MGA – Chapter 568

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MGA: Chapter 568 – Beneath The Round Moon

At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help inhaling a breath of cool air. He said hiddenly in his heart, “Little Mei has grown. She was already impressive before, and now, she is even bigger. She’s simply comparable to her elder sister!”

Chu Feng was a man, and in a situation like that, he naturally had his reactions. Under his stomach, a “pillar to the heavens” arose, and it was quite imposing.

At first, Chu Feng even felt a bit of shame. After all, Su Mei was pressed on his body, so she could certainly clearly feel his change.

But what he did not expect was that Su Mei truly seemed to be another person. She clearly sensed it, but she did not avoid it. Not only did she allow Chu Feng to stare at herself, there was even a hint of a blush on her face. She opened her pink lips and moved in to kiss Chu Feng.

“Little Mei, what are you doing?” Yet, Chu Feng subconsciously evaded Su Mei’s fragrant kiss because he promised Su Rou, that he would not do the thing between a man and a woman with Su Mei before marriage.

But right in front of his eyes, Su Mei’s behavior was clearly off. If that continued, he would lose control over himself. At that time, he would commit an offense. He did not want to do the thing he promised not to do.

“Nothing. I just like you. I really, really like you. I want to give you my everything, and to only you.” As Su Mei spoke, she suddenly stood, and in front of Chu Feng, took off her pink long skirt.

At that instant, Chu Feng instinctively gasped, his eyes roundly widened, and almost shot out two pillars of blood from his nose.

Because, at that very instant, what appeared in front of him was doubtlessly a perfect body. White and delicate skin, protruding fronts and behinds, and in addition to Su Mei’s unique sweet face, and her blurry eye expression because of alcohol, it was simply irresistible by any man.

“Chu Feng, I not only like you, I love you. I am willing to do anything for you, and I am willing to give you everything. I will do anything you request me to do. I just can’t lose you. I am yours, and only yours. I can give you anything.”

Suddenly, Su Mei leaped into his embrace again, causing Chu Feng to subconsciously hold her. But when he touched Su Mei again, the feeling he got from his hands was completely different.

Without the separation of clothing, Chu Feng’s palm truly touched Su Mei’s skin. The feeling of smoothness, warmth, and also some elasticity, was simply like a reignition of fire. It made the flames in Chu Feng’s heart thoroughly burn, and it filled his entire body.


Chu Feng spin around, and pressed his body onto Su Mei. He widened his mouth, and started to madly suck Su Mei’s body, as if he wanted to put all of Su Mei into his mouth.

At the same time, his hands unrestrainedly went around everywhere. On Su Mei’s perfect body, he rubbed and scratched, acting very wildly.

“Ahh~~~” When Chu Feng was so rough, Su Mei did not know if it hurt or not, so she involuntarily moaned.

But Su Mei’s soft voice was like adding oil on fire, making Chu Feng even wilder. He very barbarously ripped off his clothes, and prepared to make some love with the beauty beneath him.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?!”

But just at that moment, a fierce voice rang out suddenly behind Chu Feng. It made both Su Mei and Chu Feng shocked. Looking towards the origin of the voice, their complexions couldn’t help changing further.

It was because at present, Su Rou appeared within the house. She stood ten meters away from the bed, looking at Chu Feng and Su Mei with both a stunned and horrified expression.

At that moment, it was as though Chu Feng and Su Mei did some vile thing as they hurriedly, in panic, wore their respective clothes, and during that period of time, Su Rou stood in front of the bed with the same expression.

“Chu Feng, do you remember what you promised me earlier? How can you do this?!” After waiting for Su Mei to wear her long skirt, Su Rou interrogated with an extremely strict tone.

“Sister, this isn’t Chu Feng’s fault, I…” But before letting Chu Feng speak, Su Mei rushed to explain.

“Little Mei, leave. Return to your room. I have something I want to talk to Chu Feng alone.” But before letting Su Mei finish speaking, Su Rou gestured her to leave.

Glancing at her elder sister, then looking at Chu Feng, Su Mei gnashed her teeth, pursed her lips, but ultimately, left with a shameful expression.


“You don’t need to say anything. I know that Little Mei went to find you. I’m her elder sister. How can I not understand her?”

“She loves you. Loves you greatly. She wants to let you know how much she loves you, so she wished to give her everything to you before you leave.”

“Chu Feng, I know your feelings are sincere to both me and Little Mei, but please understand. I still hope you two can wait until after the marriage before doing this sort of thing.”

“After all, having something to look forward to when you return is better than having nothing.”

Chu Feng initially wanted to say something, but Su Rou had a know-it-all appearance. Moreover, as she spoke, she walked up to Chu Feng, and did something that made Chu Feng stupefied. She actually slowly loosened her skirt in front of Chu Feng, and removed it.

At that instant, Su Rou completely exhibited her mature and well-developed, hot and fair body, in front of Chu Feng, and even leaped into Chu Feng’s embrace.

“Little Rou, you are?!” Chu Feng panicked a bit. He understood Su Rou’s words, but did not understand why Su Rou would suddenly do all that because in his perspective, although Su Rou was already “owned” by him, she was still a bit against doing the thing between a man and a woman.

