MGA – Chapter 615

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MGA: Chapter 615 – Familiar Person?

In a deep place like that, it was simply like a purgatory in the human realm. To normal people, personally seeing cultivators cruelly refined by the monster one after another was truly a type of torture by itself.

In a situation like that, perhaps death was a release so they wouldn’t have to see such cruel refining and would have to hear the agonizing screeches. Hence, to them, the passing of time was really too slow.

But, to people such as Chu Feng who still had a smidgen of hope that escape was possible, they felt like time passed too quickly because only an hour had passed, yet most people were already refined by the monster out of the several thousands of people.

Even though they already moved locations furtively, to the safest area, if that continue, they would soon catch the eyes of the monster, and at that time, they would not avoid their fate of being refined.


Cries of pain rose up and down, continuing endlessly. But, at present, Chu Feng and the others no longer had time to think of the lives of others because after the conclusion of another scream, after a set of bones was thrown onto the ground, the monster finally locked its gaze onto their position.

“Crap, it has discovered us! Quickly use your treasure or else we will die!”

At that moment, they panicked. They subconsciously crawled back, deeply afraid they would become the monster’s next target of refining.

“Bastard, shut up!” But just at that time, a powerful leg ferociously kicked the buttocks of the person who shouted out, casting him to the front of the crowd.

The one who kicked was a person from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the rank three Martial Lord old man.

“You, you, you…” Seeing himself betrayed, the person who was kicked gnashed his teeth in anger, but before he could say anything more, the monster made him float in the air, and started its inhumane refining.

But that was only the start. After he was kicked out, the three from the Immortal Execution Archipelago actually, with their superior Martial Lord bodies, started to forcibly kick away the World Spiritists, one following the other, who channeled Spirit power for them.

“What are you doing? They helped you just now, yet you treat them like this? Are you even human?!” Chu Feng could not endure such behavior and rebuked.

“Brat, listen up. At a time like this, it is a must to perform some necessary sacrifices.

“Of the people here, other than me, only your Spirit power is the strongest. So, that’s why I kept you behind. You better obediently continue channeling your Spirit power or else the next one to be kicked out will be you,” said the old man from the Immortal Execution Archipelago fiercely.

“Spirit power? The two trash next to you don’t have any Spirit power. Why don’t you kick them out? And make them sacrifices?” Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the wild big man and the fair-faced man. Although their cultivations were not bad, they were indeed not World Spiritists and had no Spirit power.

“Shut up! If you want to die, I can grant you that wish right now!” The old man was enraged. He pointed at Chu Feng and loudly howled.

“Screw that! You want me to be your stepping stone? You can dream less! If you don’t want us to live, you better not think of living either. If you want us to die, we all die together!” Chu Feng was also enraged. He suddenly stood up and howled at the old man furiously as he pointed at him.

“That’s right! We won’t be your stepping stones! If you want us to die, we all die together!”

“Damn Immortal Execution Archipelago! Righteous and benevolent on the surface, but it turns out that they are actually this despicable! Even if I die, I will drag you down with me!”

At the same time, everyone saw through their plans and started to loudly rebuke. They wanted to let the monster hear that the three people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago were scheming.

“God damn, you are all truly looking to die!” Seeing the unfolding events, the wild big man and the fair-faced man from the Immortal Execution Archipelago were enraged too. They actually, with their physical power, rent the water grasses that tied their hands and feet, then with several large strides, went up to Chu Feng and the others, grabbed them, and threw them next to the monster.

“Lord Monster, Lord Monster, those three animals from the Immortal Execution Archipelago are hiddenly plotting, aiming to harm you! Quickly stop th—Ahh~~~~”

Arriving next to the monster, seeing that their end was nigh, those who helped the three from Immortal Execution Archipelago gather Spirit power started to report their actions to the monster.

However, it was useless as the monster seemed to simply be unable to understand human speech. It actually ignored their words and started to refine those people first.

“Damn it.” At that instant, Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows. Although he could stand up, he didn’t have a Martial Lord’s physical power, so he was unable to forcefully tear open the water grasses. So, at that instant, he had already become the meal of the monster.

Especially when he turned his gaze back and saw their expressions of schadenfreude, that made him extremely displeased. But, who told the monster to be unable to understand human speech? In that situation, he could do nothing as well. His fate was left to the heavens.


Finally, another painful scream, another person refined. Within the vast space at the bottom of the ocean, only the monster, Chu Feng, and the three others from the Immortal Execution Archipelago were left.

“Come at me idiotic thing! Let me see if you can take my bones and flesh!”

Feeling his body floating up and involuntarily nearing the monster, Chu Feng did not have a single trace of fear. Instead, he furiously howled at the monster.


