MGA – Chapter 82

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MGA: Chapter 82 – Battle Arrangement


The sparkling and shiny phlegm was as if it had the tail of a comet. It flew with lightning speed towards Gong Luyun’s face.

Everything happened too quickly. In addition, with such a distance and Gong Luyun’s reaction time, it was too late. With a bang, the phlegm landed on his face.

“I will slaughter you.” Touching the stickiness on his face, Gong Luyun crazily grabbed and threw his fist towards Chu Feng’s brain.

That punch was no small matter. Even the air cracked from it and howling wind sounds were created. Before it even landed, Chu Feng had difficulty resisting it. His hair got blown into chaos and his face would be deformed by that burst of pressuring power. If that punch landed, even if Chu Feng had copper skin and iron bones, he would certainly get shattered.

Facing that scene, some people could not bear to watch and closed their eyes. They felt that Chu Feng most likely was going to get killed right there but it couldn’t be helped. Who told him to anger Gong Luyun right?

The #1 disciple in the Azure Dragon School had an extremely high position there. Everyone knew that he was the future head of the school. Before the future head of the school, what was the life of a little core disciple? Even if Chu Feng really was killed, Gong Luyun would not receive any punishment. At most, he would get a few words of scolding.

But compared to those who could not bear to look, even more people watched as they gained pleasure from his misery. Not only did their faces have not a single trace of sympathy, they extremely looked forward to it.

They looked forward to Chu Feng being killed. They looked forward at the spray of blood everywhere. They looked forward to the bloody scene. They thought it was well-deserved. The result of offending the #1 disciple should nothing but that.


But just as everyone felt that Chu Feng was dead, a dried out, skeleton-like palm suddenly appeared. It grabbed onto Gong Luyun’s wrist and stopped his fist.

“It’s him?”

That change shocked everyone. When people saw who it was, they were shocked to the extreme. The person who stopped Gong Luyun was an old man with a thin body, little hair, and a camel-like back. He was just like a living dead man and it was fairly scary.

As for who he was, the crowd knew that as well. He was the elder who looked over the Azure Dragon Flower Garden and was responsible for receiving new disciples. No one knew his name but everyone called him Elder Li.

Elder Li’s position in the core zone was not high. At most, he was an old man who sounded gongs so all the elders looked down on him. Even disciples looked down on him and no one put him in their eyes.

But in front of their eyes, he accepted Gong Luyun’s punch. Naturally, it would stun everyone because they were suddenly aware that the elder they looked down upon was not a weak person. Instead, he was a strong one.


The angry Gong Luyun did not even give Elder Li any face. Operating the Mysterious Technique, he waved his hand and wanted to fling the elder away.

But that did not work. He discovered with astonishment that he could not even move his hand. His wrist, in the hand of the old man, was firmly locked and he could not move it in the slightest.

“Gong Luyun, as the #1 disciple in the Azure Dragon School, you should be protecting your juniors. What is this way of handling things?” Elder Li said that neither quickly nor slowly. He had a gentle smile on his face, but the smile was quite frightening.

Although he did not expect Elder Li to have that kind of strength, Gong Luyun did not let the issue go. He felt that within the Azure Dragon School, other than the head of the school, only the Six Protectors and Elder Zhuge were worth his respect. Other elders were not qualified.

“If it’s about punishment, you already did it before. Leave this issue alone.” Elder Li coldly smiled and suddenly waved his hand. Gong Luyun got flung away and the strong power forced him back a few steps.

“This old guy is very strong.”

At that instant, the surrounding disciples were shocked. He accepted Gong Luyun’s punch just now and it meant that his cultivation was not weak. But his current actions meant that his strength was very strong, or at least stronger that Gong Luyun.

Profound realm. The amount of elders of the Profound realm in the Azure Dragon School did not exceed 10. But, every person had an important position and extremely high status. They were filled with respect of the core disciples.

But this elder, since he had that kind of strength, why did he need to do such petty and low jobs? People could not understand that. However, from today on, the disciples had a completely new understanding of Elder Li.

“You are protecting him?” Being flung away in front of the crowd, Gong Luyun felt that he had no more face. His face was cold to the extreme.

“Not protecting him. It’s just that I don’t want a good seed being killed by someone.” Elder Li lightly smiled.

“Good seed? You have quite a high view of him.” Gong Luyun coldly smiled.

“You will know in the future whether this person is a good seed or not. It’s just that you’re relying on your many years of cultivation and bullying his inexperience. More or less, you’re lacking some virtue.”

“Lacking virtue? You’re saying that I’m using my long years of cultivation to bully his little years of cultivation?”

Gong Luyun was even more angered. He thought himself as a cultivating genius and the people all around him thought that as well. When had someone dared to say that to him? It was unacceptable for him to be said that he was bullying because he had longer cultivation time.