“Chu Feng, Little Mei loves you, but I also love you. Little Mei can give anything to you, and I similarly can give anything to you.”

“Chu Feng, please forgive me. Forgive my stubborness. I only have one sister, Little Mei, so I hope you can love her more than you love me.”

“Just wait a bit longer. Little Mei is sooner or later yours. We sisters are yours. But before that, she can’t do it with you, so let me take her place.”

Su Rou’s gentle tone kept on lingering next to Chu Feng’s ears, and her slender hands tore away the clothes Chu Feng wore just now, and started to trace along Chu Feng’s heated body.

In that situation, no man could continue enduring. Besides, Chu Feng was an impatient, “real” man.

So, his thing that he just controlled exploded again. Ignoring all, he pressed Su Rou underneath. However, this time, Chu Feng learnt his lesson. Before doing the deed, he laid a powerful Spirit Formation, sealing the entire house, preventing anyone from interrupting his good time.

Under the bright round moon, in the room that overflowed with love, one manly and one soft body interweaved, creating an enviable beautiful scene.

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        1. Breakthrough that V with his D…. but really why does it seem like guys have “uncontrollable” urges, seems stupid to me but I don’t like girls so what would I know. Just because you see a girl nude…. you can help it *GAH* help me get this someone.

          1. Don’t blame guys. Blame women for being beautiful. Them going nude in front of us just sets our hearts afflame. Also women are not without list either. Theirs just might be a bit more….under control.

      1. Yeah, bring back the plot! Tired of all this romance garbage, chinese people are the worst people I know of when it comes to romance, they all just change every girl with their individual personalities into copy-paste characters when they fall in love, to the point that I can’t even recognize them anymore. Seems that they believe that a girl who falls in love will change her personality and act according to a template of how women in love should act(according to chinese ideals). If you’ve seen one girl in love from a chinese author, you’ve seen almost all of them. Insipid to say the least.

    1. i was really tiered, and wanted to go back and reread the rape scene of chufeng, and how he did it after canceling little mays engagement… What, i was hungry for action!

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    On a serious note, Eat the magma thing already!!! EAT IT TEACH!!!

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  3. I’m going to say it, the “Girl coming to protag for sex for the wrong reasons” thing has been done many times, and Chu Feng is the first I’ve seen to actually try to do it. This is not a good thing, this is usually the moment you realize the protagonist truly cares for the girl/s around him, and while not the moment I fell in love with DxD, its a very important moment to it, so this is disappointing to me.

    1. wrong reasons? I don’t understand. This wasn’t the girls trying to bribe him with their body. This was a girl (2 in this case-lucky sob) coming to her lover on the eve of their separation. sou rou stops Mei cause she hasn’t done it yet. rou has so she thought she might as well, especially since Mei made him horny as hell. where is there anything to be disappointed about?

      1. I’ll admit its usually a much more major reason like suicidal depression, but shes drunk off her ass so she wasnt fully in control and just recently set down the “not till married” rule. Other than that this would have been fine, and I’m just comparing him to the best protagonists unfairly.

          1. Yep, Rou is just a bitch. Glad someone agrees 😀 Mei is not that good either… Hell, not even ling is great. Only Eggy, but that might be because she’s the only one who isn’t acting out the stereotype chinese romance gig with changed personalities and being all clingy, whiny, restrictive, dependent and generally annoying after falling in love with the mc. That might also be because she has not fallen in love with the mc yet. I kinda liked su rou and su mei before they fell in love with the mc, but then their personalities completely changed into the template we always see in chinese romance.

            I hate authors that remove the girls personalities after they fall in love. No, girls doesn’t change like that after falling in love. They will love and think about you, sure, they will also be willing to perhaps even sacrifice themselves for you too, I can buy that, but WHY, oh why, are you changing their personalities completely? They lose all individuality and all interesting parts about them just vaporized. All the girls turns into pretty much the same because chinese authors thinks that how things work. I remember that novel “great demon king”, that one was pretty interesting except for the romance, but god did I want to punch a hole in the author sometimes. It exactly explained, all the time, how all girls change into meek lambs when they fall in love, no matter how fierce they are, they all start depending on the mc and lets him take the reins and can’t do anything anymore, the funny thing is that he exactly described what chinese authors seem to think and we see that in every novel, only that most people doesn’t mention it that clearly.

            We love a character because of their initial personalities that we get to know and approve of, but then the author just changes it all and turns harem members into entirely different character when they fall in love with the usual template personality instead of the original one. Sure, they will still have a few small quirks and backgrounds, but every single one turns into pretty much the same kind of girl and that’s really irritating, illogical and unrealistic. Can’t they just keep their personalities and still be madly in love with the mc? Do they have to become copy-paste characters of eachother? Quite honestly it sickens me, I think I need to read a japanese novel after this, at least they’re far, far better at romance and I don’t have to sit here being annoyed all the time when the girls are around. It’s good that I can half-skip all romance scenes and just read a few sentences without missing anything important.

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