MGA – Chapter 72

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MGA: Chapter 72 – Oppressive Situ Yu

“I’ll kill you.”

Situ Liang looked at the bloodstain and the three front teeth on the ground and he was enraged. Instantly, he grasped onto insanity and exploded his strength of the 8th level of the Spirit realm. The aura engulfed like a hurricane as he rushed towards Chu Feng.

Just as Situ Liang rushed in front of Chu Feng and prepared to attack him, Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked him and he flew through the air.

That time, the strength that Chu Feng used was obviously stronger than before. The large power shattered the chair next to Situ Liang and after flying a few meters through the air, he fiercely crashed on the wall.

“This guy is extremely strong.”

At that instant, many Wings Alliance members who only saw Chu Feng for the first time were all shocked. Clearly, he was only at the 7th level of the Spirit realm yet he completely crushed Situ Liang who was at the 8th level of the Spirit realm. That power deterred the crowd.

Some people that wanted to attack Chu Feng just now blew away that thought. Especially when they heard certain rumours about Chu Feng recently, for the first time, they recognized that he might be a character that was very troubling.

“Chu Feng, you went too far. The Wings Alliance members are like a family. What is the meaning of treating Situ Liang like this?” Situ Yu angrily said.

Seeing his younger brother being humiliated in front of everyone, raging flames were already lit in his heart. If it wasn’t for his own status, he would have attacked Chu Feng already.

“Family? Did he see me as a family? Do you see me as a family?”

“Let me tell you this. Don’t try to play these tricks in front of me. Don’t think that we’re a family just because you said you are. Whoever I, Chu Feng, want to hit, I will hit regardless who they are.”Chu Feng coldly said.

“Who you want to hit you hit? I will see how much skill you have today being that arrogant.” As he talked, Situ Yu wanted to attack and Chu Feng also wanted to give it a try.


Just at that time, Su Mei strictly yelled, walked in front of them then said, “What are you guys doing? Infighting? Tomorrow is the day of the exam yet you are fighting here. Do you want to go to tomorrow’s exam in injuries?”

“Little Mei, you saw everything before. It’s not that I want to attack him, it’s just that he’s…” Situ Yu wanted to explain.

“I saw it all. Situ Liang was in the wrong just now.” The thing that was completely unexpected was Su Mei leaning towards Chu Feng with no hesitation. It was even so direct.

Hearing Su Mei’s words, Situ Yu was as if he heard the sound of his heart shattering. Finally, he could not control himself. He didn’t say anymore to Su Mei and he pointed at Chu Feng then said,

“Chu Feng, as a man, don’t stand behind a woman. Don’t you like to fight? Today, I’ll keep you accompanied to the end.”

“That’s fine. You think I would be scared of you?” Chu Feng grabbed Su Mei’s wrist and pulled her behind him.

“You two stop.”

Seeing that, Su Mei was a bit angry but no matter what, she could not throw Chu Feng’s hands off. When a wave of spiritual energy entered her body, it relaxed Su Mei’s body.

“Chu Feng, you…” Feeling the pressure engulfing her entire body, Su Mei was endlessly shocked. It was because the pressure simply did not belong to the Spirit realm. It was comparable to experts of the Origin realm.

“Little Mei, don’t worry. As the alliance master of the Wings Alliance, I look over the general situation with most importance. Today, exchanging blows with Chu Feng, I will not use any martial skills.” Situ Yu vowed solemnly.

“Oh? You’re going easy on me?” Chu Feng disdainfully smiled.

“It’s not that I’m going easy on you. It’s just that I don’t want to injure you. After all, you are the person that was recommended by Elder Su Rou and elder Ouyang. Even if I go easy, it’s only giving face to Elder Su Rou and elder Ouyang.” Situ Yu said.

“Quite a tone you have there. I would really want to see who’s going easy on who.”


Chu Feng didn’t speak anymore rubbish and went straight to attacking. With an extremely fast speed, he arrived in front of Situ Yu within a blink of an eye. Quickly spinning his body, a beautiful whip-like leg lashed out.


Facing Chu Feng’s approaching attack, Situ Yu only coldly snorted and didn’t even put Chu Feng’s attack in his eyes.

He slightly raised his right arm and planned to easily block Chu Feng’s attack. However, he paid a painful price.


When the strike landed, it was as if Situ Yu’s right arm took the force of three hundred thousand catties. At the same time in which the pain was sent from his arm, a huge force was bringing him up.

Seeing that, he hurriedly operated the Mysterious Technique but it was too late. The strong force made his entire body fly in the air.

But, after all, Situ Yu was an expert of the 9th level of the Spirit realm and known as the strongest disciple in the inner court. Naturally, he had some methods. His body revolved in mid-air and a beautiful flip canceled the force on his body as he stably landed on the ground.

“Take this.”

But just as he raised his head, Chu Feng was already in front of him. At that time, a huge fist was approaching his face.


Everything happened too fast and Situ Yu had no way of dodging it. He felt a fiery pain on his face and his entire body flew away once again. That time, he ferociously crashed on the ground, and after rolling two times he stabilized himself.

“Lords, Chu Feng actually…”

Chu Feng’s speed was too fast. His attacks were like lightning and flint and many people didn’t even see what happened. When they did, they discovered that Situ Yu was like a watermelon as he rolled to the side. When he stood back up, his face was slightly swelled and it seemed that he took quite a bit.

“Why did this happen? How is his speed and strength exceeding mine? He is clearly only at the 7th level of the Spirit realm. Is he truly a monster?”

