MGA – Chapter 362

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MGA: Chapter 362 – Xia Le’r

At that instant, Chu Feng was sitting cross-legged in his resting tent and cultivating, but the sudden call awoke Chu Feng from his cultivating state.

Although he did not know who it was, since he was called out, then naturally, out of politeness, Chu Feng had to go out to take a look. After Chu Feng walked out of the tent, he discovered that currently, in front of his tent, a beauty was standing there.

That beauty had delicate facial features and an extremely good figure. Her eyes were as big as walnuts under her eyelashes that were sticking out. She showed indistinctive eye expressions, making it extremely attracting.

If one were to say which part of a female was the most alluring, it would absolutely not be the captivating eyes, but the two mountain peaks in front of her chest that wished to come out when she breathed. As Chu Feng looked at the firm and raised appearance, Chu Feng’s heart was truly shaken.

That beauty did not have low cultivation. She was in the 9th level of the Profound realm, and she was one of the nine beauties that Bai Yunfei and the others had their eyes on.

“Junior Chu Feng, I am called Xia Le’r.” The well-developed female who called herself as Xia Le’r first charmingly smiled, then politely greeted Chu Feng.

“So it’s Senior Xia. I wonder what matters you have by looking for me at this time?” Chu Feng also politely greeted back.

“Junior Chu Feng, did you have dinner yet?” Xia Le’r asked.

“Eh… Not yet.” Chu Feng looked around him and he saw many people were indeed eating dinner. After he set up his tent, he was cultivating since then so he did not eat dinner. On that topic, he really was a bit hungry.

“Coincidentally, I just finished making dinner, so I would like to invite you to come over and eat together with me, to have a taste of my work.” Xia Le’r softly invited.

“This…doesn’t seem to be too good right?” Chu Feng hesitated a bit. After all, right now, the resting grounds of males and females were already separated. It would be hard to avoid any disturbances if he, a male, went into the resting area of females.

“Ho… The sky just got dark, and my juniors and seniors haven’t rested yet. How is it inconvenient? Junior Chu Feng, it’s not like you’re afraid that I’ll do anything to you right?” On her face, there was an expression that showed she was in a difficult situation.

“Of course not. Since it is like this, I’ll humbly accept your invitation.” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly accepted. After all, she was a female, and if he truly refused after she invited himself in front of so many people, it would really put her in an awkward position.

So, since Chu Feng was invited by Xia Le’r, he headed towards the female’s resting area.

“He should really die. Where did this brat get this luck from, to be able to have a beauty invite him over for a meal?”

“Ahh, we’re so bitterly eating rations yet he can go have a taste of a table of good dishes made by a beauty. He could truly anger a person to death.”

“God damn. Although this female from the Prestigious Villa is beautiful enough, she truly doesn’t have good judgement of grade. What kind of eyes does she have? How does she have her eyes on Chu Feng, the damn young brat?”

Seeing the departing backs of Chu Feng and Xia Le’r, some people envied, some people admired, and especially Song Qingfeng and the others who recognized themselves as extraordinary, they gnashed their teeth in fury.

After unsuccessfully hooking up with Zi Ling, they also switched their targets over to Xiao Le’r and the other beauties, but what they never would have thought was that even though Xiao Le’r and the others did not refuse so directly like Zi Ling, they still euphemistically refused their good intentions.

Right in front of their eyes, the girl they liked had actually went up to invite Chu Feng. How could they accept that? They truly had a stomach full of anger, yet there was no place to let it loose. Simultaneously, their hatred towards Chu Feng became a bit stronger.

“Waa, I never would have thought that your handiwork would be this good!”

The tent of Xia Le’r wasn’t as simple and rough as Chu Feng’s. It was extremely exquisite. Especially the insides of the tent. Chairs, tables, what should be there was there. How did it even look like staying in the wild? It was simply as if it was a warm and comfortable room.

But at that very instant, Chu Feng did not have the mind to admire the layout of the room. His appetite was suspended enough by the table of good dishes, and he was currently pulling his sleeve back, revealing his arm, and unrestrainedly stuffing himself with food.

“It’s great if you like it, and eat more if you do!” Xia Le’r stayed by Chu Feng’s side and kept on pouring wine and bringing food for Chu Feng. She provided extremely good service.

