MGA – Chapter 794

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MGA: Chapter 794 – Revenge

“You! You dare?!” Even Ya Fei’s soul was terrified out by Chu Feng’s action. She quickly turned her head away and didn’t dare to continue looking straight. She already subconsciously knew what Chu Feng would do.

Although she was still unyielding on the surface, when she thought of the following plan, Ya Fei’s complexion started to turn pale and her body started to tremble.

“I don’t dare? I’ll show you whether I dare or not.” Seeing Ya Fei’s timid appearance and her fearful gaze, Chu Feng felt greatly satisfied. He wanted this effect. He wanted Ya Fei to be afraid. Only like this was it a punishment to Ya Fei.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve and tore Ya Fei’s final article of clothing into pieces.

“Ahh! Wuqing, you bastard!” Feeling the remaining piece of clothing ripped to shreds, Ya Fei immediately let out a shriek. As if mad, she flailed her hands around and clawed at Chu Feng with everything she had. She appeared she wanted to put everything on the line against Chu Feng and beat him to death.

However, she, whose power was sealed, was extremely weak. Let alone pushing Chu Feng away from her body, she could not harm Chu Feng in the slightest. There was simply no difference between every single one of her fists and cotton balls as they landed on Chu Feng’s body.

“To be honest, you are truly a thing of beauty. Rather than letting Murong Xun enjoy you, why not let me?” Chu Feng simply ignored Ya Fei’s beating. Instead, the smile on his face became wider and wider. He wanted Ya Fei to be angry. She could be as angry as she wanted to, but other than that, she could do nothing. She could only let Chu Feng do whatever he wished.

“Wuqing, stop! Otherwise, I will have my brother tear your corpse into pieces!”

Finally, Murong Wan came to her senses. When she saw there was nothing on Ya Fei’s body, and that Chu Feng was currently pressing himself on Ya Fei, Murong Wan was furious.

Even though she didn’t like Ya Fei at all, she was still her yet-to-be-married sister-in-law. She knew very well that Ya Fei was pure. If, before marriage, she were tainted by someone else, then her brother would definitely go mad upon learning of it. It would be an uncleansable shame to her Murong family.

“Quiet! I’ll come take care of you in a bit.” Chu Feng glared at Murong Wan fiercely, and even intentionally swept his gaze over her body, then made a wicked smile.

“You…” Murong Wan’s expression instantly changed when she saw that. She subconsciously felt an unpleasant feeling and didn’t dare to say anything more. She put her arms in front of her chest and turned around, truly afraid Chu Feng would extend his evil hands towards her.

“Wuqing, even if I become a ghost, I will not forgive you!” Ya Fei could not bear such disgrace. After furiously spitting those words out, she prepared to commit suicide.

*hmm* However, Chu Feng seemed to have already expected such a situation. He waved his big sleeve and a peculiar sort of energy entered her body, preventing her from all self-harm actions.

“Wuqing, you bastard!” Ya Fei was livid; she couldn’t even die when she wanted to.

“Contemptible? That comes later,” Chu Feng sneered, then like a tiger leaping towards its prey, he pushed Ya Fei down.

“No—” Ya Fei hysterically shouted. Her mind was about to collapse when she saw something horrible was about to happen.

“What? Afraid? Then beg. Beg, and perhaps I’ll consider letting you go,” said Chu Feng with an evil smile.

“Wuqing, I beg you, forgive me! Don’t do this!” Ya Fei no longer had her former arrogance at that moment, and her face was full of sparkling tears. She was akin to a little girl who was weak even to the wind, and had truly begged for forgiveness.

“What, you think that will do? Have you forgotten what you did to me before? There was no enmity between us, yet you again and again aimed to kill me. Now, you shamelessly want my forgiveness? If it were you, would you forgive me?” Chu Feng looked at Ya Fei with a cold smile. There was not a single trace of empathy on his face.

“I was wrong, I was truly wrong! It was all my fault before! I was greedy and wanted to take away your Secret Skill! I was heartless and wanted you dead!

“But I know my wrongs, I truly do! Please forgive me and let me go, and give me a chance to start anew. I will never do anything against you ever again! For everything that happened today, and previous grudges, let us write it off entirely, okay?”

With her beautiful and moving, yet pitiful and tearful eyes, Ya Fei looked at Chu Feng and sorrowfully begged.

Seeing Ya Fei who acted in such a manner, Chu Feng asked, “You said this. Everything that happens today, as well as previous grudges, let us write it off entirely, right?”

“Right! Write everything off, and forgive me, okay?” Ya Fei strongly nodded.

“Okay, I promise you.” Chu Feng smiled vilely.

