MGA – Chapter 523

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MGA: Chapter 523 – Human Realm Hell

“Natural disaster creator? What do you mean?!” Hearing those words, everyone was shocked.

“Hoh, it also means that the natural disaster was not a coincidence. Furthermore, the creator of the natural disaster will recreate it within the Jiang Dynasty right now.” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor said.

“Recreating a natural disaster?!”

“What is going on? Could it be that the natural disaster was manmade, and the person who made the natural disaster was inside the chariot?!” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor guessed the answer, but that answer really made one too stunned. So stunned that even he didn’t dare to believe it was true.

“That’s right. You’ve guessed correctly.” Facing the glittering gaze of the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor pleasedly smiled.

“How is this possible? If there is truly such a powerful existence, then he is definitely a character in the Martial Lord realm. How can a character like him listen to your orders?” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor expressed doubt.

“Haha, you don’t need to worry about that. You only need to know that he is invincible in this world, and moreover, he will be used by me. This Jiang Dynasty is only the first testing ground, but it is absolutely not the last.”

“As long as he is here, my Ji Dynasty will be peerless in the world, and everything else will be obliterated.”

“Starting with the nearby few continents, then I’ll take over the tens of thousands of continents. At the end, I will finish at my ancestors’ dreams, killing my way back into the Eastern Sea Region.”

“At that time, not only will my Ji Dynasty be the ruler of the Morning Han Continent, it will also be the ruler of the Eastern Sea Region, the entire eastern section! Hahaha!” When the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor reached an exciting part, he actually faced the sky, and longly howled. He laughed loudly and insanely, and greed permeated throughout his smile.

It had to be said that his laughter, and his previous words, didn’t lightly frighten the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor. After thinking for a while, he cautiously asked, “Your next goal wouldn’t be my Liu Dynasty right?”

“Don’t worry. We are allies of many years. Not only you and me, my father’s generation, my grandfather’s generation, we were even allies then.”

“So, I won’t touch your Liu Dynasty. However, your Liu Dynasty must be loyal to me!” Seeing the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor who had an unstable expression, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor sinisterly smiled.

And at that instant, the corners of the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor twitched. He understood his meaning. He was not going to touch the Liu Dynasty, but the precondition was that his Liu Dynasty had to serve his Ji Dynasty.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

But just at that time, strange sounds suddenly came from the distant sky. That sound was like thunder, like the roar of tigers, like the surging tides, yet also like the howl of ten thousand beasts.

At that instant, everyone panicked because that sound got louder and louder. In only an instant, it filled with surroundings of the people from the two clans. The sky and the earth trembled, as if the world was going to collapse.

“Crap, what exactly is this thing?!”

As they panicked, their first thought was to escape. But it was useless since it was too late. As they wanted to make their move, they discovered that their bodies were as though they were frozen. Other being able to open their mouths to speak, they couldn’t even tremble their fingers.


Suddenly, the radiance in front of the crowd flashed, and a violent gust of wind slammed into them head-on. It caused their long hair to flutter, and their mouths to twist and change shape from the wind.

And when everything stopped, all of their faces couldn’t help but change because in front of them, a huge figure appeared.

It was a middle-aged man. He had black-hair that went straight to his heels. He stood on air, and had might akin to that of a killing god.

But at that instant, what made the crowd most scared wasn’t the man, but the huge golden light above the man, on his head.

Within the golden light, there was a golden chair. On the golden chair, there sat a young man. The young man currently stared at the crowd with a light smile on his face as his eyes were slightly squinting, and he was exactly Chu Feng.

“It’s him? It’s actually him?!”

But compared to the crowd, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor trembled as he stared at the black-haired man because he knew that the current atmosphere, which even caused the world to collapse from the pressure, wasn’t emanated by Chu Feng, but from the middle-aged man.

“What’s the matter? Do you recognize him?” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor also discovered that something was wrong and hurriedly asked.

“He, he, he’s the natural disaster’s creator!” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor said those words with his trembling tone.

“What? You said that he’s that secret weapon of yours?!” At that instant, the face of the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor greened because he had once personally went to the Morning Han Continent. He personally saw the huge mountains that were covered by flames, and even with his cultivation, he was unable to approach it. So, he deeply knew of the terror of the flames.

