MGA – Chapter 371

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MGA: Chapter 371 – Truth Exposed

After the Black Toad King’s words were spoken, Liu Zhizun’s face was quite ugly as well. At the same time, everyone’s gazes were looking at Liu Zhizun, and their eyes were similarly very strange.

Because, at a time like this, the one who should stand out the most was indeed Liu Zhizun, but after facing such a dangerous situation, he did not stand out. That couldn’t avoid causing some people to be disappointed.

After that, the Black Toad King didn’t pay attention to Liu Zhizun anymore. He cast his gaze towards the male with the ordinary face and said, “You can indeed die for her, because this is the game that I want to play with all of you.”

“But very quickly, you will know that to you, perhaps death is an unfeasible request, perhaps death is an escape.”

“Hedgehog, I’ll leave this brat to you. There is no need for me to say what to do right?” After that, the Black Toad King looked at another Monstrous Beast that had sharp spikes all over its body. That Monstrous Beast was one of the two Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts.

“My king, just leave this to me.” That hedgehog Monstrous Beast had a very large body and sharp weapons were everywhere on its body. Especially its claws. They were simply like murder weapons.

“Ahh!” After it arrived in front of the man, it raised its leg and kicked him to the ground. Quickly after, it said with an extremely strange tone and an eerie gaze, “Don’t worry. I will make you endless recall this aftertaste and this life will never be forgotten by you.”

*whoosh* Suddenly, the hedgehog Monstrous Beast abruptly attacked and its sharp claws fiercely stabbed into the man’s back. Instantly, blood splattered everywhere and a miserable cry endlessly rang out.

“Ahh~~~~~~” Feeling such sudden piercing pain from his back, the man howled in agony. However, that was merely the beginning.

After stabbing its claws into the man’s body, the hedgehog started to use all sorts of methods to ceaselessly torture the man. The level of cruelness simply caused people to not dare to look straight, and even Chu Feng’s scalp numbed.

It had to be said in terms of ruthlessness, humans were still a bit inferior to Monstrous Beasts. The bloodthirsty animals were really too savage.

As he was tortured by the hedgehog Monstrous Beast, very quickly, that man’s body had blood all over him and his limbs were incomplete, and as predicted by the Black Toad King, the man started to beg. He wasn’t begging to live, but begging to die because the current him would indeed rather die than live.

But how would the Black Toad King, who felt incomparable hatred towards humans, easily let him go? The man was still always tortured, and after the man’s blood ran out, his consciousness was extracted and tormented. It was only willing to stop after the man’s mind collapsed and was thoroughly destroyed.

“Applaudable courage, but his perseverance was not too great. He died so quickly.” Looking at the man who breathed no more and was laying on the ground, the Black Toad King disappointedly shook his head, then after that, he grabbed with his big hand and threw another female to the cow-headed Monstrous Beast, looked towards the group of people, and said,

“The rules are the same as last time. As long as someone is willing to trade life for life, not only will this girl be able to continue living, she can even avoid being toyed with and abused.”

After hearing those words, everyone’s faces changed greatly and all of them lowered their heads in silence, avoiding the Black Toad King’s gaze.

“Timid humans!” The Black Toad King first smiled in mock, then after that, turned around and said to the cow-headed Monstrous Beast, “Little Cow, this time, you can play as you wish. Remember, play until death, and don’t restrain yourself.”

“Thank you my king.” And why would the cow-headed Monstrous Beast restrain itself when it was already burning up in the flames of desire? He stripped off the clothes of the beauty in a very practiced way, then following that, started to violently play around with that beauty in front of the crowd.

“Ahh~~~~~Save me! Help! Ahh~~~~~~It hurts! Ahh~~~~~~~”

At that instant, the female started to howl in a heart-tearing and lung-splitting way. It could be seen what kind of agony she was enduring.

But no one cared. Since they were unrelated in any way, who would be willing to take their life to save her? Especially after seeing how miserably the man before was tortured, a thing like that would not possibly happen again.