But Ya Fei cried out.

Pain—unprecedented pain, and one that would only be felt once. It forced Ya Fei to clench her fists. Like the pieces of the skirt scattered about on the side, she remained unmoving as well; she had lost all strength to resist.

“Wuqing, I’ll kill you!” Seeing her future sister-in-law violated by such means, Murong Wan could finally hold it down no more and pounced towards Chu Feng.

*whoosh* However, at that moment, she was the same as Ya Fei. She didn’t even have power to tie up a chicken, so how could she defeat Chu Feng? With one hand, he grabbed her arm, then flung it, pushing her to his side.

Seeing Murong Wan’s face brimming with killing intent, Chu Feng smiled oddly, and said, “It seems that you can’t suppress your excitement, huh? That’s fine, I’ll satisfy you right now.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng had ripped Murong Wan’s white skirt into pieces, showing the delicate woman’s exquisite bare body in front of his eyes.

At that moment, even though Chu Feng had seen quite a few beauties, he couldn’t help wetting his lips. Although Murong Wan’s appearance was inferior to Ya Fei, she was undoubtedly a model beauty, and though her figure was not as perfect as Ya Fei, there was still a sort of elegance about her.

So, Chu Feng turned around, and left Ya Fei’s body. He then pressed himself onto Murong Wan’s soft and weak one.

“I will kill you!” Murong Wan only attacked with the resolution of dying. So, at that moment, she did not back away. She grabbed Chu Feng’s body, opened her mouth, and bit down at his neck.

As for Chu Feng, he was laughing. Ignoring Murong Wan’s clawing and biting, he said, “Be angry! I want your anger! However, other than being angry, you can do nothing else!”

“Mm!” At that instant, Murong Wan, who was still tightly biting down on Chu Feng’s shoulder, roundly widened her eyes. They then started glittering as fear and powerlessness permeated them. Simultaneously, two warm streams of tears flowed down.

She knew, at that very instant, her most precious thing was taken away.

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92 thoughts on “MGA – Chapter 794” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Better than that? They tried to kill him more than once. They tortured him viciously and cruelly, again, more than once. There’s nothing in this world that he could do to them that would unjustified or uncalled for. Is attempted murder and torture in any way less vile than rape? Or do you not remember when Ya Fei tried to kill by having him be EATEN ALIVE by bugs? I repeat, anything and everything he does to them is well within his right, because no matter what he does it would not be any worse then what they did to him, again, more than once.

      1. Yeah… Murong Wan maybe it could be discussed since she was just retarded like most villains and i don’t remember if she did something to him when he was being tortured… but Ya Fei totally deserved that

      2. Actually, if I remember it right, he would have still been alive, like some kind of puppet. I want to say it would have been something where he retained consciousness but had no control, but I don’t remember for sure. Anyone remember if that was the case?

        At any rate, far worse than death, or rape. Especially if he still knew what was happening in the state she intended to put him in.

    2. Better than that?? You are naive… IF you can say that, then I must say, you are quiet a fool my friend… you have yet to experience the cruel reality that is life… there you are reading web novels and stuff while other kids are unfortunate to be born without a home or parents or food. Be glad that your life is not hard as theirs cause if you live the life of chu feng my friend, I doubt it’ll be easy for you… like they say, “Easier said than done.”

    3. He kills tens and thousands of people. But God forbid he rapes someone. You need to get off your high horse and stop cherry picking your morals. All is fair in war.

    4. I hope you were actually trying to sound silly with this comment, and aren’t actually this biased. After EVERYTHING they did to the MC, you want him to be ‘better than that’!? Whut?

    5. She wanted to turn him into a soul-less doll, cut off his junk, use him to capture little fishy and torture her to death and then came to kill him again and again and again… and again. She did so many horrible things.

      But god no, raping her is far worse. How could just taking their virginities be compared to torturing him to death, almost killing eggy, almost kill his friends and everything else. How about you go scream bloody murder somewhere else you f**king hypocritical piece of crap? So sick of these people who can calmly watch the mc murder thousands of innocents and torture people slowly to death, but they start screaming like monkeys in mating season when it’s about raping a female who deserves it and has done stuff far worse than that. People put this rape thing at far too high of a pedestal, as if it’s worse than anything else. You’re retarded if you think that something like rape is worse than torturing someone to death or killing innocent people. How about raping them and then killing them? I would find that to be an even better solution here that they deserve, humiliate them and then kill them. It’s not like he hasn’t done similar stuff and even worse things before, but no one said anything then.

