MGA – Chapter 307

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MGA: Chapter 307 – Nerves That Can Cover The Sky

After Su Rou and Su Mei appeared, the expressions of the three old things from the Lingyun School instantly changed greatly. Every single one of them smiled as if a flower blossomed in their hearts and all anger was released. Their lewd eyes started to spin around randomly as they restlessly swept over Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s faces of absolute beauty as well as their figures worthy of pride.

“Beautiful. Too beautiful. City Lord Su Hen, you truly gave birth to a pair of good daughters!” The Grey-cloak World Spiritist no longer had the manner of a big character. He rubbed his hands, licked his lips, and walked towards Su Rou and Su Mei.

“My Lord Father, where’s Chu Feng? Where did Chu Feng go?” However, Su Rou and Su Mei did not even pay attention to the three old men and with excited expressions, they were searching for another person’s figure within the room.

“Chu Feng? Chu Feng isn’t here. Even if he dares to appear in this place, he will only be an icy cold corpse.”

After hearing the two words “Chu Feng”, the face of the Grey-cloak World Spiritist became a bit ugly because he knew that the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei already gave their hearts for Chu Feng. So, from jealousy and envy, he truly hated Chu Feng straight to the bones.

“Su Hen, you have tricked us again? What reason do you have by deceiving us to this place?” At that instant, Su Rou was the first to react. She pointed at Su Hen and questioned. She no longer called Su Hen as “father” because she really felt that the male in front of her eyes was not worthy of being their father.

“Reason? Su Hen, have you not told them yet?” The Grey-cloak World Spiritist first looked at Su hen, then smiled and Su Rou and Su Mei and said, “My two precious, your father has already agreed to give you two to me. From now on, the two of you are mine. Heh…”

“What? Su Hen, is this true?” After hearing those words, Su Rou became, without a doubt, terrified.

“Father, how can you treat us like this? Do you even take us as your daughters?”

At the same time, the little face of the usually cute Su Mei paled from anger. Even her eyes ruddied slightly because in these past few days, the sisters truly received quite a few wrongs.

“Ahh, little Rou, little Mei, I as your father am doing this for the sake of you.”

“Chu Feng he committed crimes and treason. He had actually joined up with Qi Fengyang to assassinate the Mansion Lord. There is no place for him to say within the continent of the Nine Provinces. Sooner or later, he will be caught and executed.”

“As for you two, your relationship with Chu Feng before was too close. If the relationship doesn’t get completely cut off, you will only be dragged down by him. However, right now, Lord World Spiritist has had his eyes on you two and he is willing to take you two as his wife. Not only is this good luck for you, it is also good luck for our Su family.” Su Hen explained.

“Rubbish! You aren’t even a person. You are not worthy being our father!” Su Rou pointed at Su Hen and furiously insulted.

“Father, I never would have thought that you were this kind of person. I truly feel ashamed by having you as my father.” Su Mei also had a face full of grievance.

“Okay Su Hen, your two daughters are too stubborn. I need to fix them up, or else if they speak nonsense in the future, even I can’t protect them.”

At that instant, the Grey-cloak World Spiritist was a bit impatient. With a thought, a layer of Spirit Formation surrounded Su Rou and Su Mei within. No matter how much they struggled, they had no power to escape.

At the same time, the black-haired Protector and the white-haired Protector also threw Su Rou and Su Mei who were binded by Spirit Formations onto their shoulders. As they spoke, the three old things started to walk out of the palace.

“Milords, this…” Seeing the three old men’s attitude, Su Hen, who had quite a bit of life’s experiences, instantly understood what the three old men were going to do. He quickly walked forward, and he was deeply afraid that the three old guys would taint his own daughters just like that.

“Su Hen, what are you doing? Do you want your Su family to be like the Gong family from the Black Tortoise City, to have your entire family exterminated?” Seeing that Su Hen had actually dared to obstruct, the Grey-cloak World Spiritist’s face instantly sank.

