MGA – Chapter 661

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MGA: Chapter 661 – Using a Topic to Stir up Trouble

“There are sixty badges in total. Pretty much most peak geniuses who haven’t reached the age of thirty received the invitation.

“However, nearly half of the Misty Badges were sent to the Immortal Execution Archipelago. It can’t be helped because there are indeed many geniuses at that place. After all, they’re the current ruler of the Eastern Sea Region,” Chun Wu explained with a smile.

After hearing that answer, Chu Feng couldn’t help furrow his brows tightly. The number of geniuses in the Immortal Execution Archipelago were half of the entire Eastern Sea Region’s. That implicitly stated how powerful they were.

He didn’t dare to say anything now, but when their generation grew up, the Immortal Execution Archipelago at that time would be undefeatable by any force, unless all of the powers in the Eastern Sea Region joined hands.

“However, those guys from the Immortal Execution Archipelago are too arrogant. Up until now, not a single one has come to the Misty Peak. I’m sure they’ll only come when the screening finishes and when the Martial Marking Immortal Realm officially starts,” Chun Wu added with a bit of disgust. It could be seen that she too disliked the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“When will the screening start, and how many spots are there?” Chu Feng asked.

“Then screening starts tomorrow, and in two days of time, forty people must be chosen since only a hundred people can enter every time the Martial Marking Immortal Realm opens. Looking at former calculations, in the day after the conclusion of the screening, the Martial Marking Immortal Realm will automatically open.

“However, there are over a thousand people who haven’t received a Misty Badge, yet have come to the Misty Peak. But at the end, those who can stay behind must at least be a Martial Lord. So, I feel that this time, the minimum to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm requires one to be at least a rank two Martial Lord,” Chun Wu explained in detail; however, she quickly added, “But Junior Wuqing, you’re an exception. I have personally seen how you defeated that rank two Martial Lord! Hehe.”

Looking at Chun Wu’s smirk, Chu Feng couldn’t help asking, “What happened to the several people who made a move on you back then?”

“Heh, a secret.” Chun Wu rubbed her nose, then smiled smugly.

Although she said nothing, Chu Feng roughly knew the answer already. Judging by Chun Wu’s character, those who attacked Chun Wu must have gotten some sort of revenge, yet they had absolutely no clue of the reason.

“Junior Wuqing.” Just at that moment, a familiar voice rang out. It was Jiang Wanshi who arrived there.

“Oh? It’s Junior Jiang. Truly, long time no see. I’ve missed you! That’s right, why isn’t Senior Qiushui here with you? I also miss her~” Seeing Jiang Wanshi, Chun Wu actually went ahead before Chu Feng and greeted her.

Such affable enthusiasm caused Chu Feng to involuntarily think of the scene when Chun Wu and Jiang Wanshi argued against one another outside the Misty Peak. So, Chu Feng knew that Chun Wu didn’t truly like Jiang Wanshi. It was entirely for show.

“Senior Chun Wu, Senior Piaomiao called my master over, so she possibly won’t come today. Even if she will, it will be at a later time.

“Also, Senior Piaomiao also told me to inform the other seniors that she has a sudden matter to attend to and will not participate in today’s banquet. She wants the seniors to help her welcome the others.”

Jiang Wanshi instantly recognized Chun Wu when she saw her. In terms of age, perhaps Chun Wu wasn’t older than Jiang Wanshi, but she still treated Chun Wu very respectfully. One could even say fearfully.

And when she saw Jiang Wanshi who acted like that, Chu Feng couldn’t help but smile lightly. He thought to himself, If Jiang Wanshi knows that the dirty woman she cursed back then was actually Chun Wu, I wonder how she would feel right now.

“Ahh, Master is really not too reliable, but this does match her style of doing things. However, this does a bit of injustice to the people who waited here and hoped to see her to reminisce a bit of the old times.” Chun Wu smiled, and with a very sympathetic gaze, she looked at the senior experts who were greeting one another.

Afterwards, Chun Wu told Xia Yu about Lady Piaomiao not coming, and clearly, Xia Yu was used to things like this, and moreover, had the ability to solve that issue.

With her soft and mellifluous tone, as well as a mysterious reason, she told the crowd about Lady Piaomiao’s inability to appear at the banquet. It did indeed gain the forgiveness of the crowd, and thus, the banquet officially started.

“Lady Xia Yu, as the guardian of the Misty Peak, does Lady Piaomiao have a certain requirement for releasing Misty Badges, or does she just release them on her own whim?” asked Zhu Tianming’s master, Temple Head Wuya, with a smile while they were in the banquet.

“Senior Wuya, there are certain requirements for my master to release Misty Badges. Those who receive them are all people who satisfy them,” Xia Yu replied with a faint smile.

“Oh? Then that’s strange. My disciple, Zhu Diguang, is a rank two Martial Lord. He did not receive a Misty Badge, so therefore, I assumed only young rank three Martial Lords had such a qualification.

“However, I’ve heard that of the people who are entering the Martial Marking Immoral Realm this year, there seems to be a young rank one Martial Lord who received the Misty Badge. So, that’s why I thought the release of Misty Badges was according to Lady Piaomiao’s personal interest without any other requirements nor restrictions,” said Temple Head Wuya smilingly.

“Oh? There’s actually something like this? Temple Head Wuya, do not speak arbitrarily! Lady Piaomiao has always handled matters upright and fair. How could she do such a thing?”

“Yeah! Although my disciple isn’t any genius, he still has the cultivation of a rank two Martial Lord! If we talk of relations, Lady Piaomiao should give my disciple a Misty Badge, yet she didn’t. Doesn’t that mean she does things fairly? Everyone, what do you think?”

“Yeah yeah yeah! If we talk in terms of closeness, then all of the disciples here should receive a Misty Badge.”

“Temple Head Wuya, your words are akin to insulting Lady Piaomiao! Although there are quite good relationships between us, if you continue to talk about Lady Piaomiao like this, don’t blame us for not holding ourselves back.”

After Temple Head Wuya spoke, it was instantly like a “small lobbed rock giving rise to an enormous wave”—a small event instigating a huge one. Many people who were uninitiated started to speak and refute Temple Head Wuya’s words. Some were even infuriated. From that, it could be seen that Lady Piaomiao had a very high position in their hearts.

But those who knew the truth—Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and the others—couldn’t help knitting their brows lightly. It was because they all knew that he was intentionally trying to stir up trouble from that topic. Not only did he want to put Chu Feng in a difficult spot, he also wanted the people there to grow doubt in their hearts towards Lady Piaomiao.

“Hoho, everyone, please calm down. How could I dare to insult Lady Piaomiao? But, I’ve truly heard that there is a young rank one Martial Lord in this year’s Martial Marking Immortal Realm who received a Misty Badge. Breaking precedents, he doesn’t need to pass any screenings and can directly enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

“Logically speaking, as the guardian of the Misty Peak, naturally, what Lady Piaomiao says goes for the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. No matter what she does, it is never our turn to doubt her.

“So, for the release of this Misty Badge, I am only asking whether it is because of some special request, or a whim of the lady. I mean no harm.” Temple Head Wuya lightly smiled, and as he spoke, he cast his gaze towards Chu Feng.

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