MGA – Chapter 630

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MGA: Chapter 630 – Who Exactly Are You

At the same time, in the center of the palace, the cross that bound Chu Feng still remained, but no more traces of him did.

Although Chu Feng was gone, there were a few rows of words left in the center of the palace. They were words made by Spirit Formations, and the content was…

“I thank Beauty Ya Fei for her generous gift; Wuqing shall accept them all. In the future, Wuqing will definitely repay such a chest-rending favour by many times.”

“Dammit. It was him!” The smart Ya Fei immediately understood the truth: the one who robbed the place wasn’t a traitor in the Immortal Execution Archipelago. It was the person she locked in the treasury.

She thought that this place was indestructible, so imprisoning Chu Feng here to make him a puppet was the best location. Yet, she never would have expected Chu Feng to use some unknown method to not only escape, but to also rob everything, making her take such a huge blow.

At that moment, Ya Fei gritted her teeth in anger. Even her chest could explode from fury, and she was so angry that smoke could be seen coming from her facial orifices. She clenched her fist tightly and ferociously said, “Wuqing, Wuqing, Wuqing! Damn Wuqing!

“So the one who saved the monster with Little Fishy was you! I’ve truly underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to have this ability. Not only did you escape from this treasury, you even stole a year’s worth of profit from my Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“But don’t you worry. I have never suffered losses from anyone. Don’t even think of being an exception.

“Do you truly think you can escape from my palms? I will let you know what I am capable of. It is something that you cannot even imagine. You will all die!!”

After speaking, Ya Fei suddenly willed, and formless aura instantly spread everywhere. With a bang, the Spirit Formation words Chu Feng left behind were shattered, and simultaneously, strong bloodlust filled the entire palace.

As Ya Fei became enraged, Chu Feng and Little Fishy had already left the Everlasting Sea of Blood. The reason why they were so fast was naturally all because of Little Fishy’s speed.

Although they had already left, for safety’s sake, they did not remain on top of the sea surface. They entered the sea and laid a Concealment Spirit Formation.

“Who exactly are you?!”

At present, Chu Feng was carefully examining the monster. He then discovered that it was as if the densely-packed water grasses were merged with its body. And even with his Spirit power, he could not detect anything through them. He could not examine its condition. Even using the Heaven’s Eyes he could not.

So, that made a thought enter his head—the monster was truly only a monster. Its appearance was indeed only of a special monster. Then yet, why did that monster have such a familiar feel to it? And why didn’t it kill him?


However, just as Chu Feng was patching up his guesses, the monster suddenly opened its eyes. Immediately as the blood-red eyes appeared, Chu Feng felt extremely dense bloodlust.

But the bloodlust only existed for a moment before disappearing into nothingness, as in the moment the monster saw Chu Feng, its blood-red eyes instantly brightened. Obviously, it recognized him.

“You really do recognize me? Who are you? Where did you come from?” Seeing such a reaction, Chu Feng hurriedly barraged it with questions. He truly wanted to know why the monster didn’t kill him, exactly how it was related to him, and whether or not it was truly related to his ancestry.

*wuao* However, just at that moment, the monster hugged its head with both hands and knelt on the floor. It started to cry in anguish. Its voice was loud, causing the Spirit Formation they were in to violently shake.

At first, Chu Feng panicked a bit as he faced such a change from the monster because he could not be sure if the monster was truly not going to harm him or not. With its strength, if it truly lost control and wished to harm Chu Feng, he would not be able to do anything at all.

But, Chu Feng gradually discovered that concurrent to the monster’s cries of agony, its voice actually changed as well. From the low roar of something like a wild beast, it slowly became a human-like sound.

At the same time, the monster’s appearance also changed. The long water grasses started to retract, then at the end, it became a humanoid shape.

It was a female, covered by blue-coloured scales all across her body. But, she still had blood-red eyes and her face was fraught with pain as she screamed miserably.

“It’s you?!” After seeing that person, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly too as he felt such disbelief. Because, he had already recognized who the person in front of him was.

She was the number one disciple of the Jade Maiden School from the continent of the Nine Provinces, the one who had a relationship with Chu Feng, Yan Ruyu.

Although she looked nothing like before, as she lost all of her former beautiful complexion, Chu Feng was still able to determine that the female was Yan Ruyu.

Chu Feng was truly a bit befuddled at that moment. He had made many guesses, trying to speculate the identity of the monster, but it being Yan Ruyu didn’t even cross his mind.

After all, the monster was currently so strong, yet Yan Ruyu’s strength back then wasn’t very strong. Even though she practiced Forbidden Mysterious Techniques, it shouldn’t be possible for her to reach her present stage of strength.

“Scram! Quickly scram! Or else, I will kill you!”

Just at that moment, the monster suddenly roared furiously at Chu Feng. Though its voice was a bit rigid and full of resentment, the tone did indeed belong to Yan Ruyu, no doubt.

“Waa, now this is interesting. Chu Feng, this ruthless monster that refines humans is actually your former lover! No wonder she isn’t willing to kill you. Hehe.”

After recognizing Yan Ruyu, even Eggy was surprised. But, she was different from Chu Feng. As the bystander, she clearly had an attitude of schadenfreude as she looked at the drama, lacking any fear of aggravating the situation.

“Why has this happened? How can it be you?!” Upon recognizing Yan Ruyu, Chu Feng’s gaze glittered, his heart in complete disorder.

Because looking at it from a certain point of view, the reason why Yan Ruyu became what she is today was all because of Chu Feng. If Chu Feng hadn’t forced a “relationship” with Yan Ruyu, it wouldn’t have made the Forbidden Mysterious Technique she practiced in lose control.

