entire Eastern Sea Region.

And, right now, there was an expert of such level following him. Chu Feng felt enormous pressure, but he had no other choice. He could only put his life on the line as he fled towards the Burning Heaven Church, because he had no other path to run towards.

He could only hope there were places to hide there so he wouldn’t be captured by the Third Immortal.

As for Qiushui Fuyan, Chu Feng didn’t have many hopes. First of all, he was unable to ascertain whether she was still inside.

Second of all, from what Chu Feng knew, even though Qiushui Fuyan was also a Martial King, she was only a rank one Martial King—at least, for now, she was only a rank one Martial King. So, even if she were here, unless she had some special technique, she wouldn’t be able to defeat the Third Immortal.

Martial Kings and Martial Lords were different. The difference of ranks between Martial Lords was already very clear. To defeat those in superior levels was something done only by true geniuses.

As for the difference of ranks between Martial Kings, it was even clearer. There was a very small number of people who could defeat those in superior levels. At least, in the Eastern Sea Region, none had appeared yet.

The distance between the ranks of Martial Kings was very big. No matter what sort of powerful techniques one grasped, it was a near impossibility to defeat those in superior levels.

Right now, Chu Feng’s only option was to escape and flee with all his might. He had to quickly rid himself of the Third Immortal.

*whoosh* Shortly after Chu Feng flew away, a person suddenly descended from the sky, landing by the side of the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

That old man had golden hair, and he was holding an exquisite World Spirit Compass in his hand. He was even clad in a golden World Spirit Robe, but it only loosely rested upon his body. As such, one could see the clothing underneath was one of the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s.

That person was none other than the Third Immortal of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. His Spirit Formation techniques were amongst the best in the entire Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“As I thought, he’s not as simple as he seems. Although I was too far and my pressure was quite weak, an ordinary Martial Lord definitely couldn’t have resisted something like that.”

The Third Immortal had arrived at Chu Feng’s former location, and as he looked in the direction Chu Feng had fled to, he lightly smiled. He, however, did not continue chasing after Chu Feng. Instead, he flipped his palm and took out several special pellets varying in colour and auras, then put them inside the mouth of the sect head.

Quickly after, he sat cross-legged, and with a thought, boundless golden Spirit Formation power was cast out. Under his control, it became a powerful formation which enveloped the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

It was a formation of healing, and it was very complex and profound. It wasn’t one that a typical Gold-cloak World Spiritist could lay; unexpectedly, the Third Immortal wanted to save the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

“Mm, mm—”

Initially, the sect head thought he was absolutely dead, but after the formation enveloped him, the unendurable backlash pain was diminished.

That feeling let him know his life was saved. As he looked at the Third Immortal, his eyes were full of gratitude. Yet, he could not speak and could only groan in thanks.

“Why isn’t he chasing?”

However, Chu Feng knew nothing of the Third Immortal’s actions. He only knew he hadn’t caught up.

But even so, Chu Feng did not dare to relax. He continued rushing forward in madness, and like that, he finally reached the end.

He encountered a cave with pond inside of it. Since the pond wasn’t frozen despite being located in the Winter Plains, Chu Feng knew he had arrived at the true entrance of the Burning Heaven Church.

Since this was the only path he could take, Chu Feng gave no signs of hesitation and with a splash, dived into the pond.

Chu Feng continued moving forward along the currents. After swimming for a good while—to the point where he had lost track of time—he finally reached the end.

When Chu Feng leapt out of the water, he discovered an entirely different world before his eyes.

The sky above his head was not overcast. Instead, there were white clouds and a blue sky. A bright sun hung high up in the air, illuminating everything beneath it.

As opposed to the outside, where he was met with falling snow, he encountered the vibrant scenery of spring within the Burning Heaven Church.

No matter the tall mountains in the distance, or the grassland beneath his feet, everything was lush with vegetation. All sorts of exotic flowers, herbs, and plants flourished in this area.

A burst of fragrance entered Chu Feng’s nose as he inhaled the air. To discover a world such as this within the Winter Plains… It could truly be considered a paradise.

*whoosh* Despite being dazed by the scenery before his eyes, Chu Feng did not stop to admire it. Instead, he leapt forward and continued fleeing. He didn’t know when the Third Immortal would catch up, so he had to swiftly pull as much distance as he could.

*ta* Just as Chu Feng entered that new world, two people had also arrived within the cave inside the Arctic Killing Formation.

They were the Third Immortal and the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

At that moment, the sect head’s complexion was as pale as paper. In comparison to before, he was much thinner. Not only was his aura weak, he was discoloured and exhausted, as though he would die at any moment.

However, his lower jaw had been restored, and the injuries throughout his body had disappeared. His external injuries were all healed. This was all due to the Third Immortal’s treatment.

‘This Chu Feng is truly not simple at all. I have entered this Arctic Killing Formation many times before, but I had never been able to find the entrance.

‘I didn’t think by following Chu Feng this time I would truly stumble upon this place! This child possesses quite a few unordinary techniques. I must capture him alive, otherwise I would have wasted his exceptional abilities.’ Looking at the entrance in front of him, the Third Immortal’s mouth curled up to form a hint of a peculiar smile.

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  1. oh my god chu feng NEVER learns. He does the same mistake over and over again. When he finally has the life of one of his enemies in his hands he chooses to play with them instead of killing them quickly and leaving the place. He knows that the Immortal execution archipelago is looking for him, yet instead of finishing things undercover or at least quickly, h chooses to be flashy and slow as if saying “Hey you want me? Here I am. ill be waiting please come in full force and kill me, im an idiot who deserves it”

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