MGA – Chapter 548

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MGA: Chapter 548 – Smile of Happiness

“Little Rou, Little Mei, look. These are the presents I prepared for you two.”

Chu Feng took out two long skirts out from his Cosmos Sack. One was light-green and embroidered by willow leaves, the other was pink with peach blossoms.

They were not two simple skirts. Both of them were surrounded by faint green light and pink light respectively. Moreover, huge pressure was hidden within them, as they were both Elite Armaments.

Chu Feng obtained them from the Ji Dynasty. After returning from the Ji Dynasty, Chu Feng gave a lot of the treasures to Chu Yue and the other family members. However, as for the two beautiful skirts, he left them for Su Rou and Su Mei.

“These are specially prepared for you. I felt that the green-coloured one is more suitable for Little Rou, as it can emphasize your mature demeanor. The pink-coloured is more suitable for Little Mei, as it can emphasize your liveliness.”

“I believe if you two wear these two skirts, both of you will definitely be very beautiful because both of you have always been beautiful, no matter what you wear.”

“I… really want to personally see what you two look like after wearing them.”

Speaking to that point, Chu Feng’s voice became a bit choked and even his eyes reddened.

It’s said that the only reason why boys have tears but do not easily cry is because their hearts hadn’t been wounded yet.

Facing his two lovers, who almost lost their lives because of himself, had currently slept for a full two years, and it was unknown how much longer they were going to sleep for, the guilt in Chu Feng’s heart kept on torturing him. That kind of pain was very stabbing.

“Wait for me. I will return. At that time, if you reawaken, I will come to bring you away.” Finally, Chu Feng said those words with a face full of unwillingness. He did not cry, because he didn’t want to cry in front of his own lovers.

He had to be strong. Only by being strong could he endure even more, because he was fated to have many burdens.

So, after shooting another glance of deep emotions and reluctance at the two beauties Su Rou and Su Mei, only then did he stand up, turn around, and prepare to leave.

*hmm~~~~~* But, just as Chu Feng walked for a short distance, blinding radiance suddenly came from behind.

Turning his head to look, Chu Feng’s expression couldn’t help but change because he astonishedly discovered that within the originally stable and spiraling Spirit Formation, two layers of horrifying power actually surged currently.

One layer was a scorching flame, the other was fierce ice. The two interweaved together, formed an extremely frenzied body of energy, and was slamming into the purple-coloured Spirit Formation.

“What is happening?!” Seeing that scene, Chu Feng instantly panicked because his first thought was that the already stable Ice and Fire Pearls lost control again.

But those pearls were not something he could control. So, at that instant, the first thing Chu Feng did was turn around, leave, wanting to ask for help from the Azure Dragon Founder.

*boom* But just as Chu Feng turned around, a deafening explosion suddenly rang out from behind. Turning his head to look, his face even changed greatly because the power interwoven by the flames and ice already broke open the Spirit Formation, extended out, and filled the entire room.

“Crap.” Facing that situation, Chu Feng was already unable to leave because he felt that if the pearls thoroughly lost control, Su Rou and Su Mei were going face a disaster.

Not only would they become puppets, they would even be directly engulfed. So, he could not leave just like that. Even if he put his life on the line, he had to do something to fight for a strand of hope for Su Rou and Su Mei.

*hmm* However, just as Chu Feng wanted to use a Spirit Formation to attempt to seal the flames and ice, the destructive flames and ice actually started to shrink back.

At the end, the two types of power, the flames and ice, not only did they split, they even became two figures, and those two figures were exactly Su Rou and Su Mei.

However, at that instant, within Su Rou’s beauty, there was an extra tiny trace of coldness, and within Su Mei’s sweetness, there was also an extra trace of fieriness.

The most important part was that their current auras were actually no longer in the Profound realm, but in the Heaven realm. The two of them already stepped into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm.

“Chu Feng!” After Su Rou and Su Mei saw Chu Feng, on their faces of exceptional beauty, they both revealed enchanting smiles.