  1. I know the MC is heartless when taking revenge, but why rape? Yes, it’s a battle tactic… Still, it ruins the entire novel for me.
    He did it once, and felt bad about it, blaming some of it on the drugs, it seemed like he learned from his mistake.
    Now he has three fiances, and he does that?
    If he only wants to torture them, he could use the illusion ability of the turtle armor secret ability. I really hope that’s that. I doubt it though.
    My respect for him always rises for being good to his people, and returning what’s due to his enemies. But then plummets when he goes and becomes the villain we usually hate in these novels.

    1. They tried to kill him more than once. They tortured him viciously and cruelly, again, more than once. There’s nothing in this world that he could do to them that would unjustified or uncalled for. Is attempted murder and torture in any way less vile than rape? Or do you not remember when Ya Fei tried to kill by having him be EATEN ALIVE by bugs? I repeat, anything and everything he does to them is well within his right, because no matter what he does it would not be any worse then what they did to him, again, more than once.

      1. And don’t forget that Ya Fei was planing to torture a little kid… i know she wasn’t one and his OP as h*ll but at that time we didn’t know…

      2. I am aware, but he now betrayed his own fiances, while he could achieve the same with mental torture. He would have his revenge and stay clean.

        I admit, for some reason, I dislike rape much more than murder. But this is not only rape, and it was not his only option, and it redacts his character’s development. Also, it would probably cause the fiance to want to rape that bell girl (I am really bad with names…), since he would not desire holding on to a wedding and risk losing everything again.

        As a boyfriend – Failed.
        As a torturer – Failed (illusions can be so much worse).
        As a developing character who learns from his mistake – Failed.
        As a man unable to control his desires – Succeeded.

        1. Illusions wouldn’t be worse, since they wouldn’t make them live with the shame and humiliation for the resto of their lives, which is the best part of the revenge.

          1. Did you ever have a lucid dream?
            A state where your body is still in sleep paralysis, yet you are awake, and your brain is still slipping into dream-like states. I often feel like shadows are moving, or even people are coming in, while I can’t even move a finger. This does not last long, but it feels very scary and like it does last long.
            And that is in reality. Now turn that into novel-form.

            Imagine having something horrible repeat in your mind countless times. Your worst fears, feeling as real as reality itself. Eventually you won’t know what’s real or false, if you even stay sane.
            Don’t you think your mind will be broken by that?

            He has the supposed ability.

        2. In a “might means right” world, it’s a bloody miracle anyone is even a virgin. We’re brought up in a culture with rules and law enforcement, but can you imagine a time before even laws or police? It would be a world something like this where you can only use strength to take or protect. Hell, it won’t even be surprising for people to sell their bodies for protection.

          It is a bit odd though for there to be “marriage”, usually “marriage” involves a religious ceremony to a deity or divinity and since their world is atheist, it’s strange to see marriage happen.

          1. I know, I understand. Even with rules and laws, during war, rape is a tactic to both terrorize the people, as well as replenish troop morale. That said, it does not mean I like it.

            The world only has one real base rule – Might makes Right.
            Even these days, who makes the rules and laws? The strong.
            Who can break these rules and laws? The strong.
            Of course might can be economical, political, etc…

            Still, again, it’s a bad character development.

          2. I’ll class it as plothole rather than character development. By some miracle or other, even in a might makes right world where the victim just has to suck it up, somehow or other, he’s the only one who has been getting any! lol.

            You would think that there would have been many cases of rape beforehand already and not just people attempting and somehow or other meets the MC and gets cockblocked. Unless somehow or other, only during his generation did people start having a libido. 🙂

            It seems like the author wants to make a lawless world different from ours but still can’t get rid of our own cultural references.

            Can you imaging a world where you knew God was real…. and that he got to where he is by training? And that you can take over his place if you were “lucky” enough? Their culture would have taken a totally different path from ours.

        3. You use modern day morals… He can f**k anyone he wants and he won’t “fail as a boyfriend”. You’re delusional if you think that your “arguments” hold up. In china, they value virginity far more than we do, so something like this can be much more torturous than normal torture. Who said that humiliation through s*x can’t be counted as proper and good torture? It’s just another branch of torture. I do agree that he should’ve learned from the past though. About the “unable to control his desires” part, go back and read it again. He were egged on by eggy, it’s not about desires, it’s about giving them the most painful torture he can think of, because to chinese people it seems losing their virginity is far more painful than any physical torture he can conduct and he doesn’t have to go against his “ideals” of not using physical torture against a woman…

    2. Massing murdering thousands of people, mutilation, and torturing you’re ok with but rape of a really despicable woman (because she’s a woman) is too much for you? You need to get your morals checked.

