MGA – Chapter 627

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MGA: Chapter 627 – Battle of Martial Lords

Having such an exciting thought, Chu Feng had a whimsical urge, and with his fingers, he waved them around, using Spirit Formations to write large words in midair. In the end, he left behind: “I thank Beauty Ya Fei for her generous gift; Wuqing shall accept them all. In the future, Wuqing will definitely repay such a chest-rending favour by many times.”

After leaving those words, Chu Feng put away all the remaining cultivation resources into his Cosmos Sack. It had to be said that with the numbers of Heaven beads he had, Chu Feng could currently be called a genuine young wealthy person.

“Waa, Big Brother, you’re so strong! You really ate so many good looking things in one go! Big Brother, how did you do that? Can you teach Little Fishy?”

And just at that moment, Little Fishy, who had waited on the side obediently all that time, ran over skippingly and leaped into Chu Feng’s embrace while speaking adorably.

Seeing that, Chu Feng couldn’t help faintly smiling, and after he used his index finger to lightly tap Little Fishy’s forehead, he said, “Big Brother is a gourmand; I eat things too wolfishly. Little Fishy, do not imitate me! You’re a little beauty. You should eat things more slowly so you become more liked by others.”

“No!” However, Little Fishy pouted, shook her head, and said, “Little Fishy doesn’t want them to like me! They’re all bad people. None of them have good intentions when they come close to me. Only Big Brother truly wishes good for me. Little Fishy only wants Big Brother to like me.”

“Little Fishy, how would you know that Big Brother truly wishes good to you and doesn’t have any malicious intents?” asked Chu Feng with a smile.

“Heh, Little Fishy isn’t stupid, so of course I know clearly who’s good and who’s bad.” She stuck out her tongue to Chu Feng, then pulled his hand, ran out, and said, “Big Brother, let’s go! It’s boring to stay in there for too long. Let’s go out and play.”

Upon hearing those words, Chu Feng was completely lost for words. He thought, he still underestimated the little girl. Although according to normal ages, a child as big as Little Fishy should be at the age where they knew nothing, yet she was obviously different. After all, she was alone in the outside world and lived for such a long period of time by herself. Who knew how many dangers she had met.

Besides, though she seemed to have a very young appearance, in reality, Chu Feng was unable to ascertain whether Little Fishy was truly as old as she was from her appearance. Perhaps she was even a Natural Oddity, a little monster that had lived for several thousands of years.

Afterwards, with Little Fishy leading the way, they very soon left that treasury. Chu Feng also discovered that it was a treasury built within the sea.

Furthermore, it was extremely intricately concealed. If Chu Feng did not use the Heaven’s Eyes, he would not be able to see any inklings of something being there. Casting his gaze over, he saw only an ordinary huge rock at the bottom of the sea. Even using Spirit power to observe he felt nothing out of the ordinary.

From such, it could be seen that a Gold-cloak World Spiritist’s skills were truly extraordinary. They were on a completely different level than Purple-cloak World Spiritists. If Little Fishy had not come out today, Chu Feng would truly have been unable to escape, with only death awaiting him.

“Little Fishy, where do you want to go? Big Brother will come and play with you, okay?” As Little Fishy saved Chu Feng, he felt very grateful, and the method to repay that little girl was also very simple too. It was just to accompany and play with her.

“Sure sure! Big Brother is going to play with Little Fishy! This is really too good!

“But where to go to play?” She put her hand under her chin, and her clear eyes were spinning about arbitrarily, pretending to be an important person pondering as she thought deeply.

After a moment, her eyes suddenly lit up, then to Chu Feng, she said very happily, “That’s right! Big Brother, that bad Big Sister who took Big Brother away is fighting against that Man-eating Monster! Little Fishy wants to go and watch.”

“What? Ya Fei is really fighting against that monster?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help furrowing his brows.

Chu Feng who had just experienced a calamity still felt quite some fear towards Ya Fei, but after thinking carefully for a while, Chu Feng still grabbed Little Fishy’s feet, and said, “Sure. Little Fishy, bring Big Brother over to watch. But this time, let’s not go too close.”

“Mm.” Hearing Chu Feng’s agreement, Little Fishy strongly nodded in extreme happiness. Then, she became a blur of light. With unbelievable speed, she brought Chu Feng and swam to the distance.

*boom boom boom boom boom*

Above a certain region of sea in the Everlasting Sea of Blood’s center zone, explosions sounded everywhere, waves rolled about, and all sorts of energy were endlessly converging.

In the sky was complete chaos. Occasionally, dark clouds appeared, firing down a frightening strike of lightning.

Above the sea’s surface, waves surged wildly. Occasionally, they became surging huge beasts and made deafening furious roars.

As the two energy intersected, berserk ripple after ripple were being created unceasingly. That place had already become the most dangerous area. Those below Martial Lords would die if they approached.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Ya Fei stepped upon the clouds, her colourful skirt fluttering about. She was like a goddess as she commanded the changes in that land.

She held a pink longsword. It was no longer than three feet and it was as if it were weaved by petals, yet it emanated unbelievable power.

When Ya Fei grasped it within her hands, her might multiplied by many times. Every wave of her sword would cause the world to tremble, and the pink longsword even made pink petals appear and fall everywhere.

The petals fell like rain, but they contained terrifying power. Even the air would be sliced open, and all the areas they passed made space collapse and into havoc. It was extremely frightening.

It was definitely not a simple Elite Armament, as even if it were a Martial Lord who used a simple one would not be able to create such horrifying power.

But that monster was also not a simple character. Currently, it was pushing into the sea and moving, causing the blood-coloured seawater to be forced into the air. That scene was incomparably grand.

But that wasn’t even much. The most important part was its powerful strength. It actually caused the normal seawater to have immensely strong power. Even a single droplet could pierce through the clouds and shoot into the sky, to say nothing of such a vast quantity of seawater all available for it to use.

So, even though the special and powerful armament in Ya Fei’s hand was unendingly creating devastating attacks, she could only fight on an even level as the monster. The outcome was indeterminate.

“So powerful. Is this a real battle of Martial Lords?

“The monster is so powerful. It seems like its power can only increase greatly within the water. Borrowing the power of the seawater, it is truly unstoppable.”

At that very instant, Chu Feng hid his aura well and were silently observing everything with Little Fishy in the faraway surging waves. After seeing their shocking battle, Chu Feng really couldn’t help exclaiming. Exclaiming their powerfulness.

Although at present, as long as Chu Feng used the power of the three lightning, he had no problem becoming a rank one Martial Lord, and obtain strength that only Martial Lords had, and could use the Martial power that existed in the world, Chu Feng knew very clearly that if he were to fight against the two in air, he would simply not even be able to take a single blow. Although they were both Martial Lords, they were on two completely different levels.

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