MGA – Chapter 73

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MGA: Chapter 73 – Reminder

“I’ll satisfy you.”

Seeing that, Situ Yu did not speak anymore and with a bellow, the entire hall couldn’t help but shake. A boundless aura surged out from his body, and at that instant, his body had a materialistic change.

His arms and legs instantly thickened to twice its size and it almost bursted the purple robe on his body. Looking past the clothes, his chunks of healthy muscles could be clearly seen.

As for the colour of his skin, he became golden. Even his hair became golden. Both of his eyes became red and his breathing also became rough with power.

The current Situ Yu did not look like the warm and refined alliance master of the Wings Alliance. He was simply a golden beast. Especially, the aura that was emitted from his body had the deterrent feeling of Fierce Beasts.

“Rank 4 strengthening skill, Transformation of the Golden Lion!”

“I never would have thought that the alliance master cultivated the Transformation of the Golden Lion to this stage. It seems like Chu Feng would lose without a doubt this time.”

“That’s right. The Transformation of the Golden Lion is a rank 4 strengthening martial skill. After cultivating to the stage that the alliance master has, neither sword nor spear can harm him and neither water nor fire can invade him. It’s just like an indestructible body. It wouldn’t matter how much stronger Chu Feng’s physical body is, he would absolutely not be able to harm the alliance master in the slightest. He will only get beaten up.”

Seeing Situ Yu’s change, some male Wings Alliance members felt that Chu Feng was certainly going to be defeated. They couldn’t help but feel refreshed because they really did not like Chu Feng’s aggressiveness and arrogance. But the more important thing was that they didn’t like how Chu Feng and Su Mei were that close.

As for the female members, they felt the strong areas of Chu Feng and they sighed in admiration towards his strength. But, when Situ Yu displayed that skill, they also felt that Chu Feng would not have much luck.

Only Su Mei, Bai Tong, the Dragon and Tiger brothers, and the others remained silent. They knew that Chu Feng had an even stronger skill.

“Chu Feng, I can let you go if you admit defeat now. Or else, if I attack in this state, I cannot guarantee that I won’t harm you.”

Situ Yu spoke and at that instant, his voice was thick and powerful like the roar of a Fierce Beast. It was no longer the voice of a human and more or less, it was a bit scary.

“Since you’re that confident, hurry up and come. I would really like to see how you would harm me.” Chu Feng smiled without caring much.

“Since you want to be injured that much, I’ll grant you wish. After all, I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Situ Yu moved. Every step he took, the ground in which his feet landed on would crack. He madly rushed and jumped, shaking the entire hall and it was like an earthquake.

Looking at Situ Yu who was getting closer and closer, Chu Feng smiled strangely and used the 1st thunder style. He broke open the door and ran out.

“Hmph. You want to run, but can you?”

Seeing that escaping Chu Feng, Situ Yu even thought that Chu Feng was afraid of him. He arrogantly laughed and chased after him. As for Su Mei and the others, they quickly followed and rushed out closely.

But just as they stepped out of the residence, everyone couldn’t help but be at a loss. Chu Feng did not escape. Instead, he was standing in a wide area outside of the residence, extended both of his hands and did a disdainful gesture towards Situ Yu.

“You’re looking to die.” Situ Yu bellowed and he was like a rank 9 Fierce Beast. Emitting the terrifying aura, he rushed towards Chu Feng once again.


But just at that time, with a thought from Chu Feng, both of his eyes had traces of lightning. Following that, some “pili pala” sounds could be heard and it started to endlessly exploded from his body. His entire body was enveloped by the white lightning and it was as if he became a man of lightning.

*rumble rumble*

After that, Chu Feng raised his arm up high and the lighting on his body shot out from all directions. The destructive power even shattered the slabs under his feet into dust. Several deep holes kept on appearing around Chu Feng.

“This…This scary aura, what is this? How can he display such a terrifying martial skill?”

At that instant, everyone endlessly cried in surprise. It was the first time that they saw such a frightening skill. No matter if it was from the might or from the aura, it completely exceeded Situ Yu’s Transformation of the Golden Lion.

*whoosh* Just at that instant, Chu Feng slightly stretched his finger forward. A ray of lightning explosively shot out and almost at the same time that people reacted to that, the lighting already landed on Situ Yu’s chest.



A painful cry rang out and Situ Yu got blasted dozens of meters back. When his body landed, he returned to normal but his face was filled with pain.

Almost at the same time, the lightning on Chu Feng’s body instantly disappeared. Other than the holes on the ground, there was not a single trace left. It was as if the lightning on his body never appeared.

“Chu Feng, are you crazy? You used such a skill towards my brother! Do you want to kill him?”

At that instant, Situ Liang got extremely frightened. As he loudly cursed, he ran towards Situ Yu and there were even tears on the corners of his eyes.

The might that Chu Feng exploded out before was really too terrifying. At least, within the Spirit realm, he had never seen anything as strong as that. Being hit by such an overwhelming skill, he was very worried that Situ Yu got killed by Chu Feng’s strike.

“Little Liang, I’m fine.”