  2. Blood for the blood god.

    P.S. Readers here have to get off their high horse and projection. Cause cherry picking memory seems to happen frequently with this wuxia. Cause heaven forbid readers remember when Chu Feng scooped out a mans eye balls and removed the mans penis. But oh no, rape is just too far.

    1. Whoa dude, eye scooping? They do that in kindergarten! Rape is 10x worse!

      He’s just adopting Yue Yang’s tactic of “conquer the body, then the mind”

      Though rape does leave a sour taste in my mouth… I like vanilla ;-;

    2. If he were to scoop out their eyes, or chop off their breasts, or otherwise disfigure or cripple them, I wouldn’t blink. If they were male, and he brutally raped them, I wouldn’t say peep. When I ask what it is in particular about his raping them that makes my stomach turn, I realize that it’s the same thing that made the earlier rape scene so distasteful: I get the sense that the author is setting up the situation for his own puerile enjoyment. It’s like listening to a rapey creep commit his secret fantasies to paper.

      At the same time, Chu Feng is already hugely hypocritical and self-serving, so this suits his character. Great writing, I guess — and that is meant to be a backhanded compliment.

        1. I stated that my issue with the rape is that it seems like the author writing his creepy misogynistic fantasies into the story. If Chu Feng raped a male character, it would be clear that he did it just to punish them or exact vengeance, not because the author derived a vicarious sexual thrill from it (or expected his readers to). That is EXACTLY why I used that as an example of something that I wouldn’t find as off-putting. So sorry, no hypocrisy here.

          1. Yeah, I find that pretty off-putting as well. When I read this series, I find myself constantly having to disregard the twinges of annoyance that I get from this author’s messed up view of women. One would expect that two strong, powerful women would feel a mixture of rage and disgust at being raped, instead of turning “pitiful” and “weak”. They would be too busy planning their vengeance on Chu Feng to be attempting to kill themselves; they would consider his actions to be an unforgivable humiliation and focus on that. What bugs me the most is how the author seems to think that women care more about their chastity than, say, their honor, family, friends, abilities, lives, morals, ideals, dreams, position in society, etc. While I get that rape can be an incredibly traumatic experience, the author is definitely portraying it in a way that causes the women involved to break out of character to satisfy his perverted fetishes. That is just bad writing.

    1. yer but the main character raping?? mc in wuxia and xianxia are suppose to be virgins for eternity but here he has plenty of wives and rapes like wtf that goes against the golden rule of mc that achieve immortality or goes on the rode to getting stronger cause in the end he gonna leave all those useless gold digging whore he marries like seriously he gonna be like one day cya and leave all these womans.
      so that why mc are suppose to be virgins and not have any lover

    2. While the rape bothers me, what bothers me more is the MC developing, and then reverting.
      Many chapters he feels bad about that fish-monster-girl, and yet he repeats it.
      He also tries to be true to his fiances, then he does that.
      He breaks his promise to that elder fiance.

      He simply does not act like a heroic MC.

          1. I know what Xianxia means… i just find it funny that after reading almost 800 hundred chapters you are expecting Chu Feng to act ”heroic”

          2. I think it gets hilarious when the character does something they don’t approve of, and they get angry like they expect some perfect reflection of their moral values. The characters wouldn’t be interesting if they weren’t flawed. Human beings are self serving creatures. The ones that become saints are oddities.

          3. I am not expecting him to be a hero, I am expecting him to develop into one.
            He raped in the beginning, it was not his fault, but he still lamented about it a few times. Now he is not drugged, did it again, and will probably be sorry about it.
            In games, stories and anime, characters, especially the MC, that do not develop, are just plain useless. He only develops strength, but not character.

            This is less about the rape, more about character revert (better word? As in throw the development he had before)

    3. Dude am a vegan and I still love it. Kindness to those who deserve it or have not harmed me but no mercy for the wicked tear them to shreds crush and obliterate them.

  3. Chu Feng mata , tortura ,come pessoas e vocês estão neb aí, mais é só estrupar que vocês ficam doidos.
    Vão ler eu deverá lacra os céus.

  4. Just in case people want to emulate our dear MC, please remember, dry sex can hurt for the guy too. 🙂 And the last thing you want is abrasions on your little friend. lol.

    1. lol Where’s the “like” button. I must upvote this comment!!

      Loved the implicit sarcasm for the haters while being funny.

      Kudos might! You earned them.

