MGA – Chapter 401

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MGA: Chapter 401 – Him or None Other

And after Zi Ling walked out of the sedan chair, she lightly treaded, then walked two steps forward. Only then did she stand completely straight in the middle of the luxurious dance stage.

Zi Ling’s eyes blinked and after she very casually swept her gaze over the crowd, she opened her red lips and spoke with her sweet, beautiful, and enchanting voice,

“The person whom I love…his name is Chu Feng.”


“I haven’t heard wrong right? It’s Chu Feng?!!”

After Zi Ling spoke, it was like a thunder in a clear sky and people’s expressions greatly changed to shock. All of them were stupefied and some even endlessly yelled madly. It had to be said that everyone on scene were stunned by Zi Ling’s words.

Because, what they thought of was that the person could be Jie Qingming, could be Xu Zhongyu, it could also be an unknown yet a person who had a handsome face, but they never would have thought that the person would be Chu Feng.

Who was Chu Feng? He was a person with heavy crimes who the current six big powers were uniting to apprehend. The people in the continent of the Nine Provinces should be disgusted with him, and righteous people should kill him.

Zi Ling… Yet Zi Ling had actually stood out and said the person she liked was Chu Feng! Was it possible that she was an idiot? Or did she still not know about Chu Feng’s matters and was still lost in Chu Feng’s outer righteous appearance?

It had to be said that after the name Chu Feng was spoken from Zi Ling’s mouth, a huge uproar was ignited. Everyone on scene could no longer remain calm.

“Dammit. It’s Chu Feng again. God damn, it’s him.”

“He should die. He should truly die. Which part of that brat is good? Why did even Lady Zi Ling fall to him?”

But at that very instant, the ones with the most stirred up emotions were Tang Yixiu, Song Qingfeng, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao.

They who had fallen in love with Zi Ling for a long time never would have thought that the one who ultimately took away Zi Ling’s heart was the brat they hated the most. Chu Feng.

If the one Zi Ling loved was Jie Qingming or Xu Zhongyu, even if it wasn’t them, they could still accept it. But when it was Chu Feng, they could really not accept it

“It’s that brat called Chu Feng? What virtue or ability does he have? How is he worthy for my Zi Ling?”

At the same time, Murong Yu also angrily yelled. He, who was not on good terms with Tang Yixiu and the others, was currently facing the problem of “the one Zi Ling loved”. Unexpectedly, he was standing on the same line of battle as Tang Yixiu and the others.

In reality, although many people didn’t have appearances that were as violent as theirs, nor as lofty as them, they were similarly endlessly furious in their hearts.

For example, Jie Qingming, the genius who already successfully set up a marriage with a lady from the Prestigious Villa. Within his sleeves, his fists were already powerfully clenched tightly and the flames of fury in his body was currently running amok everywhere, but his roaring killing intent was not leaking anywhere.

He was very bitter. Bitter that he lost to a brat he looked down upon, and the one he loved had actually loved a person he hated.

In reality, not to mention the people of the young generation being extremely shocked, even the ones in the old generation were the same.

At that instant, the heads of the six big powers were all there. Their eyes narrowed slightly, their gazes flickered, and they were somewhat unable to see through the young female on the stage.

Because, when Zi Ling said that name, it was equal to declaring war to them. The consequences were very serious. Not only did it isolate herself, it even pushed the Prestigious Villa to the fiercest place of the battle.

And as the summit of the mountain peak was in chaos and people’s thoughts were in all sorts of complications, Zi Ling seemed abnormally calm and she continued speaking,

“To love a person, there is no need to change oneself.”

“To love a person, there is no need to make things hard for oneself.”

“To love a person, even more so, one should not be wronged.”

“Because, in true love, there should be more sweet than sorrow; greater happiness than pain.”

“For true love, even if it is within a deep, endless ocean of pain, as long as my heart doesn’t change, I will still be happy within.”


“To love a person, one should ignore their own safety for him.”

“To love a person, one should give everything possible for him.”

“To love a person, one should have an eternally unchanging heart.”

“No matter what kinds of difficulties or dangers there are forward, one does not become timid. One does not be shaken.”