“I…I don’t dare.” That terrified Su Hen and he quickly went out of the way and denied. He even apologized at once. But after seeing Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s gaze full of hatred and their reddening eyes, Su Hen still bit down his teeth and said, “However, my two daughters are still young…”

“If you don’t dare, then scram. If you disturb my interest, I’ll annihilate your Su family.” The Grey-cloak World Spiritist coldly snorted, then passed the door and exited.


But just at that time, a boundless Spirit Formation suddenly shrouded the main hall and blocked the path of the three old guys from the Lingyun School. When they faced such a change, it caused the white-haired Protector and the black-haired Protector to be stupefied a bit as they turned around and said to the Grey-cloak World Spiritist, “Milord, what are you doing?”

“This…This wasn’t laid by me.” The Grey-cloak World Spiritist had shock across his face because not only was the Spirit Formation which enveloped the main hall a grey-coloured Spirit Formation, the quality of the Spirit Formation was even quite a bit better than his.

“You three old things truly have nerves that can cover the sky. You dare to even touch my people?” Just at that time, a loud and clear voice suddenly resounded out from the main hall.

After hearing that voice ring out, the faces of pretty much everyone on scene changed greatly, and after they looked towards the direction of the voice, they were even more stunned, “Chu Feng, it’s you?”

As they looked at the young man standing in the corner of the main hall, the three old men from the Lingyun School were incomparably surprised. They never would have thought that Chu Feng, who they were so painstakingly searching for, would actually appear in front of them by himself.

When Su Rou and Su Mei saw Chu Feng, their faces were full of joy, but after joy, the sisters’ faces were full of concern.

It was because the three old monsters from the Lingyun School were truly too strong. Even though they knew that the current Chu Feng had so much battle power that it could rise to the sky, they were still worried whether Chu Feng would be able to defeat the three old guys or not.

However, compared to them, Su Hen had a face full of terror and fear filled his eyes. Even his body was trembling because he was really too afraid of Chu Feng. Especially when he remembered Chu Feng’s identity of Mr. Grey-cloak, and after he remembered the warning that he gave him, he was even more frightened.

“Hmph. Truly, ‘Cannot be found even after searching to the ends of the world, yet no effort is required to obtain it’.”

“Chu Feng, we were searching so hard for you, but now you actually send yourself straight to the door? On that day, Qi Fengyang saved you. Today, let’s see who will save you this time.”

The white-haired Protector was incomparably mad with fury, and the scene of Chu Feng crushing Dugu Aoyun to death that day was still clear in his mind. As long as he thought of that, the anger within his body started to surge everywhere.

After Chu Feng appeared, he was already unable to control his own emotions. He attacked first. Before that, he threw Su Rou who was on his shoulder over to Su Hen, then emanated his aura of the 9th level of the Profound realm, and with a leap, he pounced towards Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, today, this will be called ‘returning a debt of blood with blood’.”

At the same time, the black-haired Protector also threw Su Mei who was on his shoulder over to Su Hen. He displayed a profound bodily martial skill, and in addition to a savage attacking martial skill, he oppressed towards Chu Feng.

Those two, as expected as part of the famous Twelve Protectors of the Lingyun School. They were truly in the peak of the Profound realm, and immediately after the might of the attacks came out, the entire palace trembled as if it would split at any second. If it wasn’t for the Spirit Formation Chu Feng laid, the entire palace would have been destroyed.

“Chu Feng!!” After feeling the horrifying might from the two people, Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s little faces were deathly-white from fright. They couldn’t avoid screaming and they were deeply afraid that Chu Feng would be unable to block the attacks of the two.


But just at that time, Chu Feng’s body moved and the ground underneath their feet couldn’t help but tremble. Following that, a burst of boundless pressure came along with it.

Chu Feng’s hands changed into an eagle’s claw and it suddenly stretched out and locked onto both Protectors’ throats. Then his arm waved and with a bang, the two of the ferociously crashed onto the ground. The strong power slammed them to the point that blood sprayed out of their mouths and the bones in their entire body shattered.

After the two old men landed on the ground while being half-dead, Chu Feng spat with contempt and coldly said, “What you should be thinking of is whether there is anyone who can save you.”

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      I do think that there’s a little too much back and forth.
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