So, after a while of cruel abuse, the tragic female, at the end, died because of insufficient strength, and her process of dying was not much better than the man’s.

“Ahh, humans are truly weak! They’re finished so soon! Little Horse, you have done meritorious spying as well, so I’ll give this one and you can handle her.”

“Thank you my king.” Just as the Black Toad King finished speaking, a cow-headed Monstrous Beast walked out from one of the palace’s sides. Although it was a horse’s head, one could still see how happy and excited it was at that moment. So it seemed like a large portion of Monstrous Beasts yearned for a taste of human beauties.

“Mm. This girl is truly not bad. I’ll reward her to you.” After searching for a while, the Black Toad King had actually landed its gaze onto Xia Le’r. Its big claw swiped the air, and Xia Le’r floated up and landed within the embrace of the horse-headed Monstrous Beast.

“Ahh, no, no!”

“Save me, save me!”

Xia Le’r never would have thought that she would become the next sacrifice. As long as she thought of the scene of the previous female being abused to death by the cow-headed Monstrous Beast, she was going to collapse inwards.

However, no matter how much she yelled for help, there was no one who cared about her. Seeing that the horse-headed Monstrous Beast was going to pull her skirt away and prepared to go violent on her, she could only cast her gaze towards Liu Zhizun and say, “Senior Liu, quickly save me!!”

But what kind of person was Liu Zhizun? How was it possible for him to be willing to give up his own life for someone like her? So naturally, he decided to lower his head and ignore.

“Liu Zhizun you bastard! What a waste it was to help you. Are you not going to save those in mortal danger? If you still don’t save me, I’ll announce what you did and let everyone know all the things you’ve done, and let everyone know what kind of person you are!” Xia Le’r started to insanely yell.

“Xia Le’r, don’t blurt out nonsense. What things do I, Liu Zhizun, need to fear being revealed by you?” Liu Zhizun’s expression slightly changed and he coldly questioned.

“Fine! Damn Liu Zhizun, do you truly think that I won’t dare to say it?”

“From head to toe, you are a false, despicable person. You lied to me, and said that you were already set to be the future villa head by the current villa head, and from that, stole my body away. After that, you coerced and bribed me to help you do some unrevealable things.”

“You’re saying that I’m blurting out nonsense? Fine, I won’t talk about the distant past, I’ll talk about the recent. You wanted me to invite Chu Feng to a meal, then falsely accuse him for wanting to violate me. Was it arranged by you?”

“Don’t you think I didn’t know what you thought about. You were just feeling envy towards Chu Feng and Junior Zi Ling’s close relationship so you thought of a method like this in order to entrap Chu Feng.”

“I was blind, and I had actually believed the promise you set with me in order to do such conscienceless thing.” Seeing that Liu Zhizun wasn’t willing to come out and help, Xia Le’r didn’t hold herself back and stated all the actions done by Liu Zhizun in detail.

“What? This wouldn’t be true would it? Liu Zhizun is actually so despicable?”

And after Xia Le’r words came out of her mouth, it caused people to be abruptly shocked and every single one of them couldn’t help but cast their gazes towards Liu Zhizun as they felt such disbelief.

After all, on the road here, Liu Zhizun pretended to be so righteous, he pretended to be filled with airs of just.

If what Xia Le’r said was true, didn’t it mean that Liu Zhizun was, in reality, a complete phony? A complete hypocrite?

In actuality, even Zi Ling’s beautiful eyes slightly trembled and she couldn’t help but look at Chu Feng.

Seeing that, Chu Feng chuckled and said, “See? I told you, I was framed right?”

Zi Ling curled her lips, and after fiercely glaring at Chu Feng, she said, “You are no good thing either.” After speaking, she turned her head around and no longer paid attention to Chu Feng.

“Xia Le’r, you truly know how to make up things. Do you truly think that everything will believe your idiotic lie?” At the same time, Liu Zhizun laughed loudly. Obviously, he could not admit that he had done that.

