MGA – Chapter 737

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MGA: Chapter 737 – The Foolish Lan Xi

“Senior Lan Xi, do you trust me that much? Are you not afraid that I poisoned this Fierce Beast meat?” Chu Feng said with a joking tone.

“I’m not afraid. I don’t feel that you will harm me,” said Lan Xi with a smile.

“Why?” Chu Feng followed with a question.

“Intuition,” said Lan Xi.

“Intuition? Is your intuition that accurate?” Chu Feng asked.

“Uhh…” Lan Xi hesitated a bit, then said, “It depends!”

“Then, if I’ve already poisoned this Fierce Beast meat, what would you do?” Chu Feng continued speaking.

“You didn’t really poison it, did you?” After hearing those words, Lan Xi’s face changed a bit.

“Haha, of course not. But, Senior Lan Xi, it’s best to be careful when you are handling matters. You are a World Spiritist; you can use Spirit power at any time. If I were you, I would definitely use Spirit power to examine the things others give me prior to eating, to see whether there are any anomalies inside.

“Otherwise, if you were truly tricked by someone, it would be too late for regret by then,” said Chu Feng as he smiled.

“Thank you for the reminder, I will pay attention.” Although she didn’t understand why Chu Feng suddenly told her all that, she knew Chu Feng’s intentions were kind. So, she didn’t blame him or anything.

“You’re waiting for your sister?” Chu Feng asked again.

“Mm. Yesterday, I lost her and after many searches, they were still to no avail. Also, the talisman I left for her lost its effect. I’m afraid…” When her sister was mentioned, Lan Xi couldn’t help feeling a bit of worry.

“No need to think too much on that. She’s returning, and she is also injured. But it’s not too serious,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“How do you know?” When she heard those words, Lan Xi quickly spread out her Spirit power, but she discovered within her range of detection, there were simply no signs of Lan Yanzhi. So, she couldn’t help doubting him.

Chu Feng didn’t respond to Lan Xi’s question. He lightly smiled, then leaped forward and jumped down. Soon, he entered the forest outside the ancient city.

“This is?” Shortly after Chu Feng left, Lan Xi’s eyes suddenly lit up. She actually felt Lan Yanzhi walking into her Spirit power’s range of detection.

At that instant, Lan Xi too rushed into the forest. Indeed, she soon discovered Lan Yanzhi. And, she was truly injured.

“Yanzhi, what happened?” Lan Xi asked with concern.

“Sister, it’s nothing. I was just surrounded by several Fierce Beasts and had to hide myself.” Lan Yanzhi had already weaved a perfect reason to trick Lan Xi.

Seeing as Lan Yanzhi only suffered light injuries and was pretty much fine, Lan Xi sighed in relief. But suddenly, her gaze turned complicated as she muttered to herself, “Odd. Even I couldn’t sense Yanzhi’s presence. How did he do it?”

From then on, Chu Feng continued searching for Formation Apertures. On the fourth day, Chu Feng had already found seven of them within the forest. On the fifth day, Chu Feng broke through six of them according to their order.

At present, he lacked only one Formation Aperture. After that, he would be able to gather the seven Spirit Formation keys and open the final Formation Aperture. And, open the hidden core.

At that moment, Chu Feng was dashing in the forest. In order to avoid danger, he spread out his Spirit power. But suddenly, his complexion changed greatly. He stopped moving because he felt the aura of three people: Lan Xi, Lan Yanzhi, and Wang Long.

“Crap.” At that instant, Chu Feng cursed in his heart. If it were only Lan Xi and Lan Yanzhi, that would be normal. After all, they were supposed to go around together. Yet, Wang Long was there as well. That hiddenly indicated something was off.

Moreover, Chu Feng discovered that Lan Xi’s current aura was extremely chaotic. Which likely meant that Lan Xi had already been poisoned.

“Dammit. Why did she not listen?” Chu Feng was a bit angry. He had clearly told Lan Xi to not eat the things from others carelessly, but Lan Xi clearly did not do that.

Although he was a bit mad, Chu Feng did not hesitate. Stepping forward, he ran towards Lan Xi and the others like a ray of light.

Although he said “if it’s not related to me, no need to worry”, Lan Xi’s character was still quite good. Also, he didn’t like Wang Long and Lan Yanzhi. Now, he met them again. As a result, Chu Feng had to interfere in that matter.

