MGA – Chapter 59

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MGA: Chapter 59 – Intense Battle

“Seniors, you just want the Spiritual Beads right? Is it fine if we give all the Spiritual Beads we have to you?”

“No, not only the Spiritual Beads, we’ll give everything we have to you!”

Facing Zhou Zhiyuan and the others as they came closer and closer, the Dragon and Tiger brothers revealed faces of terror. They bodies started to uncontrollably tremble and they even took their Cosmos Sacks out, wanting to give it to them.

“What? Don’t want to die right? That’s fine. Kneel on the ground and bump your heads 100 times on the ground then we’ll consider forgiving your two dog lives!” Zhou Zhiyuan and the others got closer to Chu Feng as they teased the two of them.

At that instant, the Dragon and Tiger brothers really had some movement. As they faced the choice between life and death, even though they knew that they would most likely die after kneeling down and begging, they still wanted to try and do the last struggle for life.

“Bai Long, Bai Hu, do not embarrass the Wings Alliance!” Seeing that the two of them really started to kneel down, Su Mei angrily bellowed.

But even so, she could not completely stop the knee that was slowly bending down and the waist that was curving forward. They seemed to already have decided.

“As men, you should have some dignity.”

But just at that time, Chu Feng walked over. After glancing at the Dragon and Tiger brothers, he walked in front of them, cast that fearless gaze towards the 6 core disciples and said,

“Do you know that you all already violated a crime worthy of death?!”

“Boy, what do you mean?” Hearing those words, the Zhou Zhiyuan and the others who were originally proud of themselves couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Chu Feng strangely smiled, narrowed his eyes and said, “I am saying that you dare to have evil thoughts towards Su Mei. That is the crime!”


Before the words even finished entering their ears, Chu Feng’s body was like the wind as he ran with flying speed. He took the initiative and attacked the 6 core disciples first.

His speed was extremely fast. Almost within a blink, he arrived in front of the 6 core disciples. That change shocked even the Zhou Zhiyuan and the others who had a pressing aura.

“Illusionary Palm!!!” Chu Feng rotated according to the Mysterious Technique then patted with his hands. The palm images that filled the air chopped the heavens and covered the earth while booming over. No one knew which was real or which one was fake.

“He has a bit of skill cultivating the Illusionary Palm to that stage.”

“But boy, you’re underestimating us. Today, we’ll let you know the difference between core disciples and inner court disciples.”

Being shocked was being shocked. After all, core disciples had experienced the world and very quickly, they adjusted their thoughts, rotated the Mysterious Technique, displayed the rank 3 skills, and started to exchange blows with Chu Feng.

But that exchange was not that important. What shocked them once again was a mere inner court disciple, a mere person of the 6th level could challenge 6 people by himself without losing. That was quite hard for them to accept it.

Especially their attacks. They were clearly attacking towards his back, but it was as if Chu Feng grew eyes behind him. Without even looking, he could easily dodge it. It made them feel that it was very strange.

“This boy has cultivated in the Mysterious Techniques. I cannot be careless and I need to use full strength to defeat and kill him or else it will cause troubles in the future.” The Zhou Zhiyuan that fought with Chu Feng before knew that he was no simple person. He didn’t want to waste too much time with him and he used his rank 4 skill.

*hu hu hu* Both his arms spread apart and created gales after gales. A strong aura was emitted from his body. Suddenly, he punched out towards Chu Feng.

That fist was extremely fast. It was like the lightning, and even if it was Chu Feng, he could not dodge it. The power of the punch was extremely strong as well. If he got hit, Chu Feng would not have much luck.

“Don’t think that you’re the only one who knows a rank 4 skill.”

But even so, Chu Feng was not afraid in the slightest. One of his palm clenched to form a fist. With the flicker of lightning, his own fist collided with Zhou Zhiyuan’s steel-like fist.


As two fists collided, not only did it create an ear-piercing boom, it even created a wave of ripples. As the both of them were knocked back, the 5 other people were also forced back a few steps.

“The Three Thunder Styles. This guy can actually use a rank 4 skill of our Azure Dragon School.”

“We must join hands and finish this person off today.”

At that instant, the other people finally recognized Chu Feng’s strength and didn’t dare to be careless anymore. They all took out their absolute skills. Six strong, rank 4 skills surrounded and attacked Chu Feng.

*zi lala*

It was the so-called “Two fists cannot fight 4 hands”. Chu Feng, who was only at the 6th level of the Spirit realm, was a bit disadvantaged while facing the attack of 6 people at the 8th level of the Spirit realm.

While facing that situation, he could only use the 1st style of the Three Thunder Styles. With an absolute speed, he dodged the attacks of Zhou Zhiyuan and the others. But, those who had eyes could tell that Chu Feng sank into a predicament.

“Chu Feng, I’ll come and help you.” Just at that time, Su Mei jumped in resolutely.

The her at that instant was emitting a jade-like glow from her body. Every attack and style would shake the air. She knew a rank 4 skill as well.

“I will come as well.” After that, Bai Tong also jumped into the battle. Although he did not cultivate in the Mysterious Techniques, he still knew a rank 4 skill and he could use it quite proficiently.

Although they were core disciples, they only had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Spirit realm. So, after Su Mei and Bai Tong joined in, Chu Feng’s pressure did indeed decrease.

Under that situation, Chu Feng counterattacked and sent a string of fierce attacks towards Zhou Zhiyuan. Being pressed by Chu Feng, the core disciple Zhou Zhiyuan got pushed back little by little and he was completely pressured by Chu Feng.

*bang* Finally, with the flash of a lightning, Chu Feng’s fist landed on Zhou Zhiyuan’s chest. The chest of that core disciple shook as he flew 50 feet away.

“Ahh!” Feeling the pain from his chest, Zhou Zhiyuan painfully grimaced. He wanted to stand up, but he discovered that he didn’t have the strength. He got heavily injured by only one of Chu Feng’s attacks.

The most terrifying thing was that Chu Feng was slowly walking towards him. When every step fell, his heart would violently shake once. It was as if it wasn’t Chu Feng’s steps but the God of death’s.

“This guy. How is he so strong? Is he even human?”

Zhou Zhiyuan was extremely bitter. Although he knew that Chu Feng was strong, he never would have thought that he would be strong to this point. Under a 1 v 1 situation, he would not be able to beat him.

Especially the Chu Feng right now who only had the strength of the 6th level of the Spirit realm. If Chu Feng was like him, being also in the 8th level, he did not even dare to think how strong Chu Feng would be. Would he be able to battle against the experts of the Origin realm?


But just at that time, suddenly, a cry rang out. Looking back, Chu Feng’s face couldn’t help but change. He saw that Bai Tong got heavily beaten by a core disciple. A mouthful of blood sprayed out as it reddened his clothes.

“Bai Tong!”

Seeing Bai Tong being heavily injured, Su Mei was also shocked. Just at that instant, the other 5 people moved at the same time and using the power of attacking from all sides, 5 dirty hands extended towards Su Mei at the same time. The location in which they were attacking was Su Mei’s forbidden area on her body.

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  3. “It was the so-called “Two fists cannot fight 4 hands”. Chu Feng, who was only at the 6th level of the Spirit realm, was a bit disadvantaged while facing the attack of 6 people at the 8th level of the Spirit realm.”

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