MGA – Chapter 74

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MGA: Chapter 74 – Examination

“Even if you have the Spirit power, you can’t cultivate like this. Do you not know in the journey of cultivating, it emphasizes the cycle of gradual progress? If you’re breaking through so quickly, it will cause difficulties for your success in the future.”

“If I wanted to, with my family’s wealth, it was completely possible for me to break into the 9th level of the Spirit realm when I was 12 years old. Do you know why I’m only at the 8th level of the Spirit realm at the age of 14?”

“That’s because by using cultivation resources to breakthrough, it breaks the rules of martial cultivation. At the same time that it brings power, it also burden’s the body and it will lower one’s comprehension in the future.”

“Even if you can become an expert of the 9th level in a short amount of time, what the future brings is the predicament of never being able to break through into the Origin realm. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Su Mei’s mood was a bit emotional, but it could be seen that she really was worried for Chu Feng.

Seeing Su Mei like that, Chu Feng was secretly happy yet his heart ached. Naturally, he knew that the road of martial cultivation required gradual progress and one could not seek instant benefits. However, that only applied to normal people, and obviously, Chu Feng could not be seen as a normal person.

Chu Feng understood his body the most. His body was not burdened because of his quick improvement. Instead, it got stronger and stronger.

But, he could not say the truth to Su Mei because he did not know how to explain his body. He could not say that not only did he have the Spirit power, he even had a special body and he was hiding a lump of Divine Lightning in his dantian right?

Chu Feng would not easily tell anyone that secret. If he could, he would hide it for his entire life.

“I understand and I’ll pay attention.” Not knowing how to explain, Chu Feng could only smile and say briefly.

“Do your best then. I don’t wish that you destroy your good future because of some short-term benefits.” Seeing that smiling Chu Feng, Su Mei was a bit angry and she turned around then entered her own residence.

Looking at Su Mei’s back, Chu Feng felt a wave of warmth in his heart. He had to say that he was blessed to have a girl that cared for him that much.

Morning on the next day. The sky just started to get bright and Chu Feng already risen from his bed. Today was the day of the core disciple exam.

The core disciples. The important targets of development of the Azure Dragon School and also the main force of the Azure Dragon School. Their position compared to the inner court disciples was like the sky and the earth.

First of all, the core disciples got to enjoy the best cultivating resources of the Azure Dragon School. Second of all, their families received the protection of the Azure Dragon School. To those who dared to touch the families of the Azure Dragon School core disciples, it meant that they were going against the Azure Dragon School.

Also, not all core disciples were like Zhou Zhiyuan. In reality, many core disciples were very strong and most of them stepped into the Origin realm. They were extremely talented people and some of the strength of the core disciples could be rivaled with core elders.

For example, Su Rou. If it wasn’t because she choose to be an inner court elder, she would have been a core disciple. Which also meant, within the core disciples, it was possible that there were people as strong as Su Rou.

So, compared to the inner court, the core zone was the place where Chu Feng wanted to go the most. There were more challenges there and he enjoyed that kind of life. It was a kind of life that forced him to become strong.

The location of the core disciple exam was also a huge underground palace. But, the size of the underground palace was a lot larger than the one in the inner court disciple exam. The mechanisms within were a lot more dangerous as well.

The most important thing was that not a single dust of the mechanisms in the inner court disciple exam changed. On the other hand, the core disciple exam mechanisms changed almost every year. There were hundreds of tricks and no one knew what the mechanisms this year would be like.

Of course, as long as you have absolute power, you could pass even if there were harder mechanisms.

At that instant, the 12 Wings Alliance members entered the huge underground palace.

“Oh! This time, the Wings Alliance is moving in quite a big scale. There are so many people participating.”

“There are only 12 people. How can this be counted as a big scale?”

“There are only 33 members in the Wings Alliance. This time, it could be said that they are using almost half of their members. Is that not a big scale?”

“That’s true. Hahaha…”

When Chu Feng and the other Wings Alliance members entered the main underground palace hall, they heard mocking voices.

Focusing their gazes, from nearby, there were two groups of people. One group was the Sword Alliance and the other was the World Alliance.

Chu Feng saw the Sword Alliance members and they sent 30 people out this time. Other than Jian Fengyi, the only person in the 9th level of the Spirit realm, there were 3 people in the 8th level and the rest were only in the 7th level.

The World Alliance also had 30 people. One of them was in the 9th level, two were in the 8th level and the rest were in the 7th.