However, when the monster saw Chu Feng’s face, its blood-red eyes actually lightly flickered. At that instant, Chu Feng could feel its body faintly quivering once.

Looking more carefully, Chu Feng even discovered fear surging within the monster’s blood-red eyes. Moreover, he also felt a near intangible familiar feeling from the monster’s eyes.

“Who are you?” That situation made a thought spring up in Chu Feng’s mind—the terrifying monster in front of his eyes was very possibly someone he knew.

*bam* But what Chu Feng didn’t expect was that despite not replying to his question, the monster threw Chu Feng, who was already floating, onto the ground. Then, it turned its gaze and walked towards the three people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“God damn, what is happening? Why is it walking towards us? Why didn’t it refine that brat?”

Seeing that scene, the wild big man and the fair-faced man were stupefied from fear because they could simply not understand why the monster didn’t kill Chu Feng, and instead, locked its eyes on them.

“Back.” Just at that moment, the rank three Martial Lord old man explosively yelled, then he walked in front of the wild big man and the fair-faced man. Concurrently, he opened his palms, the awl coming into view.

However, at that very instant, the symbols on the awl were lit up and swirling. It had an extraordinary atmosphere, and emanated extremely horrifying aura. He actually never planned to use that treasure and escape that place. He wanted to use that treasure to undergo the final battle against the monster.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Why do i feel that this monster is that girl from that sect of woman(who should have married him in the past)… fear in the eyes? .-. Didn’t she became a monster after using the taboo arts and then run away?… i think this is most probably her lol ‘-‘.

    1. You are referring to Yan Ruyu and that is the most likely guess. She started to become fish like and had red eyes. If it’s not her, I have no clue.

    2. If it really is her, I’m confused as to why she did not kill him right away. After all, she should have immeasurable hate towards him.
      Perhaps, she’s saving him for last?

      Thanks for the chapt~ ( *• ̀ω•́ )b

      1. Or she still felt guilty for scheming against Chu Feng. I don’t quite remember what happened but it was something like her friend gave him some aphrodisiac to make him have sex with her (the friend) but Chu Feng already had experience with that kind of thing so he bound the friend with a spirit formation and f*ck Yan Ruyu right? And it all happened after Yan Ruyu called him to her room or something. She is either feeling guilty or indeed wants to save him for last

        1. Close. Yan Ruyu gave him an aphrodisiac mixed with a cultivation blocker. Her friend supplied it, but it was Yan Ruyu who tricked him into taking it. Then he, pretended to be asleep, to find out what they wanted.

          After finding out that they indeed were planning to rape him and force him to marry Bai Xi?? (It’s Bai something, i remember her as BaiBai [ByeBye] lol) Teach then sealed them in the room and turn the tables, by refusing to sleep with BaiBai and by insisting on raping Yan Ruyu.

      2. Don’t forget that Chu Feng is currently disguised with the mask-item which even can change the aura he releases so it is not strange that the Yan Ruyu-turned monster can’t recognize him. The reason for the flash of fear we saw is probably becasue even if Chu Feng is disguised some part of her subconcious may have felt something familiar about him.

        For some reason I am getting a “he’s-going-to-get-a-fourth-wife”-vibe from this. If she doesn’t die in the next 10 or so chapters I guess she’ll either take Chu Feng and force him to help her become human again, Chu Feng may recruit her by saying he will try to turn her back to human or perhaps she will be subdued and captured alive by Qiushui (the woman he is trying to meet) who may know a way to return her/sending Chu Feng to do it. Either way I’m raising the monster-wife flag!

        1. Well, considering that he already has a wife that kicks every body’s ass cause she’s a divine body, and two girlfriends who are super strong because of the ice and fire beads, Yan Ruyu with her forbidden mysterious technique/monster-mode would fit in pretty well. Then he’d only need a wife with a bloodline, and one that’s a monstrous beast, and he’d have covered all kinds of special girls he could get.

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      3. She really has no right to hate him, she tried to get him raped, she got raped instead. She also tried to kill or at least heavily injure him by inciting some young dude who loved her. Poetic justice.

        Hopefully she realized that she was the problem and not him and that she deserved it for scheming against him like that before even trying to tell him that she didn’t want to get married or sleep with him.

    1. I think it’s gonna take a long time, even a random old man is already a Rank 3 Martial lord, i’m expecting the strongest of them to be in the late stages of the Martial King realm, and Chu Feng still in the heaven realm so…

    1. No way in hell that it’s his daughter. Barely two years have passed if I remember correctly, and you seriously think there’d be a child after she went berserk like that with a forbidden mysterious technique? Nah.

  2. I thought I was the only one who thought that it could be that wicked girl who tried to have him raped by her friend! Everyone seems to think the same, though.

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