“Senior Xia, three big bowls of wine have already been poured from your little wine flagon. How is there still more?” As Chu Feng looked at the wine flagon that wasn’t even an inch big, then looked at the huge porcelain bowl in his hand, he felt a bit puzzled.

“Hehe, Junior Chu Feng, my flagon is a treasure! It has the same effect as Cosmos Sacks. Although it is only as big as my palm, within it, there are three big tanks of wine and even if you continuously drink for an entire month, you will absolutely not be able to finish it.” Xia Le’r smiled and explained.

“There’s actually such a magical thing? Senior Xia, could you lend it over for me to have a look?” As a World Spiritist, Chu Feng was very interested in all sorts of new and strange gadgets. After knowing that the flagon was a treasure, he couldn’t help but take it over from Xia Le’r hands and looked over it in detail.

But from the surface, Chu Feng could not see anything special about it. So, he projected his overflowing Spirit power into the flagon and wanted to seriously study it for a while.

*huaaa~~~~* But who would have thought that just as Chu Feng’s Spirit power touched the flagon, it had actually exploded and at the same time, a huge amount of wine came spilling, and as Chu Feng was caught off guard, it sprinkled over his entire body.

“Junior Chu Feng, are you okay? I forgot to remind you. You cannot use Spirit power to inspect it or else it will explode.” Seeing that, Xia Le’r hurriedly wiped the wine on Chu Feng’s body and her face was filled with expressions of nervousness and guilt.

“Ehh, Senior Xia, I am really sorry. I didn’t know that this flagon couldn’t be inspected with Spirit power. But don’t worry, I, Chu Feng, will compensate for it.” Chu Feng felt shame by unintentionally destroying the flagon.

“Junior Chu Feng, what are you saying? This is but a toy and it is not worth anything. There’s no need for you to compensate.”

“Look! Your clothes has been drenched and you’ll catch a cold like this. How about I go out first, and you quickly change your clothes. After changing, then continue eating.” Xia Le’r wasn’t even concerned about her own flagon. Instead, she was worried about Chu Feng’s body.

“That’s fine.” Seeing Xia Le’r like that, a touch of warmth rose from Chu Feng’s heart. Although he didn’t feel anything from her beautiful appearance, when she took care of him so considerately, he felt feelings of friendliness.

So, after Xia Le’r turned around and walked out of the tent, Chu Feng took off his clothes that were drenched with wine.


But just at that time, the tent that Chu Feng was in was suddenly lifted up and Chu Feng, whose upper-half was naked, was revealed in the wild.

“Help! Quickly help me!” And just at that time, an incomparably frightened call sounded out behind Chu Feng, and after he turned his head around to look, it was Xia Le’r.

At that instant, her beautiful skirt was already ripped to shreds and quite a bit of snow-white skin was revealed beyond the clothes. Both of her hands were crossed in front of her chest, blocking the snow-white double peaks in front and she was sobbing with incomparable grievance.

“Senior Xia, what happened?” Seeing that, Chu Feng who had good impressions on Xia Le’r hurriedly ran up and tensely asked.

“Leave!” But who would have thought that just as he neared, Xia Le’r had actually pushed Chu Feng away, then quickly after, she also powerlessly laid on the ground limply, pointed at Chu Feng, and said,

“Chu Feng you beast! I kindly invited you to a meal, yet you put poison in the wine and wanted to take the chance to do immortal things! Are you even a person?!”

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    1. Sorry for riding.

      3rd time, 3rd time was he betrayed by a female 😐 That worlds females must really want for Feng’er to became a rapist, and just casually use them to death 😐
      Fenger, someone needs a stick up hers truly, Do stuff it in, and DONT LUBRICATE.

      1. Don’t lubricate, go at lightning speed and watch her become smoking hot… and then suddenly combust into flames and die from your thrusting. Nothing more erotic than that.

  1. Im starting to really think Chu Feng is stupid. “His appetite was suspended enough by the table of good dishes, and he was currently pulling his sleeve back, revealing his arm, and unrestrainedly stuffing himself with food.” how many time has he been trick with poison and here he is stuffing his face. At the end it wasn;t poison but he still got trick. I think he’s getting dumber and dumber because everytime he follow a girl he gets trick but still doesn;t learn.