Although it was Yan Ruyu in the wrong at first, after all, Chu Feng hadn’t had too severe of a loss. It was only because he wanted to vent his anger that he turned a female with quite a good future into her current appearance that looked neither like a human nor a ghost. Deep in Chu Feng’s heart, the only thing surging about was regret.

“Wa ha ha ha ha ha!

“How can’t it not be her?!”

However, just as Chu Feng’s heart was in chaos—having quite some trouble accepting the truth in front of his eyes—Yan Ruyu suddenly laughed sinisterly, and extremely strangely as well. Even her speaking voice became abnormally sharp.

Looking back at Yan Ruyu in front of his eyes, Chu Feng discovered that the scales on her body had already faded away, turning her back into the former alluring, great beauty.

Seductive curves, snow-white skin, pretty face, bright eyes, fiery, exceptional body, all of that was not covered by anything at present. In complete bare nakedness, it appeared before Chu Feng.

But facing such changes from Yan Ruyu, Chu Feng lightly furrowed his brows, as if he understood something, then fiercely and austerely asked, “Who exactly are you?!”

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  1. Whelp we did it guys, we guessed it was Yan Ruyu’s body, but perhaps the technique’s creator is trying to revive itself? Taking over her mind?

    Teach, we need a lesson plan sharpish!

  2. who the heck are we even talking about, any idea what chapter she’s from? plus ‘forcing’ a “relationship”, dayum bro I don’t remember Chu Feng being rapey 0_0

    1. Remember that time when the Azure school got it reputation back… his headmaster knew someone from the Jade something school and set up a marriage thing with the top girl there

    2. Yea. He raped Yan Ruyu back when he was still just a “genius disciple” of the Azure Dragon School and his school head was trying to set him up with her to marry.

      She was the best disciple of his school head’s lover, so the two of them were trying to play match maker. But Yan Ruyu didn’t like Chu Feng and thought he was a faker or something, so another female disciple that wanted to capture/marry Chu Feng made her conspire with her to drug Chu Feng with an aphrodisiac and then this other disciple would have sex with him and make him take responsibility.

      Chu Feng saw through their plan and punished them by raping Yan Ruyu and ignoring the other girl. Little did he know that Yan Ruyu practiced a forbidden art that wouldn’t let her have sex ever. She started transforming into a fish and ran away.

      That whole thing pissed me off. I hate rape, and then the main character of a series does it. Bleh. Well, that’s what happened if you forgot.

      1. I also had problems with it. It was not the first one i see in xianxia, but until now it’s the only one I can’t excuse. In all the other cases of rapes done by MC, it’s not really their fault (like when he was drug by the Su father). But for this one, even if I can follow the logic that lead to it, there was other ways to punish them without the rape thing (even if he couldn’t kill or cripple them since schools had a good relations).

        1. I was also, “Really? Rape as punishment? WTF man…”, but in all honesty, it was a strange situation from beginning to end, they were going to rape him, her friend that is, and she collude with the plan to poison him with that drug, so maybe we can call it self defense rape? Well… i never saw a situation like this in Novels, so i can’t say who is the victim, just that both are guilty and victim at the same time, they are just in different scales of guiltiness.

      2. so its bad if he does it, but its ok if its done to him. nice principles you got there. im assuming you are very young. you need to think about that you just wrote and rethink your position. to reach enlightenment in morality, all you have to do is to achieve the self knowledge stage. enter a meditative state and try to understand why you believe what you believe and ask yourself if these reasons are valid.

  3. “the one who had a relationship with Chu Feng”???
    The author is now trying to sugar-coat the fact that Chu Feng straight up *raped* her… wow. Just, wow…

    And for those of you saying “it’s okay since she’s going to join his harem”… no, it’s NOT okay. If you rape someone, that is wrong. Period. Even if you marry her later, it still does not make it right.

    …sigh. Why do kids these days think rape is okay? It’s NEVER okay.

    1. It was not okay, but she is not a victim here, she has poisoned him and was planing to let her friend rape Chu Feng.

      I think both are victims of their own actions, not from others actions.

  4. I bet If those villians knew what Chu Feng do to those “weatlh” they would thank the heaven that such sect devourer stomach not born as son of sect leader.

  5. A woman rape you. And not some old hag either but a beauty that could easly clinch miss universe. AND YOU THINK YOU SUFFER NOT TOO GREAT A LOSS!!! let me represent all single male in the world to spat on you. phoeft

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      But not entirely his fault as well. He already broke the engagement. But her friend wanted to drug and rape him so that he would have to take responsibility. She should never have agreed. So, even though he broke the engagement, she called him into her home while wearing a seductive dress, then drugs him with an aphrodisiac. I think a lot of guys, not all, would have gone the rape route in that moment of anger.

    2. That is such a thoughtless thing to say. Rape is as fearsome for men as it is for women. I honestly found her ploy with her friend (especially AFTER Chu Feng had already told her he had NO interest in marrying her and wanted to have nothing to do with her) to drug him and have her rape him quite disgusting, and honestly believe she deserved all the punishment she got.

  6. Although it was Yan Ruyu in the wrong at first, after all, Chu Feng hadn’t had too severe of a loss. It was only because he wanted to vent his anger that he turned a female with quite a good future into her current appearance that looked neither like a human nor a ghost. Deep in Chu Feng’s heart, the only thing surging about was regret.

    Don’t regret, she deserved it. However, she has suffered enough now, so might as well help her get rid of the demon or whatever is possessing her.

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