“Naturally, everyone is able to determine whether my words are true or false. I just want to give a word of advice to my sisters. Do not, ever, believe Liu Zhizun because he is a despicable person.”

“As the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, he sees his own juniors being abused by others yet only watches on the side with hands in his sleeves. Purely that makes him unworthy to be the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa.”

Xia Le’r hysterically yelled, expressing her current fury. Before death, she still wanted Liu Zhizun to lose all of his reputation.

However, that was unable to change fate. Before she finished speaking, the horse-headed Monstrous Beast who had intense lust started to move on her. With that, Xia Le’r became the second female to be sorrowfully sacrificed.

But Chu Feng did not have the slightest trace of sympathy because to his enemies, Chu Feng only felt hatred, regardless of gender.

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52 thoughts on “MGA – Chapter 371” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I actually feel sorry for that girl… both of those girls… I thought she deserved bad… but not that bad…

    Made me cry…

    There is something wrong with this author… just too wrong…

    1. Oh, yeah, because the hideous way that man was tortured, the one whom sacrificed himself to save the 1st one, was totally nothing, right?
      You people and your over sensitivity to women…Seriously now.

      The females died from internal bleeding, while that man was meticulously cut and broken until his mind snapped. You guys are projecting way too much into this without properly reading the scenario.

      1. Totally agree MrVoid, poor dude not even got a glance back from that random woman after he sacrificed his life to save her, some women never treat a man’s life as important when he isn’t related to them, but most guys do care, men are not toys to be used by women, not saying it in an anti-feminist way, just look at both people’s suffering and compare.

    2. Something is wrong with you for caring so much about girls. She has also only left bad impressions. Is anyone with a vagina a holy being that needs to be added to the harem, while all the males can be tortured to death for all you care? Seriously.

      I felt more sympathy for the guy than the girl, FAR MORE sympathy. She even tried to frame and let the mc get killed, how is it not justified that she died in such a manner.

      Kinda sick of your attitude towards harems and the girls in the story. You seriously can’t properly appreciate a good story if you think that adding countless, mindless love dolls/sex slaves to the harem that will be nothing other than minor side-characters of no importance to the plot and with no development whatsoever, is a good idea. Even harems are better kept reasonable with just a few girls, 3-5 is a good amount. More than that and every girl will just become a copy-paste template pocket pussy with no personality or development. At least if you keep it around that number we can see some proper development and some importance will be placed on all of the girls. Personality and attitude is extremely important when girls are added to the harem, and these girls are clearly not worthy, they’re sick, twisted bitches, arrogant and conceited as hell, the type you don’t want close to you. People like that are better off dead.

      1. I never said she didn’t deserve to be punished… but the way she was punished seemed too tragic. And yes, she did something wrong… but there are still ways to be punished….

        Besides, adding more girls to the story doesn’t really take away. Most of these chinese stories aren’t liked for their writing quality, but the situations.

        MC gets looked down on, you feel great when he slaps everyone in the face and have them worship the MC. Enemy does something that pisses reader off too much, they die tragic deaths that make readers feel good. And then you rinse and repeat.

        That is really what makes these stories enjoyable and engaging…

  2. I… Even I don’t think that was an appropriate way for a female to die… and two of them….
    I know some people have beastiality fetishes, however I exceedingly don’t understand why people like it.
    Well… the lesson to take from this is to never let your women go into hazardous situations such as war, this blunder of a gathering, and even at home from looking at the Su sisters’ idiot father situation.

    Sigh… i wish authors would stop with this stuff.

    1. I know, right? He does the rape stuff too often in this series…. females being raped or almost being raped is as common as Chu Feng kicking ass…. more than half the novel involves rape…

      1. On the contrary, I think the author is being faithful to the setting. In the highly violent wuxia setting were he could avoid writing about it and just concentrate in training, beating enemies and get the ladies only brings this feeling of censorship to the grim side of wuxia focusing only in the adventure. Even if I don’t like the rape subject, unless the author starts focusing on unneeded rape descriptions it doesn’t feel out of place. The author just wants us to remind us again and again that the wuxia world were Chu Feng lives is not only about adventure but a world of tragedy were people get trampled on a everyday basis.