On a grassland a thousand meters away from Chu Feng, Lan Xi was lying face-up. At that moment, her eyes were shut, her face was flushed red, and her opening and closing tender pink lips endlessly inhaled and exhaled odd heat.

Currently, Lan Xi was obviously poisoned. She was twisting her alluring body, and even making bewitching sounds. But, it could be seen that she was doing her best to resist the poison as she was painfully suffering.

And, by her side, there stood two people. It was Wang Long and Lan Yanzhi. At that moment, Lan Yanzhi’s face was full of panic—also some shame—but even more, there was fear.

As for Wang Long, his face was ecstatic. His eyes were widened even larger than a cow’s and they exuded an eerie glint. His tongue uncontrollably licked his own lips. That thirty, lecherous wolf acted as if he obtained the sheep he dreamed of having. His desire surged forth and he was soon to lose himself.

“Yanzhi, you’ve done well. Haha, go, go farther. I don’t want anyone disturbing me and your sister Lan Xi.” Wang Long waved his hand, telling Lan Yanzhi to leave. His beastly nature was about to explode.

“Brother Long, you still haven’t laid the Spirit Formation for imitating the Aphrodisiac Beast,” Lan Yanzhi reminded.

“Leave! Do you think I need you to remind me about this?” Wang Long was a bit angry. He waved his hand, and a gale immediately came forward. It blew Lan Yanzhi several meters away, then as he willed, a Concealment Formation was born from his thoughts. It enveloped him and Lan Xi within, and separated Lan Yanzhi outside.

“Aphrodisiac Beast? Pah! That thing doesn’t even exist. Only fools would believe that.

“Idiotic thing, my dream is to obtain Lan Xi, and now, I’ve finally gotten her! Why would I need to hide it?

“Even if she knows the truth, so what? I want her to know that I, Wang Long, still got my hands on her body!

“Haha, can she resist me? Can she do anything to me, Wang Long? Even if she tells this to everyone, who will believe it?

“At most, she will kill Lan Yanzhi. But, what does that have to do with me? After all, I’ve already gotten the thing I want the most. Hahaha…”

After laying the Concealment Formation, Wang Long satisfiedly laughed. His laughter was very despicable, and as he spoke, not only did he strip himself quickly, he even stretched his two hands towards Lan Xi.

He first lightly stroked Lan Xi’s face. When the soft and scorching feeling he got from his hand entered his mind, his desire burst irrepressibly. He shouted, “I can’t take it anymore~~~”, then extended his hand, grabbed Lan Xi’s long skirt, and with a ripping sound, her clean-white skirt was torn into pieces.

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    there are a lot worst things….. meh.
    if you cant grow out of your diapers you shouldnt read this novel. 😛
    well the haters have probably stopped reading by this chapter now lol.
    thanks for the chapter, feels good when chu feng tries to save others and smack the douchebags

    1. “He shouted, “I can’t take it anymore~~~”, then extended his hand, grabbed Lan Xi’s long skirt, and with a ripping sound, her clean-white skirt was torn into pieces.”
      Yes. Totally mature and realistic, because that’s how people behave in real life; it has nothing to do with the author’s messed up fetish, or anything like that… -_-

    1. Nah, I don’t think so. She doesn’t seem to be the harem type of girl. Oh, and really, the harem is full already, 3 confirmed(zi ling, su rou, su mei) and 2 pending(Eggy, who is the best girl and pretty much confirmed even though we haven’t seen any proper romance yet and then theres that ruyu or whatever her name is, she might be added but honestly I hope not). I have the opinion that 3-6 people is optimal for a harem. Around 4-5 is my favorite number. More than that just degrades the story and turns the girls into ornaments because none will get enough attention or development.

      Well, chinese romance is usually subpar anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter much, they’re way too stuck in their chinese ideals about how women should be and usually hold the belief that women will completely change their personality when they fall in love to the extent that you can’t even recognize them, oh and all women will act the same after falling in love. Meek, clingy, dependent/listening to the mcs every word and generally whiny along with being sweeter than sugar in how they treat the guy. I coincidentally dislike that girl and there’s nothing I hate more in romance than when an author changes the initial personality into something else after they fall in love. I’m fine with them getting some new traits, like listening a bit more to the mc or showing their affection a bit, but a complete change in their personality is unacceptable, how is that the girl we saw with the mc and learned to like? Really, I don’t believe that a human will change their personality just because they fall in love, they will just show that they love the person, not turn into another human altogether.

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