Situ Yu was endlessly shocked and he really underestimated Chu Feng. He never would have thought that Chu Feng would have such strong power. So strong that when they fought purely with physical strength, he had no way of even matching two rounds with Chu Feng.

“Alliance master of the Wings Alliance. You are merely so.” Chu Feng clapped his hands and hiddenly laughed in his heart. Situ Yu was simply looking to die if they were fighting based on physical strength.

“Chu Feng, cultivation requires savageness. The reason why you won over me is because I didn’t use any martial skills.”

“If I used the martial skills, with your current cultivation, you would have no chance of beating me.” Situ Yu bitterly said.

He was beaten, and being beaten so badly in front of his members and in front of the one he liked really made him impossible to accept that. So, he had to get back some face.

Also, he knew that Chu Feng only entered the inner court for a short while. So, he thought that Chu Feng was only strong in his physical body. If he used martial skills, he could completely pressure Chu Feng.

“Oh, since you said that, I would like to experience the you that uses martial skills and see what’s so impressive about it.” Chu Feng waved his hands towards Situ Yu, indicating him to go over and try.

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      1. Indeed, he is less and less interesting, as he seems more and more full of himself.
        Next step will be him becoming like the bullies terrorizing him when he was younger…

      2. well it feels like the autor doesnt know how to build up a situation and make it so the other people provoke themmc 1. witzout it beeing rediculous… and when people get angry at the mc it seems like for no reason at all aswell… he just isnt good at writing….

      1. Agreed. At least it’s very refreshing and as long as you don’t mind that he barely thinks and doesn’t plot or scheme, it’s extremely amusing to just see him curbstomping people. The fast pace is the attraction of this novel.

  1. People’s attitudes piss me off. Situliang was in the wrong? If you are disturbing a meeting, making it so other people can’t get work done, you are in the wrong. Situliang could have asked them to be quiet instead of yelling, but he was not in the wrong. These stories all have the “Might makes Right” mentality and it pisses me off a bit.

    1. I think you’re missing the point of the entire scenario. Despite not paying attention and being somewhat noisy, the meeting was still in progress, in fact if not for Sumei laughing out loud no one would have been wiser. Yet Situliang chose to shout at Chufeng for Sumei’s noise. This actually brought the meeting to a halt.

      In response he was slapped. A bit far yes, but still a slap (if Chufeng wasn’t so abnormally strong he wouldn’t have gone flying)

      The response was not a slap in return but full fledged attack with martial skill involved. To which Chufeng responded. Therefore, although Chufeng was wrong to have provoked the assault, it was Situliang who intensified the hostilities, thus Situyu could not be annoyed for his brother being hurt (which is what he was speaking out about)

      Long story short no one said Chufeng was being righteous, just that Sumei believed Situliang to be the cause for the violence.

      1. Basically: They’re all stupid teenagers with way, waaaaaaayyyy too much power.

        In such a setting, I’d expect them to first cultivate their minds, and only then cultivate their strength. Look what happens otherwise! These crazy kids with their crazy hormones can only think with their ovaries and their dicks!
        But to be fair, even the adults act like this. I hardly seen even 1 person whom was not completely utilitarianistic and giving blowjobs to the mighty.

        Everyone thus far in this setting are a cartoonish, extreme personification of teenage-immaturity and amiable-politician, be it adults or kids.

  2. seriously everyone who is b!tching about the MC if you dont like him then stop reading. If you want those goody two shoes righteous heroes go read shounen. and it’s not even like he was that excessive. I dont know if you ppl have yet to realize it or not but this world is where the strong rule and ppl care a lot about face and combine that with them treating chu feng like trash, chu feng wasn’t excessive at all.

    thanks :]

  3. A slap is a slap? He knocked his teeth out. It would be different if he held back and only gave a slap that hurt his pride but when you’re knocking teeth out it’s an assault. That Situliang responded to being assaulted by attacking is normal.

    1. ok true a slap is a slap, i agree, but this boy Feng stood up from the end of the table and calmly walked around (a table that sat 33 people btw) with a smile on his face to approach Situ Liang. if he couldn’t tell something was coming his way after clearly (his intent was to disrespect/ put in place) Feng then its his own fault for not
      being able to get out of the way.

      and thank for all your hard work translating for us!

  4. i think he need to learn a little self restrain, he can’t always resolve everything through violence just because he is powerful.
    But i think i’m getting the point of this novel now: “if you have the power to do something, you have the RIGHT to do it”

  5. People are so funny, cherry picking situations against MC. There was a line MC said that brings back the real situation at hand.

    “Family? Did he see me as a family? Do you see me as a family? Let me tell you this. Don’t try to play these tricks in front of me. Don’t think that we’re a family just because you said you are.”

    MC experience just walking into a so called “united” alliance was everyone but 5 people looking at him with contempt. (Females excluded) In short, they saw him the same way his adopted family saw him, not as family but as trash. Than you see the younger brother trying to talk down to MC from the get go. There is no family there. Just people putting up with his addition to the group at best. As well as older brother not even reprimanding the younger being overly aggressive for no reason. There is no family in that Alliance.

  6. WTF? Is this Aliance Master really so bad informed? I mean, a lot of Wing’s members saw, clearly, how Chu Feng beat 6 core disciples. Moreover, they saw him using the 3rd style of lighting that only the School Master was able to use. And yet, knowing all that, he still underestimate the MC? Is he stupidy? Man, I hate stupidy chars… makes the story boring.

    A master that has no knowledge is a piece of trash.

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