        My point is while there’s nothing wrong with other wuxia were you don’t find this (like CD), we have to remember this a novel intended for ‘mature’ readers. Once again, I don’t like rape and I only disregard it because the author doesn’t give me a rape fetish feel like Berserk gives me sometimes. I would retract this if the author starts getting suspicious like you’ve felt when rape was brought up again.

        1. These guys are so over sensitive you deserved to be sheltered all your life . in a wold where people slather whole families with painful detail , lie cheat steal immaculately the thing that bothered you the most was people being raped to death …really ..please use some brain power and leave if your that sensative

          1. @Darkdevlin2
            I’m here to pat both of us on the back, because I totally agree with you.

            “Oh no! Women are being raped to death! This is absolutely too cruel and not acceptable!!”

            > Everyone else have their skin pulled from their body, their intestines are prolapsed from their anus and they’re consequently burnt alive.
            >> “This is soooo cool! Haha! Look at them die!”

            Some of you people have a bloody problem, thinking that ripping someone’s skin is totally fine, while raping someone to death is “simply too much”. <_<

    2. Why should the author stop? The whole novel is classified as adult/mature so if you can’t stomach real events that actually can/may happen maybe you should stop trying to read it instead.

      You’re making it as if the author wrote it for “bestiality” purposes. This is just dumb. It’s just being faithful to the setting and being realistic, and that what makes it amazing.

      Likewise, there’s also a manga called “Berserk” which just happen to have the same circumstances. All kinds of rape with ALL ages and sexes, massacre, brutality, and guess what, people LOVE it and it’s highly rated! NOT because of the porn itself but because it’s REALISTIC and FAITHFUL to its setting.

      MGA already had massacres where a whole city gets butchered, head exploding, decapitation, castration, even child rape BUT when rape with monsters happen, you went nuts like “OMG Women getting raped by horses and cows. People love bestiality fetishes but I feel too bad about them so the author should stop writing it.”

      What the actual f**k!? Just how ridiculous is that!?

  3. To anybody complaining about the author’s choice of direction, this is a piece of fiction that was clearly incredibly brutal and vicious from the start. So you guys are fine with Chu Feng constantly beheading people and people being tortured, even with whole clans being killed, but someone gets raped to death, and it’s too far?

    I call bullshit! These women were attacking the home country of a different race and you guys come in here with your moral judgements. The whole point of this novel is it’s a dog eat dog world. People in this novel will do absolutely anything to get ahead or to protect their clan/family/territory and we’ve seen that multiple times. If you have problems with monsters raping warriors to death because their territory was invaded, you have a problem with the entire concept of this novel.

    Just because you get weak-willed at the image of women warriors (martial cultivators that are incredibly high ranked in the profound realm) being raped doesn’t mean other people will. I came here to read about brutality meeting brutality, and this is it.

    1. That isn’t it… the author just focuses too much on it… way too much….

      Plus… I really wanted Xia Le’r to join Chu Feng’s harem… o( >< )o

      It's like when you enjoy the MC killing enemies, but hate it when one of your liked characters get killed….

      You don't let the MC's harem get raped!!!! (or the female in a relationship with a character you like… or you want them to be in a relationship with a character you like).