“If not that then what?” Elder Li coldly smiled.

“Fine, I’ll give him 10 years. In 10 years, if he still cannot win against me, I will have you two kneeling on the ground and admitting your wrongs.” Gong Luyun was really angered and he pointed at the elder while saying that.

Facing Gong Luyun, Elder Li only smiled with relief and did not reply. Instead, he looked at Chu Feng who was next to him and ask, “Little friend, what do you think?”

“10 years is too long. 1 year is enough.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

When those words came out, not to mention others, even Elder Li who spoke for him was greatly shocked. 1 year? Was he trying to trap me? It didn’t matter if he lost, but if he did, even I had to follow him and kneel!

Thinking to that point, Elder Li quickly asked while smiling, “Little friend, 1 year of time. Are you sure?”

“1 year is enough because I, Chu Feng, always take my revenge for enmity and I don’t like delaying it for too long.” Chu Feng replied firmly.

“Haha, what an arrogant brat. 1 year it is. Don’t say that I was bullying you. After one year, you don’t need to defeat me. As long as you take take 3 of my attacks, I will say that you’ve won.” Gong Luyun pointed at Chu Feng and coldly smiled.

Chu Feng lightly smiled and said, “No, 1 year later, I will beat you to death.”

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  1. Chufeng… staph… please…
    You’re already more evil than Weed… oh gawd, and there’s still about 20 more chapters to go… are you going to start murdering people now because they looked at you wrong…

    1. This tid-bit is a lil’ less ambiguous on the absurd-scale.
      Simply put, the guy is an absolute tyrant. He’s a chump. He clearly deserves to be put in his place, so I don’t really have any issues with Feng’s decision this time around. Great force is being met with great force.

      With that being said, Feng just cannot stop looking for trouble. The moment someone makes him feel less secure about himself, he has to piss all over him.
      There’s standing your ground, and there’s being a dumbass.

      If it weren’t for plot-armour, Chu Feng would’ve been dead long ago.
      The smart thing to do here, would be to shut up and say “Yes senpai”. Knowing your weakness is a good thing, relying on others to save your butt at a critical juncture, is pure stupidity and author-inserted.

      1. One year, in a year he will be 16.

        It’s made on purpose to compare him to the number one genius of the school, the guy who created the Wing Alliance, that reach the profound realm at 16.
        He won’t reach the same level than him of course, but as he will defeat someone who is at his level, he will be compared to him.

        So predictable again…. Damn, I know why I didn’t felt so disappointed while reading Coiling Dragon and Desolate Era so much compared to this. At least, the MCs are not with people from the same age as them (ok, a bit in Coiling Dragon, but he is basically always training alone), so you rarely have bullshit like that.
        You don’t see the MC being compared with people from his school every 5 chapters.

        1. Pfft You’re whining because the MC is being compared to other people every 5 chapters? Surely you’re jesting, right?

          Predictable this. Predictable that. Your predictability is totally biased. Looking at current chapters and the story as a whole, at least so far, it ain’t even close to being predictable. Did you really predict everything? Can you honestly say that you predicted every events that converge and develop from previous events?

          Should we turn every events into a plot twist and name this novel Plot Twist Asura? Of course there would be predictable parts and clearly, you’re just handpicking the negative, predictable parts and, while failing to see the bigger picture, use it as a pretense to adjudicate the whole story as boring and predictable.

  2. Please accept my gratitude!
    haha, one year…yes, Elder Li! Thank you for the help! One year, you just wait andsee, the spot of the number one disciple will be taken from you! -evil laughter-

  3. 1 year? even i think that’s a bit unreasonable to get from 7th level to late origin realm to defeat a early profound realm. but then again, it is chu feng so i cant wait until he beats that guy’s ass

    thanks :]

    1. If it’s going to be similar to the spirit realm, one origin bead will likely be quite a lot, so if he just bags a few of those he’ll probably level up 2-4 times just with that 😛 But maybe he’ll require a lot more this time, but it will work out somehow.

  4. Guess cultivators dont read Discworld, or they would know rule 1 and would never have underestimated Elder Li
    Little old men doing menial work in important places, always more than they seem. If they have a broom as well, be very afraid.

    1. Yup. I remember a super old berserker(some kind of warrior? might remember wrongly) from discworld 😛 I just half-listened and haven’t finished all the books yet though. They’re pretty hilarious.

  5. side note: don’t think anyone’s reading but i’ll continue for the sake of it
    story: he approaches the girl and asks for her name

    for the chappy: i think MC has a small penis, cause he has a huge inferiority complex. he has to prove everyone that he’s the best, but still the dude is awesome, he’s crossing weed (from the first game he played, i forgot the name)

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