MGA – Chapter 341

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MGA: Chapter 341 – Breaking Past the Obstruction

“Gu Bo, you passed?” Chu Feng was very happy when he saw Gu Bo because after getting along with him for the past few days, Chu Feng already saw Gu Bo as a good brother, so naturally he hoped that Gu Bo could pass the test.

“Not only did he pass, Gu Bo is the person who passed the Origin level underground palace first and got the Prestigious Badge!” Before even letting Gu Bo reply, a young man behind him spoke with a face full of pride, as if the person who got first was him.

“Brother Gu Bo, truly, congratulations.” Chu Feng was not too surprised by that result, and on his face, he only had happiness that came from his heart as he felt happy for Gu Bo.

It was because not only did Gu Bo have dominating strength, his Spirit Formation techniques were outstanding as well. Being able to get first place in the Origin level underground palace was within Chu Feng’s expectations.

“Brother Chu Feng, if you also chose the Origin level underground palace, this number one place would have belonged to none other than you.” Gu Bo was very humble, and the people from the World Spirit Guild did agree quite a bit on Gu Bo’s words.

No matter what doubts they had in their hearts before when they heard about Chu Feng’s achievements, when they personally saw Chu Feng defeat the group of Profound realm experts like dogs, with the cultivation of the 9th level of the Origin realm, they felt admiration, or even fear, from their hearts towards Chu Feng.

And when facing the special gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng only lightly smiled, then quickly after, shifted the topic and asked, “My Brother Gu Bo got first place in the Origin level, then who got first place in the Profound level?”

“Chu Feng, a black horse has appeared this time!” As that matter was mentioned, Gu Bo’s and the others’ faces instantly changed greatly.

[TN: “Black horse” refers to an “unexpected victor/winner”.]

“Black horse? What actually happened? The lewd old man Wang Qiang didn’t get first place?” Chu Feng acted as if he knew nothing and asked.

“No. This time, it’s a young man. A young man who is only fifteen years old. He got first place.” When Gu Bo said those words, he had a complicated face on because it was a young man who was even younger than him and Chu Feng.

It meant that a real genius stepped onto the stage because no matter how he got first place, in terms of talent, he already surpassed all the geniuses in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

“Yeah? What’s his name?” Similarly, Chu Feng was very intrigued with the young man.

“Jiang Wushang.” Gu Bo extremely solemnly said those three words.

After knowing the name, Chu Feng hidden said in his heart, “So it’s Jiang Wushang. He’s indeed part of the Jiang Dynasty.”

After that, Chu Feng, Gu Bo, and the others, all entered the main city of the Prestigious Villa. It also meant that they already gained the qualifications to join the Marriage Gathering.

Within a residence for resting, Chu Feng first laid some Spirit Formations and after doing some preventive measures, he impatiently took the Cosmos Sack with the ten thousand Profound beads out.

At that instant, Chu Feng was a bit excited in his heart because he felt that the ten thousand Profound beads could absolutely help him break into the Profound realm, and possibly even step into the 2nd level of the Profound realm.

“What is happening? I feel that they are clearly already full, but why am I still unable to break through?”

However, what had happened wasn’t as successful as imagined. He clearly felt that the Profound power consumed by the Divine Lightning in his dantian should already be enough to break into the Profound realm, yet Chu Feng was still unable to.

And currently, other than never-endingly consuming the Profound beads in order to continue feeding the Divine Lightning with Profound power, Chu Feng did not have any other methods he could use. But it had to be said that the break through this time was much more difficult that any single one in the past.

After Chu Feng was still unable to break through, despite the fact that Chu Feng completely refined the ten thousand Profound beads and the boundless Profound power was all consumed by the eight Divine Lightning in his dantian, Chu Feng completely panicked.

“Dammit! Where did something go wrong? So much Profound power has clearly been saved up, and clearly a breakthrough should already be possible. But why can’t I?” Chu Feng’s forehead was permeated with sweat from panic as he anxiously walked back and forth on the ground.

“Chu Feng, don’t panic. Carefully feel the things in your dantian. Try to link up with them, to understand them.”

“It is not possible for the journey of martial cultivation to be so smooth. It is not possible for it to be so simple. When any person wants to break into a new level or realm, they must comprehend that realm. This requires a long process.”

“Many people are unable to step into the Heaven realm, and many people are even unable to step into the Profound realm or Origin realm. That is because their comprehension power isn’t sufficient, and they cannot comprehend the Origin power and Profound power in between the sky and the earth.”

“But you are different. You don’t need to comprehend the Origin power or Profound power, you don’t need to link up with them. You only need to link up with the things in your dantian and make them be able to be used by you.”

Just as Chu Feng did not know what to do, Eggy’s sweet and gentle voice suddenly rang out. The current Eggy seemed abnormally calm, like a clear lamp that gave directions in the darkness, and pointed towards where Chu Feng should go forward towards.

“That’s right. In the road of martial cultivation, there are indeed layers of obstructions. One can only step into a completely new realm and welcome new power by continuously destroying the obstructions.”

“And as for me, the methods of breaking through before were too easy, and because of that simplicity, it caused me to feel that as long as I have sufficient resources, I could unlimitedly break through, and it even made me feel that as long as I have sufficient resources, breaking through was something that should expectedly happen.”

“But I was wrong. Even if I have special Divine Lightning in my dantian, wanting to break through isn’t that simple.”

“Eggy, thank you. I know what I should do.”

Chu Feng was quickly and thoroughly enlightened and he no longer anxiously walked back and forth. He crossed his leg and sat directly onto the floor. He started to stabilize his heart, and with his entire body and heart, he started to feel the eight huge lightning beasts in his dantian.

Chu Feng was unable to determine what the eight huge lightning beasts looked like, but Chu Feng was able to feel that they all had their own intelligences, they all had their own appearances, yet they were all one.

The huge lightning beasts interweaved together and became a lump. Seven of them were very peaceful, as they were in hibernation, but one of them was very fidgety. It was currently very restless, as if it wanted to escape the lump of bodies.

“It’s you huh? You want to merge with my body and give me new powers?”

“Don’t hesitate. Believe me. I won’t disappoint you. Give your power to me. I will certainly let your power blossom with radiance.” Chu Feng sensed where the problem was and he was instantly elated. He quickly spoke in his heart to try to link up with the huge lightning beast.

*roar~~~* Suddenly, as if it understood Chu Feng’s words, the huge lightning beast immediately roared furiously. The sound resonated next to Chu Feng’s ears, as if it could pierce through the heavens and shake the world.

The most important part was after the furious roar, the huge lightning beast, with savage lightning power, it separated from the other seven huge lightning beasts and surged out from the dantian.

At that instant, Chu Feng could distinctly feel that the appearance of the huge lightning beast did not have a fixed shape. It could change at any time. It also did not have any eyes, but it was able to figure out the direction. What was condensed was blue-coloured lightning, and it emanated extremely terrifying power.

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    1. Its interesting how they talk about geniuses and talent. But its really easy for a guy from the Ling Dinasty to grow to the profound realm, since he already has all the cutivation resources he needs at his hands. Its not really his merits…

      1. Shhh, don’t speak so loudly, you’ll attract the arrogant young masters and will bring all of us down with you…

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