      1. If you call me biased… Then you are correct!
        I am from what you call “the purists” group. In which I am fine with the MC doing stuff to others, but I tend to view beasts or monster to be subhuman. I perceive these subhumans to have no rights at all and I am ok with them being slaughtered without any sort of recourse. beastiality is a big no in my book.
        I also tend to dislike putting any sort of NTR or rape in stories that I write because I don’t want to torture the MC too much.
        The reason why I didn’t get past the 1st chapter of Berserk was because of so much rape elements that I felt disgusted.
        I even almost threw away Dragon age once the truth about the broodmothers were explained to me…

      2. You guys are basically admitting that it’s just your personal preferences getting in the way of the author’s work, instead of a genuine literary criticism or plot criticism on your part. Let the author do his work, read something else if you don’t want a cold harsh dose of reality. Like Chu Feng said, he didn’t even feel sorry for Xia Le’r, because she was clearly a vicious and evil woman who was willing to throw other people under the bus for her own advancement. I didn’t come here to read some kind of coddling for the people who commit evil acts, woman or not. So, fact is, if you say ‘this is too much because it’s doing something I don’t like’ then I can say ‘this isn’t too much because it’s doing something that I like.’ It’s also an unfounded accusation to say something is wrong with the author just because you don’t like the things he writes. This is fiction.

        To sum it up, both you and DestinyRaider are just projecting your own preferences upon the author even while you knew what sort of light novel this was. To want slight changes is one thing, but like I said, to be disgusted with the rape of guilty warriors committing crimes while praising the vicious murder and torture of male warriors, is hypocrisy. After all, I don’t see you guys complaining about the guy who was tortured to death by that hedgehog. That guy was a true warrior, willing to give up his life in exchange for another, even if for love. All he got for that? Tortured to death. Yet you ignore this and bemoan how your favorite female villain got raped instead of converted.

        In conclusion, if there should be someone who there is something wrong with, it should be you not the author. The author perfectly understands what he’s writing and why he’s doing it. You just blindly criticize him and even accuse him of having something wrong with him because of your attachment to fictional characters.

        1. Oh, I didn’t mention that guy because I respected his death.
          that woman he stepped up to save was a heartless bitch right?

          Yes, I accept the stigma that I am biased.
          I simply dislike the almost stereotypical usage of rape to horrify a situation and the women are the ones paying for it. i would prefer if the enemies just make a mountain of skulls or something like that to instill a feeling a dread.

        2. The moment you mentioned the male warrior who had done nothing wrong but sacrifice himself for another, only to be tortured to death for not even a “thank you”. In my opinion it was game over haha.

          Well done. I myself am not a fan of rape when it is forced in a series, but the brutality and cruelty is a long standing theme. This isn’t done as a fan service like many are, this is just how it would actually play out in that situation.

          If you were against something like this, you should have protested during the massacres, torture or castration scenes. I mean when someone loses their family jewels, that is fine?
          Hypocracy at its finest. Loved this chapter.

          Love this comment.

        3. So are you saying you never had a wish for some characters to have never died? Or somethings to not happen….

          And that guy was a minor character…. him dying is a different story…. plus, he sacrificed himself like a boss… and definitely deserves respect….

          But there would always be characters you’d rather be killed over others… like how I’d rather Hercule from Dragon Ball died over Gohan….

          It’s about what we like and dislike… and our comments are just stating who we wished didn’t suffer.

          And personally, I don’t think the author actually wants us to like the rape…. in fact, it isn’t supposed to be a good thing, even in this…

          And you gotta remember that rape and murder are put in 2 different categories.

          Death is something people cannot escape, rape is something that must actually be done. Depending on the circumstance, killing can be justified or at least necessary. Rape is not on that list. A warrior dying in battle or being killed after a battle is something different than rape.

          Also, the way we view rape as a society is different from how we view killing, so it in itself isn’t something that could be helped (and I would doubt the author would actually want us supporting rape… even in fiction)

          Now, it is obviously the strong taking advantage of the weak situation that the author wants to show…

          And in the end, the author does use the rape element too much (obviously my opinion)…. besides, some people (or at least me) aren’t being serious about saying there is something wrong with the author… just used to make a bit of a point about not liking something….. so that point in itself isn’t.

          And to be honest, comments about not liking something is much more easy in these kind of books because we are able to focus on each chapter and comment on it (where before, you’d comment on the book as a whole).

          Things are now set up in a way where we see each individual thing separately…

          So I don’t think it could be helped if we are complaining about it, because we are now in an age where we are reading and commenting about each individual part of the book….

