MGA – Chapter 498

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MGA: Chapter 498 – Crippling Night Demon Sect

If Chu Feng’s background was better than the so-called young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago; if his cultivation was higher than the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, there would absolutely not be a scene like today. Rather, it would be directly opposite.

So, Chu Feng had already seen through Zi Ling’s parents. He had seen through the Zi family. They were a group of stuck-ups.

For their own interests, they were willing to sacrifice Zi Ling’s happiness. Then, might I ask, if Zi Ling’s parents and Zi Ling’s family truly loved Zi Ling, and truly thought for her, why would they force Zi Ling like this? Force her to abandon the person she loved? To marry a person she did not like?

Therefore, Chu Feng did not need their help. He would rely on his own power to grow, and one day, he would force Zi Ling’s parents and everyone in the Zi family to look at him in another light and make them regret today’s decision, and let them know that their choice today was the wrong one.

He, Chu Feng, was definitely suitable for Zi Ling. He was worth it for Zi Ling to love him so much. Moreover, other than him, there was no one else suitable for Zi Ling.

“Chu Feng, you…” Seeing that Chu Feng was actually pushing it away, Zi Ling’s little face instantly changed slightly, seeming to want to say something.

*bang* But before she finished speaking, Chu Feng opened his arms and grabbed onto Zi Ling. He put the little beauty in his embrace, opened his thick lips, and stuck them onto Zi Ling’s pink cherry-like lips, then started to madly suck.

It wasn’t the first time Chu Feng kissed Zi Ling, but it was the only time Zi Ling didn’t refuse. Rather, Zi Ling even tightly held onto Chu Feng’s neck and was very engrossed in kissing. She wished she could give her everything to Chu Feng.

“You bastard!” Seeing that scene, Zi Ling’s father was incomparably enraged. He raised his hand and wanted to attack Chu Feng.

After all, back then, the elder of the Immortal Execution Archipelago had once specially asked to prevent Zi Ling from any contract with the opposite gender. At present, Chu Feng’s actions definitely broke the taboo. If the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago knew about it, they would definitely kill Chu Feng.

“Zi Qiang.” However, Zi Ling’s mother stopped Zi Ling’s father once again. She said in a low voice, “Just let Yu’er stay a while more in her lover’s embrace.”

After hearing her words, the expression of Zi Ling’s father changed for a while, but ultimately, he helplessly sighed, flicked his sleeves and no longer cared about the two of them.

Only after kissing for a good while did Chu Feng hold himself back. He bent over to Zi Ling’s ears, and after saying “wait for me”, he let go of his hand.

Seeing that, Zi Ling’s mother hurriedly walked up, held Zi Ling’s hand, grabbed onto Zi Ling, and rose into the sky. In a mere instant, they disappeared.

“Father, let’s leave as well. Actually, we haven’t blamed you. After all, you did it for the sake of Yu’er.”

“However, when you return to the current Zi family, you will believe that you were wrong. The Immortal Execution Archipelago aren’t the type of people you think they are. They are a truly righteous family, and they take care of my Zi family a lot as well.” Zi Ling’s father said.

Zi Xuanyuan did not pay attention to him. He walked up to Chu Feng, lightly patted his shoulder, then said, “What you do depends on you. I believe that one day, you will make a world that belongs to you.”

After speaking those words, Zi Xuanyuan walked to Zi Ling’s father’s side, and without even looking at Chu Feng, he grabbed onto Zi Xuanyuan, rose into the air, and instantly disappeared. They didn’t even leave the slightest trace of aura.

After Zi Ling’s parents brought Zi Ling and Zi Xuanyuan to meet up with the master of the Zi family, they rode a Elite Armament chariot, preparing to return to the Eastern Sea Region.

The chariot was very quick because it was a Mastered Elite Armament. With three Martial Lords channeling their powers into it, its speed was like light. Even if the chariot passed by a Heaven realm expert, they weren’t be able to detect it.

However, suddenly, the chariot trembled and had to stop in mid-air. It had to because in front of the chariot, a black-clothed old man appeared, stopping the path of the chariot.

“Who are you?” The sudden change shocked the master of the Zi family as well as Zi Ling’s parents. They quickly leaped out of the chariot and questioned the black-clothed old man.

Quickly after, Zi Ling and Zi Xuanyuan also curiously followed out. They really wanted to know why the old man had to stop them.

“Kuku, you will regret.” The black-clothed old man did not directly reply. He strangely smiled, revealing an expression that no one could see through.

“Regret what?” The master of the Zi family’s brows tightly locked. He discovered that even with his strength, he was actually unable to see through the black-clothed old man. So, he felt that he was very possibly a troublesome existence.

“You will regret taking this lady away and missing out on a good ending.” The black-clothed old man chuckled, then said to Zi Ling, “Oh lady, you should truly be more firm and refuse going back with these several trash, because that dog butt Immortal Execution Archipelago is a group of despicable people who are greatly righteous and benevolent on the surface, but are hiddenly incomparably contemptible. These three trash want you to marry over to them. That is definitely hurting you.”

“Where did this old bastard come from who dares to say such shameless big words! I’ll rip your mouth apart!” Hearing those words, Zi Ling’s father was enraged. He waved his hand, causing the surrounding space to twist and change. An extremely horrifying power was being emanated from his body.

At that instant, the weather truly changed and thunder surged. When a Martial Lord expert attacked, it instantly created might that was like a lord descending upon the mortal world.

However, the black-clothed old man coldly smiled, then said, “Even a little pleb like you dares to attack me?”

Immediately after the black-clothed old man spoke, his gaze turned cold and emanated limitless killing intent. At that instant, the sky that was originally clear for ten thousand miles actually became an endless night.

Everything in the world changed. There was an ocean of corpses and bones on the ground and the flowing blood formed rivers. Flames of battle were everywhere in the sky, and the sun and moon became blood-red.

“Ahh!” As the world changed, Zi Ling’s father’s face also changed greatly. A mouthful of blood was sprayed out, and he actually powerlessly fell.

“Zi Qiang!” Seeing that, Zi Ling’s mother hurriedly propped him up. Only then did Zi Ling’s father not fall down.

“Illusion methods?” At that instant, the master of the Zi family saw through it and knew that it was an illusion. So, both of his hands kept on transforming, and at the end, they overlaid, then he explosively shouted, “Break!”

“Hmph.” However, to the Zi family master’s destruction methods that he used, the black-clothed old man only disdainfully snorted coldly. The Zi family’s master then opened his mouth and similarly, a mouthful of aged blood was sprayed out.

“Family master?!” Zi Ling’s mother moved once again. Her left hand was holding onto Zi Ling’s father, while her right hand was holding onto the family master.

After a short while of confrontation, the Zi family master no longer had his previous might. He wiped the traces of blood on the corners of his mouth, then asked with a face full of fear, “Senior, who…who exactly are you?”

“You want to know who I am? I’ll let you know who I am!”

Suddenly, the black-clothed old man madly laughed, and simultaneously, the world was actually shaking, as if a natural disaster as going to happen soon.

Finally, in the sky above, an incomparably huge crack appeared, and from the crack, four words came down.

Those words were blood-red, as if they were condensed and formed by the blood of ten thousand living things. And those four big words were…

Crippling Night Demon Sect!

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