MGA – Chapter 385

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MGA: Chapter 385 – Unexpectedly, There is a Elite Armament

“When all of you got the map to this place from Black Toad, have you ever thought that this will be your grave?”

“Hahaha, shameless humans! Do you truly think that Black Toad would sell us out? No matter what, you never would have thought that he intentionally got himself caught, intentionally told everything to you, and intentionally sent yourselves to this place to your death, right?”

“Ahh, what’s the point of telling this to them? This is a group of idiots who believe themselves to be intelligent. How can they possibly understand the feelings between us five brothers.”

“Although Black Toad’s son is very important to it, we brothers and the millions of Monstrous Beasts in this Thousand Monster Mountain are more important to Black Toad.”

And just at that time, ear-piercing laughter kept on ringing out nearby, and four figures walked into the palace. They were four Monstrous Beasts with well-built physiques and strong auras.

All of them wore armor. One had a scorpion head, one had a centipede head, one had a spider head, and one had a venomous snake head. They were precisely the four other Monster Kings of the Thousand Monster Mountain.

“Dammit. Four old monsters, if you have the guts, let me out and openly fight me! ”The head of the Yuangang school furiously howled.

“Despicable Monstrous Beasts, you only know how to use deceptive schemes and machinations. If you fight one-on-one against me, which one of you would even be able to defeat me?” The head of the Hidden White Sect also sinisterly roared.

However, facing their howls and insults, the four Monster Kings didn’t seem to care about them. They only loudly laughed, then quickly after, said, “In terms of despicableness, how can we be even compared to you? If you have to blame something, you can only blame yourselves for being too greedy.”

“Whatever, no need to speak any more useless words with them. It’s best to quickly kill them off to avoid any other problems.” The Scorpion King urged.

“No. I want to see the process of them painfully hanging on until their strengths get exhausted, then at the end, being refined into a pool of blood.” The Centipede King said.

“Big brother, second brother is correct. This formation was personally laid by our master back in that year. With extremely skilled formation methods, the power of the Elite Armament is thoroughly displayed.”

“Not to mention them, even if our master walked in the formation, it would be difficult to escape. That was what our master personally said.” The Spider King said.

“Yeah, this group of human scum have done many evils and immediately killing them is too favourable for them. It is better to watch as they die from torment.” The Venomous Snake King smiled and said.

“Elite Armament? Doesn’t that mean that there’s a Elite Armament within the formation?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was elated in his heart and he hurriedly spread out his Spirit power. It had actually penetrated through the transparent Spirit Formation door and covered the circular rock that gave off strange light.

“Zi Ling, there is truly a Elite Armament on top of it! Heavens, it seems like this time, we’ve gotten really lucky.” Chu Feng was madly joyful.

“Yeah, that Elite Armament is the source of power for this formation. As long as the Elite Armament is taken away, the formation will disappear.”

Zi Ling’s Spirit power was even stronger than Chu Feng. Not only did she detect that there was a Elite Armament on the circular rock stage, she even detected that the Elite Armament was crucial for the formation.

“Really? That means as long as that Elite Armament is removed, doesn’t that mean that the people from the eight-sided powers can be saved?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng rejoiced.

“What? You want to save them?” Zi Ling’s expression slightly changed and puzzledness appeared on her face.

“I owe favours to the people from the World Spirit Guild so I can’t let them just die like this. Besides, that’s the vice-head. If he dies, it will have huge effects on the World Spirit Guild. I cannot just watch as he dies and do nothing.” Chu Feng nodded his head.

Chu Feng didn’t care much about the other people’s lives, but to the people from the World Spirit Guild, he had to care about them. After all, the people from the World Spirit Guild had always treated Chu Feng quite well and they had helped him many times.

After the troubles at the Asura Ghost Tower, if he wasn’t strongly protected by the World Spirit Guild, perhaps Chu Feng would have been killed by the people from the Jie clan before even leaving the Spirit Province. So, Chu Feng really wanted to save the people from the World Spirit Guild.

“Do you know how dangerous this is? If we want to save them, what we face are the four Monster Kings with strengths in the 5th level of the Heaven realm.”