          We aren’t really even commenting about the story… just the chapter… and afterwards, we’d probably even forget (or at least put it outta our mind) and move on until it happens again.

          But we are over all only acting negatively for the chapter (or group of chapters) that we are getting…. so in itself, complaining about one scene and maybe even acting overly dramatic for it isn’t much of an issue.

          1. Like I replied to another comment before in this chapter’s thread. This doesn’t feel out of place. Unless the author starts to give unneeded detailed descriptions of rape (which he didn’t) I won’t say that he gives the rape fetish feel. It just fits in this mature novel tragedy wuxia setting.

          2. Here’s the thing. Your opinion is a joke. And hypocrisy of the highest level. Never mind the rape. Yu Che was falsified rape charge. Should of this incident never of happened posters would of been posted on 2 or more provinces and if captured easily castrated and tortured for his crime. His life of adventure would be over since people on top would want his head. Easily expelled from the Guild. His accuser would of gone scott free. Her death is easily the least abusive way to die considering what her actions nearly lead to. She deserves no sympathy.

          3. This novel is adult/mature theme. Too much!? What too much? What you’re doing is like watching porn and complain why do these people get naked and hump on each other. Or to be more precise, you’re watching a murder video and complain why this guy stab that guy a 10 times. That’s just ridiculous.

            You have stomached rape, reverse rape, head decapitation, family extermination, murder, homicide, homicide by felony, corrupted officials, battering, child abuse and molestation, and many plenty more up to this chapter, yet when you see a bestial rape or another normal rape you complain the author focuses on rape too much!?

            You see murder and murder and murder and murder AGAIN and AGAIN since the beginning but when rape and rape and rape happens like for godsake’s JUST 3 times (chu feng and surou; yan ruo and bai xi; and this time) you complain about the author FOCUSING TOO MUCH ON RAPE!??? Ha!!! Hahahaha. What hypocrisy, what bigotry, what double-standard!!! Totally biased way of thinking matters through.

            You and DestinyRaider are the only people thinking about it “negatively” either by chapters or the novel as a whole.

  4. Again, called it!
    The torture show continues, 2/90 women dead. I wonder how both those women felt after seeing the first girl saved. Just the knowledge that no one would stand up for them should be despairing enough. Just as bad as the first girl not saying thank you tbh. Especially when early today all the males were fawning over them. So far we’ve had 1 genuine man. Let’s see if this number rises.

  5. I remember reading an article about an author’s novel constantly being deleted because there was a lesbian couple, and yet excessive violence and rape is totally okay. I don’t think anything should be deleted, but anyways, way to go Chinese government.

    1. That reminds me the funny oddity about censorship in hentai / doujinshi.
      It’s totally inappropriate to depict genitals, but it’s totally okay to depict pedophilia, rape, necrophilia, guro…

      That’s how life goes when you’re forced to live with out-dated laws (Japan’s “Obscenity Laws” are convoluted and dreary with a long history, they started at circa 1920, trying to define what “Obscene” is…Good luck with that.)

      1. 1907, apparently. I want to say it’s the weirdest law I saw, but after reviewing for 1 minute the “Sharia Laws”, you realize there’s always something stranger.

  6. why are you guys complaining about the author
    those are monsters
    they are brutal., they hate humans and the 100 female disciples are extremely beautiful
    so of course they will rape them before killing them
    because they are monsters
    (pretty much every orc,every “evil” humanoid in every anime,manga,novel raped females and used them until they died<<authors just dont mention it)

  7. “Just as the Black Toad King finished speaking, a cow-headed Monstrous Beast walked out from one of the palace’s sides. Although it was a horse’s head, one could still see how happy and excited it was at that moment”

    So it’s cow-headed while it has horse head… that’s confusing.

  8. People and their double standards…. if they had such standards they should have never read it to this point because warnings were continuously given out in comments before…
    Anyways I like this author for being true to the theme.

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