MGA – Chapter 758

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MGA: Chapter 758 – Curing Poison

At that moment, Su Mei half-lay half-sat on the head of the bed.

Her pretty face, her graceful figure… Beautiful. Really too beautiful.

But what was more alluring was neither her pretty face, nor her fiery figure. It was the sound she was currently making.

“Chu Feng~~” Su Mei called out with her soft and coquettish voice.

Instantly, Chu Feng, whose eyes were focused on her, trembled. The thing beneath him rose immediately.

Chu Feng was no fool—he caught the hints and clearly knew that Su Mei was drugged. Moreover, the poison had spread throughout her body, and Su Mei had gradually lost her control. She was being influenced by the drug’s effects.

But, one had to admit that Su Mei truly was beautiful. She, the usually pure and cute girl, now showed her seductive side. There was truly a different atmosphere about her.

In comparison to Lan Xi back then, Su Mei was over a hundred times better. She was a true beauty—one that needed only a single glance for their heartbeats to quicken and their faces to flush with redness.

Speaking truthfully, saying Chu Feng was not moved by such a scene would be absolute rubbish. Chu Feng really did have the impulse to just let loose, releasing his beastly instincts, and push down this beauty.

However, he still managed to retain some semblance of reason. He suddenly recalled his promise to Su Rou: Before marrying Su Mei, he could not do that sort of thing to her.

“Little Mei, quickly eat this.” As such, Chu Feng not only endured the desire in his heart, he also took out the antidote and brought it before Su Mei.

Seeing the antidote in Chu Feng’s hand, Su Mei was quite cooperative. She opened her pink lips and bit down.

Seeing this, Chu Feng felt a slight bit of joy. He thought, Although Little Mei’s current situation is worse than Lan Xi’s back then, she still has some rationality. With this, it’ll be a bit easier to help Su Mei get rid of the drug.

However, when Su Mei’s mouth closed, Chu Feng’s mind went blank. He trembled once on the spot; the desire he had suppressed with great difficulty rushed back up again.

It was because Su Mei didn’t swallow the antidote on Chu Feng’s hand. Instead, she bit down on one of Chu Feng’s finger.

That feeling made it itch. It made his heart itch. Hell, it made his whole body itch. It was something he could not resist!

Especially when Su Mei’s eyes narrowed into two beautiful crescent shapes, and in addition, her face of content, it made Chu Feng even less able to endure.

But Chu Feng was, after all, a man of his word. He was, after all, a man with a strong mind. So, he resolutely endured it, and said to Su Mei, “Little Mei, you must remain calm. Right now, the poison has permeated your body, so that’s why are you acting this way. You cannot let the drug control you; you must dispel it away from your body.

“Behave, don’t stir up a mess. Take this antidote. Only by doing so am I able to dispel the poison in your body.”

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Su Mei really did loosen her mouth. With her crescent eyes, she stared at Chu Feng and said coquettishly, “Okay, but you have to feed it to me with your mouth, or else I won’t.”

“This…” Chu Feng was a bit taken aback when he heard those words. He was a bit confused because he didn’t know whether Su Mei retained her sanity or not.

“Okay, Chu Feng?” Su Mei shook Chu Feng’s hand as she spoke with a seductive and coyly voice.

“Fine.” Chu Feng bit down when he saw such an alluring Su Mei. He threw the antidote into his mouth, then, towards Su Mei’s pink lips, kissed her.

At first, Chu Feng truly wanted to feed that antidote to Su Mei, but in the instant his lips contacted Su Mei’s, before he could push the antidote into Su Mei’s mouth, he felt a slippery and soft object entering his mouth.

Hell, that was Su Mei’s soft tongue.

Chu Feng truly wanted to shout out at that instant. As expected, he was tricked. Su Mei simply didn’t even plan to take the antidote!

But, Chu Feng was not naive. He actually predicted that. When he agreed to Su Mei’s request, he had made two decisions.

First: if Su Mei obediently took the antidote, he would naturally cure Su Mei with his full strength.

Second: if Su Mei didn’t plan to take the antidote—as she was at present—what damn poison was Chu Feng curing? What promise was he abiding by?

If it were another person, then whatever. But, this was his woman—the fiancée that deeply loved him, whom he deeply loved as well! Since she was so forward with her attempts, as a man, if he continued holding himself back, that would rather not be too proper.

So, without caring whether “three times seven was twenty-one” or not—without caring what was truth and what wasn’t—he swung his neck to the side, and got rid of Su Mei’s tangling lips and soft tongue.

Su Mei was taken aback by Chu Feng’s action. She even thought Chu Feng didn’t like what she was doing, so she couldn’t help but feel a bit shameful and embarrassed. But soon, she realized she was thinking too much.

“Pah!” Chu Feng spat, ejecting the antidote onto the ground. Then, he turned around, and when he looked again at Su Mei, his eyes lit up and like a hungry wolf, he bit Su Mei’s tender and soft lips, and as he tangled his tongue with Su Mei’s, he started madly sucking.

At the same time, like a fierce tiger pouncing towards its prey, he used his powerful body to press the little beauty Su Mei underneath himself.


At that instant, Taikou was still standing in the air, his eyes still locked onto the room that Chu Feng and Su Mei were within. Seeing such scene, he too felt a bit embarrassed. He involuntarily closed his eyes, and entered a struggle on whether to look or not to look.

In the end, the unfathomable single-legged old man made a wicked smile that didn’t suit his elderly status, then opened his eyes and cast his gaze back at the room.

“This damn brat.” However, at that instant, Taikou couldn’t help cursing because he discovered, to his surprise, when he had his eyes closed, Chu Feng had laid a Concealment Formation and completely hid his and Su Mei’s figure. Taikou simply couldn’t see them anymore.

Only after laying the Concealment Formation did Chu Feng’s true beastly nature explode. He grabbed Su Mei’s pink long skirt, and with a ripping sound, he tore it into pieces.

After tearing the long skirt, Su Mei’s delicate and snow-white body completely appeared before him.

Chu Feng’s body was already heated up with desire. At that moment, he hesitated no longer. After tearing Su Mei’s skirt, he stripped away his own clothes as well, then pounced onto Su Mei, then cut the distance between his body and Su Mei’s perfect body to zero.

Within the Spirit Formation, two bodies, one strong and one soft, fused together. They rolled up and down, swayed left and right, and panted endlessly.

“Ahh~~” After who knew how long, a slightly painful shriek came from Su Mei’s mouth, but soon, it slowly subsided. Then, powerful seductive panting instead rang out. Long and short interweaved, resounding endlessly, as she thoroughly enjoyed the treatment Chu Feng gave her.

With that, two bodies consummately joined together, but the merging and striking thus became only more intense.

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