“You’ve experienced the Black Toad King before, so you know how strong it was. But do you know that within the five Monster Kings, the Black Toad King can only be ranked as fifth? The ranking of the five Monster Kings are arranged by strength.”

“It also means that if you want to save those people, then at this moment, what we need to face are four monsters that are even more terrifying that the Black Toad King.” Zi Ling seriously explained.

“Zi Ling, your foster father is also in there! Are you truly going to watch as he dies without saving him? How can your heart bear that?” Although Chu Feng knew that Zi Ling’s methods were ruthless, he never would have expected that Zi Ling would be so coldhearted.

“He’s my foster father only because he wants to bind my grandfather to the Prestigious Villa to work for him. I don’t feel half a bit of familial affection towards him.” Zi Ling curled her lips, then after that, urged Chu Feng,

“Chu Feng, there is no need for us to take this risk. Wait until all of them die and after the Monster Kings leave, we can go out again and get the Elite Armament without even gods or ghosts knowing. Why is there a need to take this risk?”

“Then can you guarantee when everyone gets refined into a pool of blood, the Monster Kings will leave the priceless Elite Armament here? Will they not take the Elite Armament away?”

“If I were them, I would absolutely not leave a treasure like this there. I would only bring it along with myself.”

“Besides, they have the ability to protect this treasure quite well. There is no need for them to leave it here.” Chu Feng justified.

At that instant, Zi Ling’s pupils glittered and she couldn’t help but slowly lower her head and sank into silence.


Seeing Zi Ling who was in that state, Chu Feng’s heartstrings jumped and he even thought that his words were too intense and had harmed Zi Ling. Just as he wanted to speak to console, Zi Ling suddenly raised her head and said to Chu Feng,

“Then fine. I’ll go out to distract them. Take the chance to take the Elite Armament, and if you can’t get the Elite Armament, then turn around, run, and leave me.”

“That won’t do. My speed is quicker than yours. I can just go out and take the Elite Armament. If I get it, I get it; but if I can’t get it, I can still retreat alive.”

“Who said that your speed is quicker than mine?” Suddenly, Zi Ling’s pupils turned purple and at the same time, layers of purple-coloured gas also surged out from her body.

The purple-coloured gas was extremely strong and it was simply extremely horrifying. After it appeared, the powerful aura forced Chu Feng a few steps back and he almost fell onto the ground.

“You…You are going to use your body’s power? Won’t that reveal your identity of a Divine Body?” Seeing that, Chu Feng’s face was filled with worry. Although the current Zi Ling was indeed very strong, and she was even stronger than the experts in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm, even so, she was far from being able to defeat the four Monster Kings. The most important thing was that Chu Feng worried about Zi Ling revealing her Divine Body, which would cause the Jiang Dynasty to chase after her to kill her.

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  1. LOL , can’t he just tell them that he was sent by the monster king and has some kind of mark letting him take it . After all they still call that beast their master meaning they still have loyalty. So if they know he is sent by their master to save them , Wouldn’t they be completely willing to let him get it with no probs ?

  2. So, am I the only one who has found this recent plot point of Zi Ling’s divine body being transferrable, to be really disgusting on several levels? Firstly it’s now causing out protag to seduce her under false pretences, specifically so he can have sex with her, which is really making me dislike him as a person. Secondly, as a statement on gender issues/equality it’s pretty awfull, as the author has crafted a situation where for her to remain strong/special she has to remain celibate for the rest of her life (and consequently alone), whereas for a male in this world with a similar body they have no downsides, and also are incentivised to treat her like a piece of meat even more.

    1. I’m perfectly fine with it. Chu feng put his live on the line for her multiple times and has saved her while she has yet to return the favor even once. Plus he wants to sleep with her the divine body is just a perk. Plus she does not lose her power just her cherry picker gets a boost.