After the call filled with joy and excitement, the two of them leaped, and went up to Chu Feng. At the same time, they jumped into Chu Feng’s embrace and hugged Chu Feng on both the left and right, unwilling to let go. They used their little faces to tightly stick to Chu Feng’s chest, to hear the long-awaited heartbeat and to feel the warmth.

“Little Rou, Little Mei, you two, you two are fine?” And seeing the two beauties in his embrace, Chu Feng was taken aback, and felt that it was extremely inconceivable.

The two lovers he had longed for day and night for two years but had yet to awaken actually woke up at that time. It caused Chu Feng to not know what to do, and it was even hard to believe.

“Chu Feng, let’s go. I want to go to the Eastern Sea Region with you. I want take back Zi Ling together with you. She belongs to you, and only to you.” Suddenly, Su Mei raised her sweet and youthful little face and said to Chu Feng while being full of seriousness.

“What, this, Little Mei, you…” However, Chu Feng, who already didn’t know what to do, after hearing Su Mei’s words, was even more stupefied. He thought in his heart, how did she know about the Eastern Sea Region? Could it be…

“Chu Feng, although I have been in deep slumber for such a long period of time, I was able to clearly hear everyone’s laughters and conversations.”

“So, I know everything that happened in this period of time, and I believe that Little Mei is the same as me right?” Just at that time, Su Rou’s pair of water-like big eyes lightly blinked, and she revealed an understanding smile. As she spoke, she looked at her own younger sister, Su Mei.

“Yeah. I am the same. Although I was always in deep sleep, I was able to hear your conversations.”

“So, I already know what you did and who you met during the period of time we were in deep sleep.”

“Chu Feng, bring us to the Eastern Sea Region. Right now, we are no longer the girls who were nothing but hindrances.”

“I seemed to have already completely grasped the power of this Flaming Pearl. To be honest, even I’m a bit afraid of the power currently flowing in my body.”

“I, right now, will absolutely not become your burden. I am able to help you out. Bring me with you, I want to help you take back Zi Ling.” Su Mei pouted her little mouth, grabbed Chu Feng’s hand, and endlessly shook it as she asked like a pampered child.

“Little Mei, you, this…” At that instant, Chu Feng was truly a bit confused because the arrival of happiness came too suddenly.

Not only did Su Rou and Su Mei awake one after the other, they even grasped the strong power from the two pearls. Chu Feng was able to feel their current powerful strengths. Putting aside cultivation, purely in terms of battle power, it was likely that they weren’t inferior to himself.

Chu Feng paid so much hard work, experienced so many difficulties, and charged past so many life and death situations in order to gain his current cultivation and methods.

But Su Rou and Su Mei on the other hand, they only slept deeply for two years and gained the power they had. Although during that period, the two of them also received painful suffering, it had to be said that they truly gained good things from a disaster.

What was luck? Now this was truly luck. The so-called luck Chu Feng met before was simply fart when compared to them.

But what Chu Feng was the most happy about was not that. It was that Su Rou and Su Mei, in the two years, actually stayed awake from start to finish, and heard the words they said.

Not only did they know about Zi Ling’s matters, they did not have the slightest bit of jealousy nor egoism. They had actually went up and asked to go with Chu Feng together to take Zi Ling back. That truly made Chu Feng feel incomparably happy.

“Chu Feng, Zi Ling is a good lady. Although we were unable to see her, Little Mei and I have heard the conversations between you two. She was concerned about us, and I’m sure that’s because of you. We are concerned about her, and that’s also because of you.”

“We sisters are the same as Lady Zi Ling. As long as you can be happy, we are willing to do anything for you.”

“Bring us as well to the Eastern Sea Region.” Just at that time, Su Rou also spoke. Moreover, on her beautiful face, she even wore an expression of firm decisiveness.

“Chu Feng, bring us there.” At the same time, Su Mei also requested with her sweet voice.

And facing the two beauties who were so close to him, Chu Feng really did not know how to show his feelings with words. So, he did not waste his breath, opened both his arms, tightly hugged the two beauties, and said with a light smile, “Sure!”

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