MGA – Chapter 796

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MGA: Chapter 796 – Cold-hearted Murong Xun

Seeing a scene like that, even the Eighth Immortal was dumbfounded. His first reaction was to look at Murong Xun, because he wanted to see what his reaction was.

At that moment, his face was as pale as paper. His body was uncontrollably trembling, and as it swayed, he almost tripped and fell. Only after taking a few steps back was he able to stabilize himself.

Murong Xun tightly clenched his fists, so much that they creaked. He jabbed his fingernails deeply into his palm, as if he wanted to crush his own fist.

Fury—indescribable fury.

Shame—unspeakable shame.

His most hated enemy slept with his fiancée, and his sister. That simply made him wish he were dead.

Ya Fei particularly, the acclaimed number one beauty of the Eastern Sea Region. Everyone knew she was his fiancée, and from a young age, he had already been bewitched by her beauty, and he had always wanted to get closer to Ya Fei.

However, since a young age, he remained at a distance of a thousand miles. Let alone being in an intimate relationship with her, he hadn’t even touched her hand.

Yet, at that very instant, his fiancée—extremely alluring yet as pure as ice—was taken by someone else. How could he tolerate that?

“I WILL KILL YOU!” Finally, Murong Xun attacked. He raised his palm, and uncontrollable Martial power gushed out. However, the person he attacked was not Chu Feng.

It was Ya Fei, who was curling on the ground and weeping.

“Young master, stop!” The Eighth Immortal was shocked when he saw that and he hurriedly dispelled Murong Xun’s attack.

“Eighth Immortal, don’t stop me! I will kill this bitch!” shouted Murong Xun. He truly reached the extremities of anger.

“Young master, you cannot do that! Fei’er is the granddaughter of the First Immortal!” urged the Eighth Immortal again.

“Brother, don’t blame Ya Fei. She did not wish for this.” Murong Wan spoke to explain. As she did, she took out two skirts from her Cosmos Sack. One to cover herself, and the other to cover Ya Fei.

Although she disliked Ya Fei, after experiencing that together, she more or less felt some sympathy for her—sympathizing their similar experience in this matter.

“Shut up! This bitch here kept on nagging about her reluctance to marry me, so I even thought she was pure and unblemished. Yet, today, she gave her body away to another man. If this becomes known, how can I, Murong Xun, show my face before others?

“Everyone in the Eastern Sea Region will know that I became a cuckold because of this bastard called Wuqing!” roared Murong Xun.

“Haha, indeed, a cuckold! But, can you guarantee that today’s matter will not be known?”

Just at that moment, laughter came from behind. It was the Earth King. Moreover, behind the Earth King, Xuan Xiaochao, You Tonghan, and Fu Fengming followed.

They seemed to have been there for quite a while. Although there was still shock on their faces, at that moment, they consisted more of joy. Clearly, they were very willing to see Murong Xun wear the title of a “cuckold”.

“Young master, let’s discuss this later. We must leave this place right now!” The Eighth Immortal moved and boundless purple-coloured flames once again burst out of his body. As he spoke, he started fighting the Earth King again.

“Bitch, why the hell aren’t you getting up? You want to stay here forever now?” Murong Xun shouted furiously as he looked at Ya Fei. The cherishment and love from before vanished completely.

At that instant, Ya Fei and Murong Wan both wore a skirt. Although they felt unbearable shame and excruciating sorrow, they both supported each other. With weak and slow steps, they walked towards Murong Xun.

*whoosh* But suddenly, as they were approaching, a silver-coloured spear suddenly appeared in Murong Xun’s hand. And, without saying anything, he jabbed it straight at Ya Fei’s dantian.

When the spear shot out, it was akin to a surging silver dragon. When the silver ray of light passed by, with a poof, the Royal Armament pierced into Ya Fei’s dantian and through her body. Large amounts of blood spurted.

“Brother, what are you doing?!” Murong Wan’s complexion lost all colour when she saw such a scene. She quickly walked up and wanted to stop Murong Xun.

“Get the hell away, bitch.” However, with a bam, Murong Xun sent a slap at Murong Wan’s face. He slapped her own sister straight onto the ground, so hard that she coughed up blood.

“Young master, you…” That scene similarly caught everyone’s attention, and the Eighth Immortal’s expression changed greatly as well.

“Hoh…” However, in comparison to the shock others felt, Ya Fei was not perturbed in the slightest. Instead, a cold smile was on her face as she said, “Murong Xun, do you know why I never agreed to your marriage? It’s because I already knew you were a person like this.

“Even if I, Ya Fei, die, I will not marry a false person such as you. Go ahead, kill me. Show your sister how cold-hearted her invincible brother is.”

“Hmph. It’s great that you know. What I cannot obtain, no one else should even think of obtaining. If someone else does, then I will destroy them together.”

Murong Xun shouted, then the spear in his hand trembled. After a muffled boom, Ya Fei, the number one beauty in the Eastern Sea Region, instantly became a mist of blood. Not even a crippled Consciousness was left behind; she was thoroughly eradicated by Murong Xun.

“Huu—” Even the people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect couldn’t help gasping when they saw that. Such a beauty—and she was even his fiancée—was killed just like that. Murong Xun was truly too fierce—they had to admit that.

“Brother, you…” Even Murong Wan was dumbfounded. She was completely dumbfounded.

Back then, when she again and again suggested Murong Xun to nullify the marriage between him and Ya Fei, and advised him to stay father away from Ya Fei, Murong Xun clearly told her that he loved Ya Fei very much. Not only because of her appearance, but because he loved Ya Fei as a person. He said the reason why he treated Ya Fei well was because his feelings were too deep with her. He even urged Murong Wan to avoid disliking Ya Fei so much, since she was the one he loved.

But, looking at it now, Murong Wan discovered that was completely false. If there truly were feelings, then why would he do something like this? Why would he cruelly kill Ya Fei, and not even leave behind an intact corpse?

“Shut up! If you were not my sister, I would have killed you already. You’ve truly disgraced my Murong family.”

Murong Xun held the spear, pointed it at her, and yelled at Murong Wan. Judging by his appearance, it almost seemed if Murong Wan said another word, Murong Xun would truly kill her.

“Young master, Miss Wan’er, we cannot delay this any longer. Quickly follow me out!”

At that moment, the Eighth Immortal was doing his best to fight off the Earth King. Although he too was furious when he saw Murong Xun truly kill Ya Fei—after all, she was the First Immortal’s granddaughter—he could do nothing about that. Although he felt pity for Ya Fei, Murong Xun was the future master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. So, he had to help them escape.

“We’ll leave, of course we’ll leave. But before that, I must cripple this bastard.” With spear in hand, Murong Xun cast his gaze full of animosity and bloodlust straight towards Chu Feng.

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  1. Not sure that Ya Fei is actually dead. Kinda feel like Chu Feng did something and that wasn’t really her. Could be though. Not sure how much I really care.

    1. I’m actually really sad she’s dead. Not because I wanted her to live, but her staying alive would forever torment Murong Xun. It’s the superior method of torturing him before the MC gets strong enough to beat him.

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    2. I’m right there with you they got what they deserved but I don’t agree that she should’ve lived with her shame but didn’t deserve that kind of death either. At least everyone will know what an epic scumbag Murong Xun actually is, Chu Feng is also a scumbag but he doesn’t parade himself around like he isn’t one.

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