“Even if that person becomes the enemy of the world, then I will also be willing to be by his side and fight against the world together with him.”

“The person whom I love is Chu Feng. No matter how the world’s people see him, no matter how they loathe him, no matter how they hate him, I, Zi Ling, choose him. I do not waver on this, and I only approve of him.”

“No person can shake my heart. No object can shake my heart. In this current life, I will only love Chu Feng and none other. My heart is willing, and I have no regrets.”

“Today, I, Zi Ling, will withdraw from the Prestigious Villa and from now on, I am no longer a disciple of the Prestigious Villa, nor Villa Head Qin Lei’s foster daughter. From today on, no matter what I do, it is completely unrelated to the Prestigious Villa.”

Zi Ling’s voice was very soft and pleasant, but it resonated next to people’s ears and every single word and phrase stunned them.

“Heavens! Zi Ling is actually willing to do all that for Chu Feng! To even cut off the relationship between her and the Prestigious Villa, to be by Chu Feng’s side, and to fight against the world with Chu Feng?”

“It is truly a shame, truly a shame. How can such a beauty be so idiotic? Chu Feng is a despicable and shameless person. How is he worthy for Lady Zi Ling to treat him like that?” Many people cried injustice for Zi Ling and felt that Chu Feng wasn’t worthy enough for her, and even more so, not worthy enough for her to do all that to that point.

“A female like that is blind like that. Indeed, this is extremely rare to see in this world. It must be said that Chu Feng is truly lucky. To be able to take away the heart of a female like that… His life is quite worth it.”

“Actually, thinking more carefully, this is also strength! No matter what Chu Feng has done, after all, he is a genius. We’ve seen his talent, and his courage is outstanding as well. After all, within the underground palace that day, he was the only person who dared to save Lady Zi Ling.”

“From the situation of that day, I do feel that Zi Ling’s choice is right. Actually, only Chu Feng is the one truly worth it for her to love, and only Chu Feng is worthy for Zi Ling.”

But some people also felt that Zi Ling was mad with love. She was a perfect female, and no matter what Chu Feng had done, at least Chu Feng madly loved Zi Ling as well, so the two of them matched quite a bit.

“God damn. What are the ways of the world these days? Is this the so-called ‘if it’s not a bad guy, women won’t love’?”

“It’s fine if such an excellent beauty like Zi Ling doesn’t choose us, but she doesn’t even choose Murong Yu. She doesn’t choose Xu Zhongyu. She doesn’t even choose Jie Qingming and she had to choose the wanted criminal, Chu Feng! What the hell is she thinking?”

However, some people also had no way of accepting that fact and felt that Zi Ling was simply an ignoble person. They had actually felt unfairness towards Jie Qingming and the others, and they started to loudly curse.

This was the so-called ‘same rice feeds a hundred types of people’. Every person’s thoughts were different. Every person’s view on things was different, but no matter what they thought, how they saw it, it was impossible to change Zi Ling’s heart because she had already chose Chu Feng.

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    1. Are chinese people like this? I mean, the author is chinese, so he writes with a chinese mindset. Are chinese people all like the people of this xianxia?

      “oh, she loves him? KILL HIM!!!”.

      1. well whenever someone gets absolute number 1 beauty, first thing that all males feel is jealousy… and whenever someone who is wanted criminal gets that beauty then jealousy, hatred and all other feelings get mixed in and everyone wants to kill him… and just whenever someone gains two beautifull women theeen they become public enemy number one for males 😀 😀

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        Well I do get attracted by beauties, but I am one of the few who doesn’t bat an eye much to them either. I may fantasize wanting to f*** them, but I don’t really get jealous of someone having such beauty by there side. I even seen a lot of ugly people with really pretty girlfriends while having charming voice, but I wouldn’t mind to ravish her, but that wasn’t out of jealousy.

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      I know that he wouldn’t actually beat her, but doing something that could inflict major psychological trauma isn’t better either. In any case I couldn’t help but agree with the part of the audience that thought that she’s too good for him this time.

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        The fact that you can’t see it from both perspectives, proves how biased you are.

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