MGA – Chapter 322

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MGA: Chapter 322 – Die Together

“Chu Feng, quick! Let me control your body or else with your current speed, it will be impossible to escape their pursuit!” Eggy started to yell as she saw that the situation was not going well.

“No, it’s too late.”

But Chu Feng’s face was like ash because he could clearly see that the two horrifying pearls, almost with a blink, appeared in front of him. Even if it was Eggy, there was no way to get rid of them with speed like that.



Just at that time, the two pearls already collided against Chu Feng’s body. The strong power directly threw Chu Feng straight to the ground from mid-air and caused a deep pit to be created on the ground that was even made of special materials.

“Dammit! These two things actually want to enter my body! Ahh~~~~~”

The two pearls truly had life. Clearly, the round-shaped pearls that were only as big as a chicken egg were currently like sharp blades as they pierced through Chu Feng’s Origin power shield and entered Chu Feng’s physical body. At that instant, they were flying towards Chu Feng’s dantian.

At that moment, Chu Feng could distinctly feel two bursts of power wanting to occupy his body and take away his awareness.

It wasn’t like Eggy’s, and it was obviously from the two horrifying pearls. The two pearls did not simply want to kill Chu Feng. They wanted to control Chu Feng.

The two pearls were too horrifying. One contained chilliness that could freeze everything, the other contained flames that could burn everything. And they even had life. However, it was unclear as for what they were. They were like two monsters who were abnormally strong yet had unknown identities.

In front of them, Chu Feng was extremely minuscule. He didn’t even have any chance to fight back and he could do nothing as they invaded his own dantian, the sacred land that condensed his cultivation.

“Waa!” But suddenly, within Chu Feng’s dantian, the unmoving eight huge lightning beasts that occupied that place were as though they reawakened. They emanated terrifying aura that did not belong to this land and they started to powerfully envelop them within his dantian.


After the aura started enveloping, the two pearls that almost invaded Chu Feng’s dantian acted as if they were frightened as they quickly ran out from his dantian. However, despite leaving the dantian, they did not leave Chu Feng’s body. The chilliness and heat interweaved and engulfed every single part of Chu Feng’s body.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt that the blood in his entire body was boiling, as if the golden-coloured lightning in his blood was also resisting against the power of the two pearls.

However, as the two waves of power were being resisted against, Chu Feng was going through huge agony. The pain that Chu Feng felt was like a heart-tearing or lungs-splitting as he rolled around on the floor. He kept on throwing his own body against the ground, causing huge pits to be formed as he was loudly howling.

“Chu Feng, what is happening to you?”

Just at that time, two beautiful figures ran over from afar. It was the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei. The flower-like sisters held a dish of food in their hands.

Ever since Chu Feng started to cultivate in this location, the pair of sisters would come here every day to give delicious dishes to Chu Feng. However, at that very instant, when they saw Chu Feng who was like that, their faces paled from fright as they threw the dishes in their hands onto the ground and started to, without any care of their own safety, run towards Chu Feng.

“Little Rou, little Mei, don’t come over! Run!”

Seeing that, Chu Feng quickly yelled at the two people. Although he did not know why the two pearls wanted to take over his body, he knew that the two pearls must have their own reasons.

Currently, seeing that they failed in taking over his body, the pearls would certainly want to take over another person’s body. This time, as Su Rou and Su Mei approached, they were simply like searching for their own path of death.

*whoosh whoosh*

Indeed, after hearing Su Rou and Su Mei’s voice, the two ice and fire pearls had actually flew out of Chu Feng’s body and rushed towards Su Rou and Su Mei. Their speed was quick and with two streaks of red and blue through the air, Su Rou and Su Mei fell to the ground following the sounds.

“Little Rou, little Mei!” Seeing Su Rou and Su Mei fall onto the ground and started to painfully shriek, Chu Feng did not pay attention to his own injuries as he quickly stood up and ran forward.

“Little Rou, little Mei!”

After Chu Feng came near and saw the current Su Rou and Su Mei, his originally tense expression became even more incomparably panicked. Even his nose started to stuff up and his eyes started to flicker with tears.

Because presently, Su Rou’s originally snow-white skin became blue-coloured, and on top of her blue-coloured skin, a layer of thick frost was condensed. The frost started to spread and it reached Su Rou’s long skirt and froze her entire body.

As for Su Mei, extremely great change happened to her as well. Her skin that was as clean as snow already became the colour of red flames, and from her body, there were even layers of heat emitted. The faces of the two were filled with agony.

Seeing that the two girls he loved was enduring such torment yet he himself was useless and powerless, how could Chu Feng’s heart not ache? He loudly yelled inside, “Eggy, Eggy! Quickly think of a way! How can they be saved? Quickly help me!!”

But compared to Chu Feng’s complete panic, Eggy seemed abnormally calm. The calmness was simply not normal, and she urged with a tone of extreme bitterness to Chu Feng,

“There are no methods. These two things are too strong, and with your cultivation, you cannot suppress them. They want to take over Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s physical body and to borrow their body as a vessel to survive.”

“Chu Feng, quick run. Right now, their awarenesses are already muddled and very quickly, they will collapse soon. When their physical bodies get thoroughly taken over, they will completely die. At that time, the two things that took over their physical body will certainly kill you.”

“No! I can’t leave. How can I abandon them and not care about them?” However, not only did Chu Feng not escape, he even opened his arms and brought Su Rou and Su Mei from the ground tightly into his embrace.

At that instant, bone-piercing chilliness was on one side, and scorching heat was on the other. Neither one of them was good to endure, and either one could harm Chu Feng’s body. Yet Chu Feng hugged more and more tightly because his body’s pain was far from his heart’s pain: As he faced the ones he loved being taken over bit by bit, yet he was useless by being powerless.

“Chu Feng…” Just at that time, Su Rou actually spoke. Her lips were covered with frost, and as she spoke, she had an extremely vicissitudinous voice, but she still urged Chu Feng as she said, “Quickly run! I can feel that my body is going to be taken over by some terrifying thing. I…I’m afraid that it will harm you.”

“Chu Feng, I feel very hot, like being burned by flames. A lump of fire entered my dantian and it’s engulfing my body right now. Chu Feng, quickly let me go. Stay farther away from me or else I will injure you.” At the same time, Su Mei also made a very feeble voice.

“No! I won’t leave. Even if death comes, we will die together.”

Chu Feng was very resolute, despite the clothes on his left was being burnt to ashes and his skin was being scalded bit by bit; despite the chilliness on his right entered his body and even frost condensed in his bones, he hugged the two beauties tighter and tighter without a single trace of regret.

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