MGA – Chapter 454

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MGA: Chapter 454 – The Furious Chu Feng

“You’re looking to die!” Seeing that scene, Chu Feng was instantly as furious as thunder. Layers of killing intent emerged into his eyes. His scowling complexion was as sinister as a monster.

But it was useless as no matter how much more he struggled, he was still unable to get rid of the pressure that bound him. He could only watch as his own woman was slapped and could do nothing at all.

The black-coloured gas started to take over Chu Feng’s eyes bit by bit. It was killing intent. Extremely dense killing intent. Chu Feng never had such terrifying killing intent before.

But it was useless as the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley acted as if he didn’t feel Chu Feng’s killing intent at all. The smile on his face got wider and wider, and as he spoke, his arm shook, stabbing the blade of light in his hand towards Zi Ling’s face.


But just at that time, a violent aura suddenly exploded outwards from Chu Feng’s body. The power was strong, and the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley as well as the head of the Sword God Valley were unable to hold it back as they cried out in pain and were blown several thousand meters away.

“What’s happening?”

“This…this…this brat, what’s with him?”

The strong force caused the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley to spin a few circle in the air, then when he cast his gaze back at Chu Feng, his face instantly changed greatly because he astonishedly discovered that right now, Chu Feng’s eyes became black.

Those black-coloured eyes were extremely terrifying. They were like a beast’s as they flickered with horrifying bloodlust. They weren’t even the eyes of a human. They seemed more like a demon’s.

And at the same time Chu Feng’s eyes changed, two types of lightning even coiled around Chu Feng.

They were the blue-coloured lightning and the golden-coloured lightning. The two lightning interweaved together and kept on making crackling sounds and endlessly created two different types of sparks. It seemed simple, but in reality, it emanated extremely terrifying aura.

It was as if the two lightning weren’t lightning but two terrifying huge ancient beasts that contained terrifying power which could destroy the world.


Just at that time, an explosion suddenly rang out from above the sky and quickly afterwards, endless black-coloured clouds appeared.

The black clouds appeared in the air as they rolled over. Almost in a blink, they covered the entire Sword God Valley and they were even continuing to expand, enveloping the entire land at that place.

“Heavens! What’s this? What happened?”

The day was originally clear for ten thousand miles with the sun setting in the west, but black clouds suddenly appeared, causing that region to be enveloped by darkness. If one stretched their hands, they would not be able to see their fingers. They would not be able to see anything.

The only thing that could be seen were the two lightning endlessly interweaving in the sky which were roaring out, and with the illumination of the lightning, people were able to see that Chu Feng’s expression was extremely sinister.

He no longer seemed to have the appearance of human, nor of a monster. It was indescribable, but it was extremely horrifying. With a single glance, one would be scared out of their mind and break out in a cold sweat.

“Why did you harm her, how could you dare to harm her?”

Finally, Chu Feng spoke. His voice seemed to be calm, but it contained infinite bloodlust. It was simply not the voice of a person, but more like of a terrifying demon.

His voice was horrifying. Those who heard it couldn’t help trembling, let alone the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley who the voice was directed at.

“Wha…wha…what are you? What kind of monster are you?!” The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley loudly questioned. He was doing his best to keep calm. After all, he had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Heaven realm currently, so he didn’t feel that Chu Feng, who was only in the 1st level of the Heaven realm, would be able to gain any advantages from his hands.

Even though right now, the sky was covered by black clouds and it enveloped that entire area, even though an extremely terrifying aura was being emanated from Chu Feng’s body and was getting stronger and stronger, he was still unwilling to believe. He was unwilling to believe that he would lose to a brat like Chu Feng. So, he furiously roared, and unrestrainedly blasted out his aura of the 7th level of the Heaven realm. He revolved all the Heaven power in his body and used a rank 7 martial skill.

*boom rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

When the attack came out, even the air trembled. Everyone was able to see a huge sword of light condensed by Heaven power appearing in the air.

The huge sword was several hundred meters long. It was simply even larger than a small-scale plaza. The most important part was the power it contained. It was extremely horrifying. The might that the huge sword let out caused almost everyone on scene to feel fear and to turn pale.

“This is the unique skill of the Sword God Valley, the Heaven Battling Sword. Although it’s a rank 7 martial skill, it infinitely nears rank 8 martial skills. It was created by the Sword God, Murong Feng.”

“Right now, it is being used by the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley with the aura of the 7th level of the Heaven realm. This might really shakes the world. Powerful. This martial skill is really too powerful. Currently, it’s in the air, but if it falls onto the ground, I’m sure that all of us would be injured by it and this Sword God Valley could even be destroyed. An expert in the 7th level of the Heaven realm is truly too terrifying.”

Seeing the huge sword of light in the air, everyone couldn’t help but gasp longly. Some people even started to escape towards the distance as they were deeply afraid of being harmed by the force the huge sword of light gave off because they felt that the sword of light could even destroy the vast Sword God Valley.

*boom* Suddenly, there was another explosion. The sword of light moved, and with light-like speed as well as with invincible might, it flew towards Chu Feng.

At that instant, even Zi Ling’s and Zhang Tianyi’s faces changed because the power the sword of light contained was doubtlessly able to cause them to disappear like smoke dispersing without even leaving anything behind.

*bzzbzz* However, when the sword of light was a thousand meters away from Chu Feng, one of the two lightning surrounding Chu Feng’s body suddenly explosively shot out.

It was the golden lightning. It, which was originally blinding, became even more beautiful when it flew in the air like a swimming dragon. However, behind its beautiful back was terrifying might because cracks appeared in the areas it passed. Even the air wasn’t able to hold its might back and was forcibly shattered.

*bang* Finally, the lightning and the sword of light met one another and in the instant they touched, the sword of light became fragments. It turned into a rain of light, fell down, and lit up the pitch-black sky.

“Ahh!” At the same time, the head of the Sword God Valley also cried out in pain. Quickly after, a mouthful of blood was sprayed out and it splattered on his clothes.

It was because the sword of light was the attack of his full strength. When he used that attack, he was fated to suffer heavy injures. But he could do nothing about the fact that his strike didn’t have the slightest effect and instead, harmed himself.

“How is this possible? Is it possible that he truly isn’t a person?” After seeing his own father receive severe injuries, his aura started to rapidly decrease and returned back to the 6th level of the Heaven realm in a blink, the head of the Sword God Valley was utterly terrified.

Because, he felt like he didn’t have any more hope. Chu Feng was too scary. In his entire life, he had never seen such a terrifying existence. So terrifying that it made him feel despair, as if nothing could hold him back.

At that instant, from the bottom of almost everyone’s hearts, they were thinking about one thing. It was that…was Chu Feng even a person?

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  1. It was that…was Chu Feng even a person?

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    1. agreed normally i dont have problems with this novel but this power up kinda felt like a a$$pull. i mean ussaly we know what chu feng is capable of but despite being in life and death situations many times this just suddenly happens now……….

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  2. Thump!
    The eyes widen at the sight.
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    The sound of the crowd, those amazed
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    Gasps sound, legendary technique
    Golden brilliance, dragonic, unique

    Strength defying logic
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    The world silent

  3. The old guy that summons a sword of light so heavy it would crush everyone in the entire valley when it hits, he’s a person with amazing power. Admirable!

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