But just at that time, Situ Yu slowly stood up. He looked at his chest first, then after that, he helplessly sighed and clasped his hand together while saying in a shameful tone,

“Chu Feng, thank you for holding back. My skill cannot match yours. I lose!”


With Situ Yu’s words, everyone couldn’t help but take in a breath of cool air. They could hear the meanings behind his words. It was clear that Chu Feng held back or else Situ Yu would not be so healthy at that moment.

“No need to be polite. I spared your little life because I’m giving Su Mei face.”

“Little Mei, let’s go. I’ll accompany you back.” Chu Feng waved towards Su Mei then shook his sleeve and left. Su Mei also quickly went over and the Wings Alliance were left behind…

Looking at the backs of the two people, the faces of the Wings Alliance members were filled with complicated expressions. Their emotions couldn’t help but roll back and forth. Today, Chu Feng really left them a deep impression.

They finally understood why Su Rou and Ouyang both recommended Chu Feng to be invited to the Wings Alliance. They also finally knew why Chu Feng acted so arrogantly. It was because he had that qualification and he was even more monstrous than the rumours.

Before, they all felt that they were cultivating geniuses. But after today, they knew in front of Chu Feng, they did not deserve to be called that.

“Chu Feng, you can’t go on like this.” Outside of Su Mei’s residence, she said seriously.

“What do you mean?” Chu Feng was a bit confused.

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  1. Ug, the main disappointing part of chinese novels is all the MC’s are dicks. It gets hard to read them. Luckily, in CD, Linley has become less of an ass as compared to early in the story.

    1. Indeed, they are all tactless and arrogant alpha males, I think it’s supposed to be the definition of a hero in xianxia? Too bad I can’t bear these dicks, especially seeing how hot-headed they seem to be.
      This and the lack of depth of female characters. This one has a bit better female characters than comparable works, but just a bit, it’s still really basic and superficial, even for a harem.

      1. The problem is not so much that Chufeng keeps acting like this.
        The main issue is that he *never* learns.

        He doesn’t need to “bow his head”, but he doesn’t need to smack someone down for looking at him wrong. They just thought that he has a newbie. All it would have taken is a mission or two with them to show his skills.

        1. Azareal, the real issue is that he openly provokes people in order to prove to everyone that he’s not worthless. His entire character revolves around his uselessness-complex, which aggravates this endless bravado which only exists to temporarily sooth his ego.

          It completely lacks in intelligence and long-term thinking. Fact being: He nearly died in the past when the punishment-corps brought him in. It was due to pure luck that he was rescued.
          If he keeps on like this, at some point, the enmity he’ll build will simply be too big.

          That being said — Everyone in this story are stupid. Kinda hard to solely blame everything on Chu Feng.
          The author is a bit too explicit with his 2-dimensional characters.

  2. Thanks!
    well, it’s very good that Chu Feng held back! Also, i think he also wants to test his strength against others…which is fine, you canget stronger that way! And he isn’t rude to people first, so it’s fine—!

  3. ppl keep judging chu feng but they dont think about the culture and the place where the story is taking place. Obviously, ppl there will have different thinking than ours. Although i do feel that chu feng is not tactful at all and is a bit hard-headed, i figure that is only due to his experiences so far in life

    thanks :]

  4. OK hey ev1 this is my second read thru and the first time i didn’t bother with checking the comments, but i am now. and i just gotta say u guys point out some good stuff. but just let me say that from all that ive gathered please try to look at it from Fengs pov:
    Just because u r strong u dont have the right to look down on me.
    yes you might have a higher level than i do but that doesn’t mean im weak.

    In this world strength is pretty much everything. not everyone can beat someone that is ahead of them in cultivation levels those that can are like super geniuses and we haven’t seen any other than Chu Feng (i think they might have mentioned one or two in passing a few chaps ago, but no details were given so)

    also i would really like to point out this whole thing with the punishment-corp.
    YES, Chu Feng single-handedly trashed the Liu alliance and ended that pervs clans future. but why did he do that? because they beat his family and were about to rape his cousins! guys do you not remember the voices of the crowd this
    was by no means an isolated incident nor was it provoked by feng or any of the chus this guy was simply being a dick. the fact that they as an alliance are allowed to run around uncontested doing such things like raping girls (from the same school no less!) just because this asshole has a grandfather as head of the punishment-corp says something about the state of affairs. IF, and i do mean IF it was only the master of the alliance, Liu Meng, getting away with this shit then it might have been more believable, but i highly doubt that anyone willing to join an alliance where the master is clearly weaker than they are would refrain from doing exactly the same types of thing as said master. once again i’ll point out that people in the crowd explicitly stated that the entire Liu Alliance is widely known and feared for such actions and as such are completely ignored by those who are supposed to uphold the laws of the school.
    I’m sorry but that is completely unacceptable and a lot of you keep saying Feng is being a dick. take a look at the world they live as it described. try to put yourself in such a world and not compare it to what we know.
    matter of fact dont even put yourself in the MCs shoes just be one of the bystanders who gets to witness this sh** going down on a daily basis.

    and sorry for the long winded chime in of my two cents, but i hope this can help even out Feng’s perspective a bit.

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