MGA – Chapter 453

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MGA: Chapter 453 – Torturing Zi Ling

“Crap, I didn’t think that Murong Yu’s consciousness could attach to another body! This will greatly extend the time he survives! This is bad!!”

Seeing Murong Feng attaching onto the body of the Sword God Valley’s old ancestor and his cultivation rose from the 7th level of the Heaven realm from the 6th level of the Heaven realm in an instant, Zi Ling’s face immediately changed and the fear glittering in her eyes couldn’t avoid becoming a bit stronger.

“Why is this happening? He is clearly only in the 7th level of the Heaven realm, but why is this pressure even stronger than Murong Feng’s?” Zhang Tianyi also tightly furrowed his brows.

Although Murong Feng’s consciousness disappeared, at that instant, the pressure the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley emanated out was even stronger than the pressure Murong Feng emanated before. That stated one thing. It was that the 7th level of the Heaven realm was an existence he couldn’t fight against at present.

Legends said that Martial Lords had the ability to destroy the skies and earth, to shift mountains and fill oceans. It was also the main reason why the Heaven realm was so much stronger than the Spirit realm, Origin realm, and Profound realm.

Also, the higher the level in the Heaven realm, the closer one was to being a Martial Lord. Because of that, it was harder to make breakthroughs.

Similarly, the power one would gain from that realm was stronger, and also because of that, more terrifying and harder to overcome.

So, it was said that every level after the 6th level of the Heaven realm was a screen that was difficult to step over. The 7th level of the Heaven realm was very hard to reach, so many people were stuck in the 6th level of the Heaven realm for their entire lives and could not enter the 7th level of the Heaven realm.

As for the 8th level of the Heaven realm and the 9th level of the Heaven realm, it was even more difficult. That was also the main reason why, up until now, in the continent of the Nine Provinces, there was no one who stepped into the Martial Lord realm.

The several levels in the later parts of the Heaven realm were so difficult, let alone the Martial Lord realm.

But, nothing could be done to that. The journey of martial cultivation was like that. The further one got, the harder it was.

Only people with extremely strong talent could surpass that barrier, walk higher and higher, and ultimately, become a peak character that could call upon the wind and rain.

Today, Zhang Tianyi, Chu Feng, and Zi Ling experienced the power of those in the 7th level of the Heaven realm. It was indeed a realm that the current they could not fight against.

“Hahaha! Chu Feng, Zi Ling, Zhang Tianyi, the three of you were wild enough just now! Didn’t you threaten to kill me? Didn’t you threaten to kill my son? Didn’t you threaten to exterminate my Murong family? Didn’t you threaten to exterminate my Sword God Valley?”

“How about now? Why aren’t you even moving? Where did all the airs you have just now go?” At that instant, the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley acted as if he was a little despicable person acquiring a bit of success as he insanely laughed loudly. The bloodlust in his eyes overflowed everywhere but at the same time, a sinister and cold smile was on his face.

“You old bastard. If you want to kill, then kill. If you want to cut, then cut. Speak less rubbish to me.”

“You are only relying on your ancestor’s power to restrict me. If you don’t have your ancestor’s power, where the hell would you be?”

“From what I see, it’s a waste for you to live so long. It’s a waste for cultivating for so many years. You even call yourself as the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley. Ha! You are actually an old pile of garbage.” Zhang Tianyi did not fear the heavens nor the earth as he threw insults at the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley.

“You damn brat. Just now, you were the one who talked the biggest. Right now, you even dare to force such words through? Sure, I’ll let you.” The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley coldly smiled, then raised his palm. A three feet long blade of light appeared in his palm.

Quickly after, he suddenly waved it, and the blade of light pierced into Zhang Tianyi’s chest. With a “puchi”, it pierced through Zhang Tianyi’s chest.

“Haha, you old bastard. This is all you’ve got? It’s not exciting enough, it’s not refreshing enough! Can’t you torture people better?”

