MGA – Chapter 623

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MGA: Chapter 623 – Divine Lightning Manifesting Its Might


After speaking, a hint of sinister fierceness emerged abruptly on Ya Fei’s beautiful face. With a thought, the Spirit Formation automatically opened, then the closely-packed Soul Eating Insects drilled into Chu Feng’s body from the bloody wound as they were urged forward.

At that instant, Chu Feng truly experienced unbearable pain. It was simply indescribable. It would even be reasonable to say that it was the most unendurable anguish that he had experienced up until now.

But regardless of all that, Chu Feng endured. He gritted his teeth, glaring resentfully at Ya Fei. He decided if he were able to survive, he would definitely make that venomous female pay the price she deserved.

“Hmph. You are truly able to bear this, but no matter. Soon, you will be devoured by these Soul Eating Insect. At that time, you will become a puppet. You will do anything I tell you to.

“Actually, I don’t care if you are related to that monster or not, because even without you, I can still kill it.

“There are only two reasons why I brought you back. First, the skills you exhibited before were very abnormal. I suspect they are Secret Skills. As for if that’s true or not, it will naturally be revealed after killing you.

“But before killing you, I have another thing I need to do: to catch that girl called Little Fishy via you.

“Since that girl is so special, I’m interested in studying her for a while, to find out where exactly her power comes from. Though, I don’t know if her little body’s bones can take my torture.

“But really, that doesn’t matter either. Even if I can’t get her power, killing her means I have one less opponent to deal with. After all, for things like geniuses, the fewer the better, don’t you think?”

Ya Fei looked at Chu Feng smilingly, and intentionally placed her alluring red lips very close to Chu Feng. But, at that instant, to Chu Feng, that woman did not have the slightest bit of attractiveness. What she had was nothing but danger.

The current Chu Feng was raining sweat, and even his body, involuntarily, was slightly trembling. The torment from the Soul Eating Insects was indeed something not ordinary people could endure.

But not only did Chu Feng endure it, he even smiled, and said to Ya Fei in a feeble voice, “You bastard. You better kill me now and don’t give me any chances, or else I will make you pay the price for this.”

“Oh? You are truly obstinate with your mouth. I have come to admire you more and more, but regretfully, the only way I can only catch that Little Fishy is through you, and I must obtain the Secret Skills that you have. Things like those are wasted on you, and only in my hands can their true power be displayed.

“Heh, but you don’t need to worry. I, Ya Fei, swear to the heavens—after using you, I will make you die miserably, as that’s the price for cursing me.”

Ya Fei strangely smiled, then her hand, as beautiful as jade, suddenly whipped down, and with a bam, left behind a red handprint on Chu Feng’s face.

After that slap, clearly, Ya Fei’s fury had yet to be resolved, so she raised her palm again, and prepared to continue hitting Chu Feng.

*dongdongdong dongdongdong* However, just at that moment, door knocking sounds rang out from outside the palace.

“What is it?” With a thought, the doors emitted dazzling radiance, and what appeared at the end was a Spirit Formation door.

After that Spirit Formation door appeared, a female in the Martial Lord realm walked in. It was one of Ya Fei’s subordinates, but at that instant, her face was fraught with panic, and she said, “Lady Ya Fei, the monster has appeared again! It’s attacking our people!”

“Oh? So it’s taking its revenge?

“Coincidentally, I also have revenge to take!” After hearing those words, Ya Fei’s brows lightly knitted, a trace of bloodlust emerging within her eyes.

But before walking out of the Spirit Formation door, she looked back at Chu Feng, and said with a smile, “You must feel that you’ll have a chance to escape after I leave, right?

“You should never have such thoughts, because this place isn’t somewhere you can escape. Also, those Soul Eating Insects will soon take over your body. When I return, you will obsequiously become my puppet.

“Do you know what the first thing I’ll make you do after you become a puppet is? I will have you castrate yourself, so you never call yourself a man ever again. I will have you cut off the ‘root of your life’. You want dignity? I will not give that to you. That’s how you will end up as by opposing me. Hahaha…”

Accompanying the disappearance of the insane and ruthless laughter, Ya Fei departed along with her subordinate. No one was left behind to guard him, and in the vast palace, only Chu Feng remained.

But at present, not only was Chu Feng’s power restricted, even his body was currently being consumed by the Soul Eating Insects.

Those strange insects were too powerful. Even though Chu Feng could bear with that pain, he could not stop them from devouring his physical body. If that continued, he would truly become a puppet.

“Chu Feng, you cannot sit here and await death. Quickly think of a way to call upon the power of the Divine Lightning. Try to use it to destroy the bindings and drive out the Soul Eating Insects.” Just at that moment, Eggy, who had stayed silent, suddenly spoke and reminded.

After hearing those words, an epiphany came to Chu Feng. Before, he was only concerned about enduring the pain from the Soul Eating Insects and overlooked the Divine Lightning in his body. After all, the Divine Lighting was that powerful, so maybe it could even dispel the Soul Eating Insects and break the bindings.

“Haa!” Thinking up to that point, Chu Feng delayed no longer and along with a thought, he started to grind his teeth, putting forth his entire body and heart to connect himself to the power of the three lightning.


By doing so, the power of the three lightning in Chu Feng’s blood were like reawakened kings opening their domineering eyes. In the instant they were roused, they started to consume the Soul Eating Insect that were running around Chu Feng’s blood and aiming to seize his body.

Moreover, the power of the lightning was simply unstoppable. As long as those Soul Eating Insects touched them, they were immediately consumed and refined, without any vestige of resistance.


Facing such a ferocious lightning power, the strange Soul Eating Insects acted as though they were facing a ginormous enemy. They didn’t have the might from before anymore, and like mice that saw a cat, they hurriedly escaped Chu Feng’s body amidst the cries of panic.

Finally, most of the Soul Eating Insects that entered Chu Feng’s body were engulfed by the lightning in Chu Feng’s body. However, there was also a small portion of the Soul Eating Insects that successfully left Chu Feng’s body and hid within the palace.

“Huu. I’m still unable to thoroughly grasp it. If I were able to control this power as I so wished, how good would that be…”

After the power of the three lightning banished the Soul Eating Insects from Chu Feng’s body, his bound power was also restored. In that situation, although he took a breath of relief, there weren’t many expressions of joy on his face.

The power of the three lightning had already left his dantian and entered his blood. To say it merged with Chu Feng’s body into one would not be unreasonable, because Chu Feng could feel that the three lightning was different from the other lightning.

The Divine Lightning still in Chu Feng’s dantian, despite being in Chu Feng’s body, could not be used by him in any way.

Whereas the three lightning in his blood were completely different. They didn’t seem to be living within Chu Feng body, but more like they truly coalesced into one with Chu Feng. Their power was Chu Feng’s power.

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