    2. Well, it’s not as if the author created Chu Feng’s character with the intention of making him a saint. Just in case you forgot: he is murdering innocent families just because one of them offended him. Or the time he raped the disciple from the girls school and made her friend watch.
      Chu Feng is basically the incarnation of bitch-slapping who gets one power-up after the other, and as such, it’s not very strange that he would get benefits from banging a girl. As for your mention of gender equality… you read the part about how women were way better than men with divine bodies, because they could SHARE their power? And if you are really that upset with the fact of him trying to seduce Zi Ling, think about this: the relationship with Sou Rou started with him raping her, so maybe this is how the author sets up their romance this time (and honestly, I don’t know how he even could bring them together in another way… And I mean, the fact that they are coming together is 100% sure, since he is the MC and she is the hottest girl)

      1. Bad examples, he was super drugged up when he raped Su Rou, which doesn’t really excuse it but does maybe mitigate it, and with the other one, what he did just seemed fair to me. They conspired to rape him, he raped one of them in retaliation. Doesn’t make it nice, but again does make it fair.

        And regarding the whole family massacring thing, I am ok with that. I always thought of Chu Feng as an antihero, this recent stuff just makes the difference between a likeable antihero, which he was, and just a regular bad guy, which he now is (or will be if he goes through with it I guess).

        Also, regarding sharing the power, I must have missed that, because I thought it specifically said that a portion of her power would be taken. I may be wrong, if someone wants to find a quote that’d be cool.

    3. Well, its not like after he is going to abandon her after he pops her cherry. Like Su Rou’s case when he popped her cherry, he took responsibility and takes her as his wife and begins to love her. I’m sure same is going to happen to Zi Ling.

      On the gender equality topic; this is a Chinese novel. I don’t really think I’d have to explain what I mean by that but if I do; China views males as more important and has more power than female and females are usually decorations and children rearing(not my own opinion, don’t bash me. And I’m also talking about China a few hundred years ago because that is the era I imagine the story is in when I read it).

      1. On the gender equality thing, I think you should judge it with this era’s standards instead of when the story is taking place (although unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference). That’s because the rule that the woman shares her power when she has sex, is something the author decided, it wasn’t Chu Feng acting as a normal male of that time.

        However despite all the era differences, I did find Chu Feng’s actions to be despicable this time. Sure, trying to save her to this extent was kind of a redemption, but why would he need redemption if he did nothing wrong? And let’s face it, he admitted that he didn’t love her when he started saving her, so what was his original plan?

        Make a 15 year old girl with trust issues fall for and sleep with him, and then tell her that he didn’t love her and that he actually had two women that he really did love? Douchebag doesn’t even begin to describe it. And even worse, all the other times he was killing and torturing people, he was doing it to take revenge against people who had acted against him or his family. Did he take things too far? Probably. But at least he was provoked first. Now he was willing to emotionally cripple a woman that hadn’t really wronged him just to get more powerful faster.

        This kind of action takes him out of anti-hero territory and makes him indistinguishable from most villains we read about here.

        1. Yes….because 16 ear olds aren’t stupid….. Her age is irrelevant. If you’re going to say it’s bad don’t make arguments using her age, just talk about it being bad….

          Furthermore, don’t just make it worse by embellishing the story. As far as we know he is going to sleep with her and attempt run off. Let’s not start acting like he’ll pull some kind of big reveal etc.

          Lastly, and you can quote me on this in 100 chapters if I’m wrong. But, Zi Ling and Teach have a very weird romance sparking off at the moment. He is getting involved with her for all the wrong reasons, but even after he pretty much ended up dead you are willing to believe it’s for a power up??? Without any hint of emotion???? Really??

          I don’t mind you saying he wouldn’t need redeeming if he wasn’t in the wrong, but come on…. He was dead. Ice cold, frozen, popsicle dead. The two are alive because they cared enough about each other to move the world spiritist. In fact, ever since meeting her Teach has held her in high regard/ been fearful of her. His idiotic behaviour when she was first revealed to be a woman. Because she was female, he didn’t want to hurt her. She still has given him no reason to hurt her. So far he has reason to use her, but he was using the World Spirit Guild wasn’t he? He was using Qi Fengyang wasn’t he? Look how that turned out…

          Please stop ranting while angry at the story, at least before you think about whether the story is saying what you are attempting to force it to say. We all have our opinions, ideals and pet hates. But, at least keep whatever sin you feel the story is committing relevant to what the story’s text says.

          1. ”He is getting involved with her for all the wrong reasons, but even after he pretty much ended up dead you are willing to believe it’s for a power up??? Without any hint of emotion???? Really??” you win here, man i always agree with your coments, i don’t even need to coment anything in this discussion xD

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