Yet right now, the man in front of him was actually the creator of the flames. How could he not be afraid? Especially when he saw that above him, there was even Chu Feng. Was it possible that the horrifying man was related to Chu Feng?

And just as everyone endlessly guessed, all hoping that the man wasn’t related to Chu Feng at all, the horrifying man suddenly spoke, and asked with an extremely petty tone, “Young master, is your enemy them?”

“What? Young master? This Chu Feng is actually the young master of this horrifying man?”

“Does this mean that he’s Chu Feng’s servant?”

“Heavens! Where exactly did that Chu Feng come from? He actually has such a terrifying servant?!” Hearing those words, the crowd felt their brains buzz and felt thunder banging against their heads, because to them, absolutely, it was a frightening nightmare.

“Look at what you’ve done! You’ve actually brought such a terrifying guy here. Did you bring him here to kill us all?!” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor loudly cursed at the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor who was next to him.

“Wait. His mind is unclear and he originally had problems, so that’s why I was able to control him.”

“This Chu Feng has many cunning plans. He must have used some trick in order for the man to listen to him.”

“But do not fear. I have a method that can perhaps control him again.” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor first sent a mental message to explain, then said to the horrifying man, “Idiot! Don’t even think of listening to that brat’s lies. I’m your master. How can you help my enemy and attack me?!”

At that instant, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor was totally speaking lies with his eyes wide open. He simply did not know how to completely control the horrifying man, but he did not believe he would be related to Chu Feng.

And after hearing how the horrifying man called Chu Feng, he randomly assumed and thought Chu Feng disturbed the man’s awareness while his mind was muddled, tricking him, and causing him to think that his master was Chu Feng.

The reason why he said those words was because he wanted to be like a “blind cat killing a mouse”, to trick that man back and fight for a chance of survival.

In fact, if there’s one idiot, there’s a group of idiots. After the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor said those words, the expressions of the people from the two clans turned to joy, and even thought he truly controlled the horrifying man, and that he would give them a strand of chance to survive.

However, in the next instant, they were thoroughly stupefied.

“These people, kill them all!” Chu Feng indifferently said.

“As you wish!”

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the horrifying man’s face instantly turned cold as the flames in his eyes slightly flickered. With a boom, that land became occupied by rolling flames, like hell in the human realm.

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    Same old same old, but done in a super awesome way XD

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    1. My theory is that Chu Feng’s father is Chu Feng himself. See how the beggar react when he talks about “his father”. Something must have happened for the all powerful Chu Feng to reincarnate in another body, and then he prepared the Beggar beforehand.

  2. This whole sequence of events made me chuckle. The secret weapon was not a bomb or a beast, but a beggar in a box. XD!

    Was his whole plan to use him as the ultimate Trojan horse? Deliver this “present” and let the inferno commence?

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    1. I’ve made this speculation before (and do note this IS just speculation, I have NOT read ahead since I do not know Chinese, nor even know if it’s been adressed at all in later chapters), and that is that I don’t think he has any parents at all. The description of the novel states explicitly that Chu Feng became known as Asura, but he didn’t know it. My theory is that he is literally the Asura that the Asura Spirit World is named after, a genuine God, and that *he himself* was the one who sealed all of his powers and the two world spirits inside the body of an infant, so he could reincarnate as a human. Why he would do this, there are many possible reasons, but the thing is that the divine lightning seems to be far too special to be anything inheritable, and the scene where he destroys Sword God Valley he speaks as I would expect a true God Asura speak. So in my mind, he’s either that reincarnation, or the divine lightning itself is the power of Asura that the spirit world is named after.

      Again, pure conjecture, but as a writer myself I find this theory a million times more interesting than having OP parents.

      1. No. We think that he must be the son of some great heaven ruling Chu clan. They most likely rule of several hundred or even thousands of worlds. Possibly this world is even under their command. Chu Feng could likely have been sent to this world as part of the family custom to make sure only the powerful survive. To develop their skills and make sure that when they return to the clan they are well-versed in life and cultivation. Possibly the trials also help to awaken their bloodline (as happened with Chu Feng during his confrontation with the Sword something school).

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