MGA – Chapter 447

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MGA: Chapter 447 – Forward to the Sword God Valley

“Where’s the ancestor?” As the crowd heartily surrounded them and after chatting for a while, only then did Chu Feng notice that the Azure Dragon Founder was not there.

“Oh. He’s strengthening the power of the Sealing Spirit Formation. Recently, the situation of Su Rou and Su Mei is getting more and more unstable.” As that matter was mentioned, a touch of worry and helplessness appeared onto Zhuge Liuyun’s face.

After knowing that, Chu Feng’s face instantly changed and he hurriedly brought Zi Ling towards the formation that sealed Su Rou and Su Mei. Seeing that, the others also hurriedly followed.

After arriving in front of the formation, Chu Feng discovered that the Azure Dragon Founder was indeed guarding at that place. He was currently channeling power at the formation, but perhaps because he was a consciousness, no matter how much stronger he was when he was alive, currently, his power didn’t really follow command of his heart.

“Senior, let me help you.” Seeing that, Zi Ling who was also a Blue-cloak World Spiritist went up without even thinking and used practiced Spirit Formation methods to help the Azure Dragon Founder strengthen the power of the formation.

“Mm?” After seeing Zi Ling, a hint of astonishment also passed through the Azure Dragon Founder’s eyes.

It was because Zi Ling was very young, yet she already became a Blue-cloak World Spiritist at that age. It was simply something that hadn’t appeared before in the Azure Dragon Founder’s era.

Besides, Zi Ling’s cultivation was very overwhelming as well. She entered the 1st level of the Heaven realm at that age. It was something that similarly never happened before in his era.

So, that was why the Azure Dragon Founder was astonished because he felt like he saw an extremely outstanding genius. That genius would surpass his generation, and far surpass him.

“Ancestor, she is called Zi Ling. She is my fiancée.” Just at that time, Chu Feng walked up. From his Cosmos Sack, he took out a large amount of Spirit Formation Rocks. Those things could make the Spirit Formation even stronger.

“Oh? Such an excellent girl is actually your fiancée? Boy, your luck is truly not shallow! Haha, much better than mine.”

Only after seeing Chu Feng did the Azure Dragon Founder know who Zi Ling was. He first satisfiedly nodded his head, then quickly after, looked at Chu Feng. Immediately, a hint of amazement flashed into his eyes as he said with shock,

“With the time of one year, you stepped into the 6th level of the Profound realm? Your speed of breaking through simply exceeds my predictions!”

“Heh, luck.” Chu Feng smilingly scratched his head.

“Boy, you’re just being modest right? But I like it very much. This means that I wasn’t mistaken.” The Azure Dragon Founder satisfiedly smiled and after meaningfully looking at Chu Feng and Zi Ling who was next to him, a touch of yearning had actually emerged into his eyes, as if the day to his own revival was already not far.

Afterwards, the Azure Dragon Founder did not say anymore useless words. Like Zi Ling, he concentrated on strengthening the formation.

At that time, Chu Feng who was a Grey-cloak World Spiritist could really not help much. He could only look through the gaps of the chains formations inwards at Su Rou and Su Mei who were greatly suffering.

Right now, Su Rou and Su Mei’s situation got even worse than a year ago. One had skin that was like ice with layers of frost covering it, whereas the other had fiery red skin that gave off bursts of heat. Their faces and figures could no longer be seen, and they simply didn’t look like a human anymore. More or less, it was a bit scary

Seeing the current Su Rou and Su Mei, then recalling and connecting them with their former beautiful appearances, Chu Feng’s heart felt pain as if it was being stirred around with a knife. If it wasn’t to save himself, there was no need for the two of them to be feeling the pain right now.

Finally, the formation strengthening was finished. The people from the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng’s family, as well as Su Rou and Su Mei’s father and elder brother got closer to one another. They could truly be said to be happily gathered together and ecstatic.

After Zhang Tianyi saw the Azure Dragon Founder, he was extremely excited and ceaselessly expressed emotions of admiration at the Azure Dragon Founder.

And the Azure Dragon Founder also liked Zhang Tianyi a lot. He gave him a very high rating. It was that Zhang Tianyi’s future achievements would definitely far surpass him in his own peak moments.

Of course, at the same time, he also gave ratings to Chu Feng and Zi Ling. Similarly, they were very high. In short, the continent would undoubtedly be unable to contain Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi. The three of them would step onto the even vaster stage.

After hearing the Azure Dragon Founder’s appraisals, almost everyone on scene widened their mouths from amazement because his appraisals were really high.

After that, Zhang Tianyi and the Azure Dragon Founder chatted alone for a while, then afterwards, got together with the crowd and started to talk about the stories that happened to the Azure Province recently. He first talked about his own heroic deeds, then talked about what Chu Feng did.

For every single thing, the crowd kept on shouting out in surprise, and from excitement, their hairs uncontrollably stood up straight. Many people even strongly gulped.

More and more, they felt that Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi were too strong. They simply surpassed their imaginations and did things that they didn’t even dare to dream of.

But as the crowd learnt about those things, the ones most proud and excited were none other than Chu Guyu, Chu Yue, Chu Cheng, Chu Zhen, and the other Chu family members.

