MGA – Chapter 773

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MGA: Chapter 773 – Mutual Death?


A cry rang out; Murong Wan and Ya Fei were both shocked.

They saw that Murong Xun, who was whispering something extremely near Chu Feng, separated quickly from him. As he did so, blood was flowing down on the side of Murong Xun’s face.

Turning their gazes back at Chu Feng, he appeared even more terrifying. A chilly glint emerged in his eyes, full of icy-cold killing intent. His mouth was also full of blood, as he was chewing Murong Xun’s flesh.

“I will eat you!” Chu Feng shouted, then opened his crimson mouth, and like a bloodthirsty demon, pounced towards Murong Xun again.

“Brother, be careful!” Murong Wan was frightened by Chu Feng’s current appearance. Putting aside strength, she was thoroughly horrified by him due to the demeanor he exuded.

“Hell, I will kill you!” But, Murong Xun wasn’t Murong Wan. Although he felt a bit of fright in his heart as he faced the incoming Chu Feng, he did not shrink away because he firmly believed, with his strength of a rank eight Martial Lord, he would have absolutely no problem dealing with Chu Feng. And, killing Chu Feng was akin to stamping on an ant.

*bang* Murong Xun threw a punch straight at Chu Feng. Before his fist even struck, the shock wave struck Chu Feng first, causing him to vomit blood. Then, he was thrown back. Only after being launched for almost ten thousand meters did Chu Feng fall from the sky, sharply crashing onto the ground.

At that instant, crackling sounds came from every single part of Chu Feng. Murong Xun’s punch had completely shattered Chu Feng’s breastbone, and even his organs were affected.

Ya Fei’s jabs before had already wounded over half of Chu Feng’s internal organs, and no part of his outside was unscathed.

However, to a cultivator at Chu Feng’s level, broken limbs could be regrown, and any organs or whatever were not too related to one’s ability to live.

The most important thing for a cultivator like him was the Source Energy deep in his bones, as well as the power within the dantian. As long as those two areas were unharmed, no matter how big of an injury the body underwent, there would exist only pain. All wounds had their respective methods of restoration.

*boom* After Chu Feng crashed onto the ground, Murong Xun too descended. One of his feet stepped on Chu Feng’s leg, forcibly snapping it.

“Kneel down and call me ‘grandfather’, otherwise you will obtain neither life nor death, and live the remainder of your life in the pettiest possible state.”

At that moment, blood still unceasingly flowed down Murong Xun’s face. After a chunk of his flesh was chomped away, his current furious and vicious expression was emphasized, making him even more sinister and horrifying. He was truly enraged, because a surprise attack from a person six full levels below him succeeded. To him, that was most definitely an enormous disgrace.

However, a cold smile rose on Chu Feng’s face as he heard Murong Xun’s request.

That smile was very difficult to describe, but after Murong Xun saw it, his heart unavoidably trembled. A peculiar type of uneasiness surged into his heart, then spread throughout his body. At that moment, he was actually, for some reason, afraid. Even though he didn’t know why, his heart undeniably felt uneasiness.

“Smile? Hell, you’re still smiling? Fine, keep smiling!” shouted Murong Xun furiously. As he spoke, he stamped two times at Chu Feng’s other leg, forcibly snapping it as well.

However, the smile on Chu Feng’s face didn’t just remain there, it became even wider.

After Eggy died, he was already prepared: he planned to take away Murong Xun’s life with his own.

If he wanted Murong Xun to die, then he had to pay the price—his own death. If he wanted to kill Murong Xun, he could only release the World Spirit sealed in his body.

However, that World Spirit was in a very frenzied state, and it had very strong resentment. If it were released, Chu Feng would definitely be the first person it’d kill because it was Chu Feng’s body that sealed it for that many years.

One could even say that the World Spirit was a taboo for Chu Feng; its power wasn’t something he could control. However, in a time like this, that taboo was Chu Feng’s optimal tool of revenge.

“Hell, keep smiling! Let me see if you can continue doing that.”

As if oppressed by Chu Feng’s smile to the point he felt fear, or perhaps he felt more and more furious due to Chu Feng’s smile, Murong Xun raised his foot and stamped towards Chu Feng’s dantian, aiming to destroy his cultivation.

But, Chu Feng, who had already prepared to die, no longer cared about that. He already knew Murong Xun wouldn’t easily kill him, and because of exactly that, it bought him time to unseal the gate within his World Spirit Space. As long as he did, he knew everything would end.



However, an unexpected scene occurred. In the instant Murong Xun stamped down at Chu Feng’s dantian, a huge explosion resounded from it.

Not only was Murong Xun unable to successfully stomp down, he was even forced back.

As he stabilized himself in the air, his complexion involuntarily changed. His eyes were full of shock, because as he stamped on Chu Feng’s dantian, he felt as if he sank into hell.

That single instant alone was enough for him to tremble from fright. At that moment, his body broke out in cold sweat, and even his leg was uncontrollably quivering.

“This guy… What is with him?”

Murong Xun, for the first time, seriously looked at Chu Feng. Putting aside Eggy, the World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World, he discovered that Chu Feng himself was not simple at all. Within his body, there seemed to exist something. Something extremely terrifying, so terrifying one could not describe it.

“Brother, you’re okay, right?” asked Murong Wan nervously as she saw that something was wrong, and came up to Murong Xun.

“What happened?” Ya Fei came up to him as well, because it was the first time she saw such a panicked expression emerging onto Murong Xun’s face.

“Hahahaha…” Just at that moment, Chu Feng, who lay on the floor, being tortured to the point that nothing was remotely similar at all to him before, suddenly laughed.

His laughter was very loud, and within it was an abundance of ridicule, as well as endless fury and bloodlust.

Even in a situation where he lacked any ability to resist, Chu Feng did not display the slightest bit of yielding. Instead, from head to toe, he looked at Murong Xun and the others with a disdainful attitude.

“Laugh! I will make you laugh no more!” Despite in panic, Murong Xun’s anger did not subside in the slightest. He suddenly waved his hand at Chu Feng. A half-moon blade of light that could even slice space into two burst out, flying straight towards Chu Feng’s neck. He planned to decapitate Chu Feng.

At that instant, Chu Feng too didn’t hesitate. He prepared to cast his awareness into his World Spirit Space, and release the Evil Spirit in his body, to die together with Murong Xun and the others.

*whoosh* However, just at that moment, a person appeared before Chu Feng. That person lightly flicked his sleeve, causing the horrifying blade of light Murong Xun sent out to immediately vanish.

Shortly after, that person raised his head faintly, and said with a light smile, “Murong Xun, we are people of some age. Do you not feel embarrassed for bullying a young one barely twenty years old?”

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      1. cuz reasons, DUH. but yea that does irritate me. Those guys are so inconsistent. I guess you can say Chu Feng felt pure rage in those moments but this time around he just broke/died inside.

          1. Yeah, that’s the only explanation… Still, he was going to release a beast on this place that’d kill everything, including his lovers and friends, so I think he could be considered as even more pissed off than he ever was before.

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