The person that had the strength of the 9th level, the young man who was mocking the Wings Alliance with Jian Fengyi, was obviously the alliance master of the World Alliance.

“Why are the World Alliance together with the Sword Alliance?” Seeing the harmonious World Alliance and Sword Alliance, some of the Wings Alliance members felt that something was off.

“No need to worry about them. This core disciple exam is different than the inner court disciple exam. What it relies on is personal strength.”

“Look at those entrances. They are not connected and every person could only enter one of them. Which means the stages inside are completed by a single person.”

“But, I have to remind you guys that after walking out of the underground palace, it does not mean that the exam is passed. After walking out, we will enter a flower garden.”

“The flower garden contains many spiritual medicines and it counts as the reward for passing the underground palace. As for how many one can get will depend on your own power.”

“The most important thing is that the exam has a limit of 4 hours. Which also means after entering the underground palace, we must walk out of the flower garden within 4 hours or else you would fail the exam.”

Situ Yu did not care about the people from the World Alliance or the Sword Alliance. He was explaining the important points of the core disciple exam to Chu Feng and the others.

Although the Wings Alliance did not have the numbers advantage over the World Alliance or the Sword Alliance, on the topic of strength, the Wings Alliance had absolute superiority. Especially when they had a monster like Chu Feng, they did not need to worry about anything.

So, they were not afraid of the Sword Alliance and the World Alliance. They were only worried if they could become core disciples or not.

If they failed the exam, they would return to the inner court to continue cultivation. To the Wings Alliance, that was a type of humiliation and they were determined to not let that happen.

“Chu Feng, I hear my sister say that the flower garden was created by the founder of the Azure Dragon School so that’s why it’s called the Azure Dragon Flower Garden.”

“Within the Azure Dragon Flower Garden, there’s a type of flower called the 7-Coloured Flower. The 7-Coloured Flower has 7 types of colours and it’s extremely beautiful. But, they are very rarely seen and they’re a lot more precious than spiritual medicine. Not every person has a chance to see it, but, I really want to have a look.” As Su Mei spoke to Chu Feng, her eyes were filled with yearning.

“Don’t worry, I’ll certainly let you see them.” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“Don’t speak nonsense. The Azure Dragon Flower Garden is extremely big and the 7-Coloured Flower are extremely rare. They are not that easily found and you can only depend on luck.” Su Mei did not believe Chu Feng’s words.

Chu Feng only lightly smiled and did not explain anything. On the other hand, while he passed by Jian Fengyi, he suddenly stopped and said to him, “Don’t let me see you in the Azure Dragon Flower Garden or else I will beat you up so badly that even your mother won’t be able to recognize you.”

After speaking those words, without even giving a chance for Jian Fengyi to refute, he quickly walked away with Su Mei as he terribly angered Jian Fengyi.

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    1. Profound literature like this is what I live for:

      “Within the Green Dragon Flower Garden, there’s a type of flower called the

      7-Coloured Flower. The 7-Coloured Flower has 7 types of colours and it’s extremely beautiful.”

    1. Really? So the person who speaks up to people with higher cultivations than his, because they act hostile to him is equatable to the people who beat up and ridiculed the person with a lower cultivation than theirs, because they thought that person was worthless.

      Right. Definitely a case of becoming what you hated and not him doing as he said and allowing no one to dare to think they could walk over him. Not that at all…..

      1. Actually, tommzy is correct. cultivation levels do not matter in this situation since his cultivation level isn’t representative of his power. He is basically stronger than anyone at 9th level of cultivation or lower. So all he is doing is picking fights with people that he knows he can beat and pushing them around. Dude spent 5 years turning the other cheek because he didn’t have any power and now that he has some he has turned into the same person as those people who bullied him. Possibly worse since he seems to seek out victims to bully.

        1. Are we reading the same xianxia??? When has he sought anyone out.
          Is he rude, yes?
          Is he abrasive? Yes.
          Is he the first to pick the fight the majority of the time? No.
          The pattern has been to this point, X has problem with Teach, Teach schools X.

          Is he a paragon of justice? No
          But I shudder to think that just because he beats people up who fight him = bully.
          I guess we are on different planets of perspective here. Your thoughts are alien to me.