“I’ll tell you this. You better kill me quicker, or else when your ancestor’s power disappears, I will make you wish you were dead.” When Zhang Tianyi’s chest was pierced through, he had actually not cried out or yelled. Rather, he loudly laughed.

The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley could no longer hold his anger. He held the blade of light, pointed towards Zhang Tianyi’s dantian, and said while scowling, “You brat, you want to keep talking like that? I’ll destroy your cultivation right now. Then let’s see what words you’ll say to me.”

“Sword God Valley you bastard.” Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly yelled loudly, then howled, “You shameless old thing. I see that you look like a bear and have the spirit of a monkey. With your ancestor’s power, you’ve gotten conceited again?”

“Have you forgotten about the times when you were chased after and had to run everywhere while stumbling and rolling on the ground? Have you forgotten jumping off a cliff when you were beaten up and had no more roads to escape that year?”

“In order to evade an archenemy family, you even feigned death. You truly have no shame!”

“What? Now you talking about abilities? Ha! After painstakingly cultivating for dozens of years in isolation, weren’t you still beaten up like a dog by my Senior Zhang?”

“Senior Zhang is correct. You are a pile of old trash. You’ve wasted so many years cultivating, and you are still inferior to the few years of cultivating we, a bunch of young people, have done. Have all your years been lived as a dog?”

Chu Feng kept on throwing insults as well as all sorts of mocking expressions. It caused the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley to be so angry that his face turned from blue to purple and from purple to blue. Even his hands were trembling as he pointed his sword of light at Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, I originally wanted to take care of you later on. You are truly impatient to die.”

“That’s right. My skin is itching and I can’t waiting anymore. If you can, come touch me and try it out! Let me see how you’ll kill me.” Chu Feng loudly laughed and his eyes were filled with disdain.

“Yo…yo…you think that I won’t dare?” Being looked down on by a person of the young generation, even the liver of the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley ached from anger.

“Father, don’t waste any words with them. Quickly, when the power of the ancestor is still here, kill them. Don’t be tricked by their delaying plan.” Just at that time, the head of the Sword God Valley advised.

“That’s right. Listen to your son and quickly kill us. Don’t get tricked by us, or else without the power of your ancestor, what the hell can you even do? My Senior Zhang can kill you even with his eyes closed.” Chu Feng coldly mocked.

The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley was truly enraged. He turned his hand back and with a bang, a huge slap landed on his son’s face. Then after that, he pointed at him and angrily said, “Shut up. Do I need you to teach me what to do?”

“I…” At that instant, the face of the grand head of the Sword God Valley was filled with grievance, but he didn’t dare to say anything. He could only back away to the side.

Finally, the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley cast his gaze to Chu Feng again. A sinister and dark smile formed from the corners of his mouth raising as he said,

“Chu Feng, don’t think that I don’t know your little tricks. Isn’t it just to anger me, then torture you bit by bit, and after the power of my ancestor disappears, counterattack?”

“Hmph. Do you think I wouldn’t see through your methods?”

“I know that your skin is thick and you are not afraid of torture. But what about the one next to you? Can this Lady Zi Ling bear my torture?”

As he spoke, the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley went up to Zi Ling, used his hand to raise Zi Ling’s sharp jaw, and lustfully said,

“Ayaya, this small appearance is truly quite beautiful. I’ve lived for so many years, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such a pretty lady. I wonder what she’ll look like if there are a few bloody cuts on this face.”

“You dare?!!” Seeing that, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly. On his face that was not afraid of the heavens nor the earth before, violent fury instantly appeared and at the same time, there was extreme uneasy fear.

It was not afraid how the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley tortured him. No matter how, it would be fine. However, he could absolutely not tolerate him going to torture Zi Ling. He firmly did not tolerate it.

“Haha, I don’t dare?”

“I’ll show you if I dare or not!” The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley laughed loudly, then quickly after, suddenly waved his big hand. With a bang, his thick and powerful hand left a deep-red-coloured handprint on Zi Ling’s white face.

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