  5. Rape or no rape, it’s war, he has every right to do anything he wants to them (even more so because they were the ones wanting to kill him in the first place).
    BUT why the f**k would he waste his time NOW?
    People are literally dying in there, waiting for him to save the day and he knows that!
    Instead of getting rid of enemies, killing them easily and quickly (powerless, right?) he has idiotic excuses like ‘death would be too good’? Because what, author wants them to live?
    Even for wuxia standards his logic sucks.
    So dumb it hurts.

    1. I think a “quickie” is timely possible in this situation. Some can even finish it in less than 3 minutes. World record states that the fastest was 12.5 seconds ROFL

  6. WTF did I just read… Gonna skip the ‘revenge’ part, looking forward for chap 797

    Edit: Not translator team’s fault, checked the raws, I think the author wrote this during a phase.. well thanks for the effort and chapter guys! ?

  7. Thanks for the chapter! He should have just killed them cleanly. By not finishing them off he is most likely going to provide Murong Xun enough time to arrive. I hope I am wrong. On another note, Eggy shows that she is truly from the Asura Realm with this suggestion.

  8. Fair enough you want their fear and hatred. You were also tortured more than once. My disagreement is with doing this because
    1. You’d not like torturing women
    2. They “said” they don’t fear torture or death.

    They’ve never been tortured or faced likely death…
    Teach them that fear Teach…
    Andfor point one, I guess since I’ll never be a torturer I’ll never get that preference…

  9. I can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy of some of the people here would it be better just to torture them? One thing is slightly painful and embarrassing the other is extremely painful and mind altering what would you pick? Truthfully I always prefer a quick death in stories but it’s retarded to think anyone in this story especially the cultivators in this story deserve better treatment all of them are jerks who stomp on others to achieve what they want.

  10. why the f**k would he rape them or even torture them? i dont care that he did rape them but there is no reason to rape them other than this stupid revenge sh*t.Although what he did was not wrong because rape is type of torture but the reason is stupid and i bet the they somehow will survive and if they did then he is really dumb because he will create the worst enemies for himself
    the mc should have just quickly kill them to get rid of future trouble because at anytime someone could enter the palace and save them which will most likely happens because god forbid if a beautiful woman dies who has skin like jade…..

  11. I’ve been waiting for it! And here it is again gentlemen. Another prime example of Chu Feng being an otherworldly SAVAGE; anyone who opposes Chu Feng deserve more than death! Now I won’t say that Ya Fei deserved that with all the HORRIBLE atrocities she has committed… but she kind of did. Cheers to the author making these scenes! And to all you guys hating on this rape crap, it’s for real Chu Feng… Rape has already happened in this novel, this won’t be the last time we see of it. All hail Chu Feng!

  12. There is nothing wrong with the MC raping them and it would be far to easy on them if he left them alone after that. Rape is a kind of torture and its quite brutal however if you think for a second that its unacceptable and worst possible act there is and MC should die then think again! There are hundreds of way more brutal ways to torture humans both male and female and among them is without a doubt being eaten alive from the inside by ants, between those two kinds of torture rape is hardly comparable it’s not even close in terms of pain, rape is the method most often used but is it because it’s the most brutal torture method? NO! The reason why it’s the most commonly used method is due to not only inflict pain on another it gives pleasure to the one committing the torture. Its also the most common type of torture during war times against both male and female for the same reason.

    I do not condone any kind or form of rape aswell as other torture methods, however if you think that raping the two of them is excessive and unjustifiable then your a ” frog in a well” what they did to the mc in the novel is already far worse then him raping them.

  13. Why do people act as if this is an unforgivable offense in a world where people are commonly turned to meat patties and blood mists? He crushes a man’s dong, yet everybody’s like ‘Oh! Nice! Savage!’ and yet, when he tortures the ladies who stabbed him, tried to have him eaten alive by insects (then turned into a puppet and castrate himself, had that succeeded), tortured him, chopped off his arm and tried to kill him, everybody’s like, ‘Omg! NU! HE’S SO MEAN!’ And to those dumbnuts saying the author is projecting his own wicked fantasies on it, IDK, but the punishment fits the crime here. Are y’all implying that the author also has fantasies of crushing people to meat pastes, killing people’s families and crushing men’s dongs? Just because he writes all that in a cruel, fictional world? Wat?

  14. Hmm… Well, as long as he doesn’t add them to the harem later “out of guilt” or anything like a lot of chinese authors do, I think this was a pretty good solution. Hopefully they’ll die of depression too, but I guess that’s too much to hope for.

    I’m seriously going to be pissed off if he feels guilty later on after all they did to him. Sure, when he raped ruyu, it was not too unreasonable even if she deserved it, but these guys have tried to kill him a lot of times and in horrifying ways as well, they deserve no pity whatsoever. No need to be a hypocrite just because they have a vagina.

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