          Whelp, I’m off to spectacte on Teach’s next class

          1. i agree with you i just think a lot of people are use to the MC with hero complexes that try to write the evil in the world like they are some kind of saint, simply if you act like a dick he in turn will act like a dick who here doesn’t

          2. dude you are definetly right
            and anyone who thinks that MC is the one picking fight should really read this WN again
            unless people try to hurt him or his loved ones he doesn’t act badly
            he is even merciful towards people who apologies (chuxun – the drgon/tiger brothers and alot other)
            also arn’t you guys tired of cool headed charecters , we have Coiling dragon and Stellar Transformation for that
            don’t get me wrong Linley is my favorit MC , but i also love Chufeng and his badassnes (is that even a world ?)
            when i want to see some ass kicking Chufeng is my buddy =)

          3. i have been trying to tell that for the past idk how many chapters but ya you are so right. idk how ppl can even compare him to a bully.

            shinobi, qin yu is quite ruthless also at least later on. He isn’t quite on the level of chu feng but he is very cold and all to his enemies. Only linley is more on the “justice/hero” side and its not even that much

          4. I’m on the “The MC is a bully” boat.

            While you guys are totally right that practically EVERYONE in this story are a bunch of moronic brutes whom always try to beat down and bully anyone they think is below them — The MC does not shy away from completely embracing the same evil he hates.

            That’s practically the main criticism about Chu Feng here, that he became corrupt. He hates hypocrites whom use force to shut people up, but he does the very same thing.

            TLDR: The protagonist is not any better than anyone else in this setting. But that just to show you, how absolutely dog-eat-dog world they’re living in. Absolute f*ck crap world, seriously.

          5. ***Specially for the People who think MC is Bully***
            I think you guys are missing the point that the story is based around the term “Asura”.
            i would suggest you guys to dig a little into what that term signifies. In Ancient Hindu texts Asura’s are defined as “powerful superhuman demigods or demons with good or bad qualities”.
            Its just to relate here to how the MC’s Character is shown as. he can be God to the people who he wants to protect. and Devil to the baddies who want to create trouble or mess with him or his loved ones. Personally i love how the story is written. it goes to show that MC is not a full God or a saintly being. it sure is overpowered MC but it does Justice to the Title of the LN.

            Just my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

    1. this novel is just badly written… if u like bad guys read WMW … i am not saying its the best novel but tere are some glod things about it…. bad things are that the autor doesnt do forshadowign during the middle part which at some time annoyed me…. but its a different style… the firts 100 episodes are awsome… then 100 – maybe 300 have some flaws…. which are that the autor just lets the mc pull out a trump which was not mentioned before…. but that stops aler on and the novel becomes f***ing amazing

      1. This mc isn’t really a bad guy… And the mc of WMW isn’t really a bad guy either, even though he’s worse than this mc.

        Oh, and it’s not badly written, you’re just unable to appreciate this style of novel and hate the mcs personality(just like a lot of other people on novelupdates, which is why this novel gets such a low score despite being pretty damn good for what it is). Of course you will believe it’s badly written. If I read shoujo novels, I’d also consider them as being extremely badly written, to the point that it’s garbage that shouldn’t be read by anyone. But that doesn’t mean it’s actually written badly, it’s just a matter of preferences, not whether or not the author is good at his/her job. If you’re not the targeted audience, you will not like it, it’s that simple.

  1. True he is not the one who starts the fight but I think everyone would agree that he is more fitting to be the antagonist because of how ruthless he is

  2. Thanks a lot!
    well now, i want Su Mei and Chu Feng to see the flower too! That sounds romantic, haha! Hm, i think Jian Fengyi will get beaten up…maybe.

  3. “For example, Su Rou. If it wasn’t because she choose to be an inner court elder, she would have been a core disciple. Which also meant, within the core disciples, it was possible that there were people as strong as Su Rou.”
    this is completely wrong. when she fought to save Chu Feng, the opponent elder was shocked and asked her why is she still a inner court elder while she is this strong.
    I think the author here made a mistake like the one writing tales of demons and gods.

  4. “Even if you have the Spirit power, you can’t cultivate like this. Do you not know in the journey of cultivating, it emphasizes the cycle of gradual progress? If you’re breaking through so quickly, it will cause difficulties for your success in the future.”

    Sorry, that doesn’t apply for the mc. If you knew how much resources he needs to solidify his cultivation before breaking through automatically, you wouldn’t say that 😛

    “Within the Azure Dragon Flower Garden, there’s a type of flower called the 7-Coloured Flower. The 7-Coloured Flower has 7 types of colours and it’s extremely beautiful.

    The author just loves statements like this, he must be the son of captain obvious.

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