Thinking back at first, how many of them looked down on Chu Feng and felt that he was too trash-like, that he lost their Chu family’s face, and also lost their faces?

But now, they were proud because of Chu Feng. Not only was it because Chu Feng was so strong, even their strengths greatly increased because of Chu Feng. If it was before, they could simply not imagine that they would have their current cultivations.

In reality, in one year, everyone had very huge improvements. By cultivating in the Essence Pool for a year, their cultivations had extremely great advancements.

It could be said that everyone improved with rapid speeds. Even the dull people before, in terms of martial cultivation, became a lot smarter now. It also meant that with the assistance of the Essence Pool, their martial cultivation talents had actually been raised.

But as they were indulged in joy, Chu Feng, from start to finish, was unable to raise his spirits because there was always one thing packed in his heart. Especially after seeing Su Rou and Su Mei’s present appearances, the thing in his heart became incomparably heavy, even to the point of suffocation.

So, Chu Feng went up to the formation alone again. He guarded that place, and silently looked at Su Rou and Su Mei who were in the formation.

“Don’t worry. Within one year, I will definitely save you. If I, Chu Feng, cannot save you, I will die with you.”

Seeing the beautiful sisters in the Spirit Formation, the eyes of the usually strong-minded Chu Feng was actually a bit moist. He couldn’t help making that decision in his heart. If he could not save Su Rou and Su Mei, he, Chu Feng, would absolutely not force himself to continue living.

“I can tell they were very beautiful when they were healthy.” Suddenly, a voice as pleasant to listen to as a silver bell rang out behind Chu Feng. Turning his head around to look, Zi Ling already appeared behind Chu Feng.

After seeing Chu Feng, Zi Ling sweetly smiled, then quickly after, cutely sat next to Chu Feng, together with him.

“Not only were the beautiful, they treated me very well. They only became how they are right now because of me.” Chu Feng said.

“If it was me, I would do that as well, and if it was you, for us, you would do the same thing.” Zi Ling sweetly smilingly said.

Seeing such an understanding Zi Ling, Chu Feng really did not know what to say. So, he didn’t say anything at all. He brought the outstanding little beauty into his embrace. Zi Ling, like a little bird relying on a person, leaned in Chu Feng’s embrace.

Just like that, for a night, Chu Feng and Zi Ling guarded the outside of Su Rou and Su Mei’s sealing formation.

Zhang Tianyi, on the other hand, chatted with laughters for a night with the disciples and elders of the Azure Dragon School as well as with Chu Feng’s family.

In the second morning, after Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi ate breakfast with his family members in the Thousand Bone Graveyard, they said their farewells to the crowd, sat on the Exquisite Chariot, and hurried towards the Sui Province.

Because, the Sui Province was where the Sword God Valley was located in.

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    1. Oh wow. the people here are just…I don’t even know how to describe it. Su Rou and Su Mei both treated him nicely, saved his life, gave him great benefits and generously supported him at the risk of being against the world, just like zi ling, only they don’t have the same benefits of zi ling, and for that they deserve to die? you don’t feel any shame at all in what you are suggesting? they are growing and are being approved, but just because of your warped sense of values you want them to actually die? I get this is fiction but JFC…

  1. see emotions that chu feng displays out of nowhere you could actually think he thouth about them all the time when he mentioned them literaly once in the entire year and when he saves them they will be thrown away just a little bit later (along with zi ling) to go “whatever excuse author provides to separate them and get new haremettes” sigh

    1. Although he only ‘mentioned them literaly once in the entire year’, as you’ve so eloquently put, you may remember that the whole reason he left on his Power-up journey was to quickly raise his cultivation in order to help the sisters recover.

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    1. Yes thank you! what the hell? first they didnt save him they rushed at him when he told them to run away its their own fault that they are like that in the first place, At secondly neither of them can compare to Zi Ling they have newer really “proven or done any action that displays their devotion to him” So ru sleept with MC yes she did after he jumped on her she newer enitiated it on her own. And another Very important point is that they are both naive and foolish and want to forgive their father and cant handle reality, while Li Zing is the same as MC they both are totally fine with deceiving, using people and killing without remorse they are really similar to each other and Zi Ling is willing to do anything for MC “except for one thing”. Zi Ling is also way more beautiful that both of them, they are not even worthy to be his concubines.And he wants to kill himself if they die? wtf MC has really disappointed me give up everything and betray everyone who relies on him aswell as Zi Ling who loves him and have devoted her life to him. He plans to forsake them all? and for what two naive girls that are not even close to Zi Ling in appearance or emotions towards MC? And Zi Ling is also quite intelligent. Su ru and su mui cant even hold a finger against ZI ling they cant compare.

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          If a new girl shows up and can give mc even more things would that make her love towards him greater? NO! But if a new girl really shows an even greater love and suitebility the yes that would be possible. If you belive that MC should just sleep with every single girl and not take their actions and thoughts into consideration…….. then fine even tho thats pretty lowlife point of view. But dont even try to “compare” Su Mei and Su Rou with Zi Ling its just disgraceful and shows just how little you have really understood of the story this far.

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