    1. Your anger at the food part is a little unjustified. Just as you can assume he didn’t check it, you can equally assume he did. Especially since you think he should be more wary.

      Again, you seem to think he has a hostility detector. He is 16, not a tried and tested old man, or a reincarnated individual.

      Why not assume that after checking everything was normal, the food was great, she was great conversation and made him feel welcome, unlike the majority of the people that day. Even without this, the text clearly shows he thought she was a generous person based on his first impressions. Not stupid, just not overly cautious.

      Should he have been overly cautious?? That can be debated. But he’d have to make a lot of assumptions to think she had a grudge against him, especially since this is their first meeting.

      He is getting tricked in different ways. But I do agree that he is too weak to women.

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            Well seriously Meng Hao is 20 years old and he’s a scholar. Chu Feng is 16 without any scholarly education. Enough said.

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          1. I don’t understand why you can’t stand stupid protagonist? Every good protagonist should have a balance? They can’t be too much of something or else they would be too one dimensional. There are flashes of brilliance and flashes of stupidity. Don’t they remind one of their teenage years?

            Also, as they say, the fastest way to a man’s or even woman’s heart ia through food! Haha!

      1. so you are saying that he shouldn’t be cautious from a girl that came directly to invite him for no apparent reason ? while there is 500 people in there ,why him ? that question should be a BIG danger alert , i mean he isn’t even the strongest in there (sure he has the best “potentiale” but she doesn’t know that ) nor is he the most handsome

        and it’s not different ways , he gets invited by a girl , that girl offers him something to eat , he gets tricked , the first time it was teh servant , the second time that mean girl , and now this

        what DEBATABLE is that he might have known that something is fishy but he was hoping for some “”action” as you can recall the first 2 times (with sou rou and the other girl)

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        1. Completely disagree with you here. He has just owned Jie Qingming when their levels are equal? Was taken to sit with the Head of the Prestigious Villa, seems to have a very unique relationship with the famous beauty Zi Ling.

          He single handedly became the most famous cultivator in this marriage gathering.

          Secondly, the gathering was for the express purpose of the males and females getting to know each other. They were told to mingle and associate with one another so that the females could choose their partner. Again, how is her request bizarre in any way?
          Teach likes people who are kind to him, this has been shown again and again. First impressions are pretty much the be all and end all with him.

          The situations were all completely different. First, someone he knew, trusted and respected apparently invited him for a meal/visit. He had zero caution and was tricked through an third party’s scheme (Su Hen).

          The second scenario, someone he disliked with a passion invited him, he refused. They then used his Azure Dragon School Head’s position to persuade him to attend. He did (for Elder Li’s sake). Here, his guard was 100% up, he checked everything he could. On trying to leave after being offended, he is offered an “apology” he decides to give her the benefit of the doubt, because she is crying and he could detect no ill intent. At this point once again his guard has been lowered.

          This third scenario, has a different setting again. He is requested to join a candidate in a marriage gathering for dinner. He refuses, she insists. They are strangers and he has no reason to believe she dislikes him. She had no altercations with him and he has no idea whether she knows an enemy of his. She has been friendly to him, so for now rather than neutral, she is in his good books. Due to his hunger and out of courtesy to her, he agrees.

          This is how it is shown in the text. Where has your example of him wanting “fun” come from? If it has come from your own assumption then it is invalid as evidence. Especially since he did not want “fun” with Yan Ruyu. He wanted vengeance. Whether you agree with the method or not, it was his way of gaining retribution. This is clearly portrayed in the text.

          I agree Meng Hao is more cautious. But Meng Hao is 20 something and has had as close to 0 allies as possible. This is not the same with Teach and it is first time a complete stranger has acted against him since that other disciple with spirit power. How does one defend against unknown foes??? Trust no one? Well that would be completely out of character for Teach. He has made many allies, some by strangers approaching him ( Su Mei/Su Rou or even Elder Li for example).

          For all of the above, I completely disagree with your comment.
          For all who want an concise version:

          Teach has made many allies through random encounters. Therefore, he doesn’t have a trust no one stance. This means he is well within his rights to trust this stranger Xia’er. Especially at a marriage gathering.

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      Honestly speaking, I would do the same thing.

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  4. “Chu Feng you beast! I kindly invited you to a meal, yet you put poison in the wine and wanted to take the chance to do immortal things! Are you even a person?!”

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