MGA – Chapter 302

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MGA: Chapter 302 – Indescribable Uneasiness

Along with bursts of pricking pain, the cloud-like gas was rolling and surging around and like waves, it drilled into Chu Feng’s body. Large amounts of information also started to appear in Chu Feng’s brain. That let Chu Feng understand the impressiveness of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

If it was said that the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was the strongest attacking method, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique would be the strongest defense method. Its defense method was not only indestructible armor.

If Chu Feng could completely grasp it, he could even create mist that would be able to meddle around with one’s mind and from that, cause his opponent to die. Even if he could not kill the opponent, he could still disturb them in battle and greatly reduce their battle power. That was the wonderful area of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

At the same time, the deep and ancient voice of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique also kept on sounding out next to Chu Feng’s ear,

“Chu Feng, listen up. Normal people cannot get the treasure in this place. So, no need to be afraid of spreading the secret here because the people who can get the treasure are less within less. The guardians here and the obstructions here can separate people away from the treasure.”

“Thus, do not aim for some quick achievements or short benefits. Before having a certain strength, don’t rashly enter this place. If you want to know why the White Tiger and I chose you, go find our two other old friends and make them be willing to serve you. At that time, the secret about us will naturally be revealed…I hope that we have not chosen the wrong person…”

The voice of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique became quieter and quieter. At the end, along with the disappearance of its voice, the fog lingering in front of Chu Feng’s body also disappeared. Also, he left a mystery that Chu Feng had to unravel himself.

“So it turns out that there is some special reason why the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique and the Black Tortoise Armor Technique chose me huh? Their two old friends should be the two other Secret Skills right? So indeed, there’s a Secret Skill at every single entrance?” Chu Feng stood where he was and his thoughts were unstable.

“What other reason can there be? Clearly, they saw your potential or else the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique and the Secret Skill hidden in the Azure Dragon Mountain Range wouldn’t have chosen you rather than another master.”

“If it is insisting that it’s a secret, it is very possible that some unimaginable thing would happen when the four of them gathers in one body right?” Just at that time, Eggy’s sweet and beautiful voice suddenly rang out.

“Eggy, nothing happened to you? This is great!” At that instant, Chu Feng was greatly happy because he discovered that the originally cut off connection between him and Eggy was restored and he could feel Eggy’s existence once again.

“What can even happen to me? The connection was only temporarily cut because of the Evil Spirit from the Ghost Spirit World. However, it has to be said that the Evil Spirit does have some ability. I’m afraid that normal people in the Heaven realm would not be able to defeat it.” Eggy said while curling her mouth.

“So that Evil Spirit came from the Ghost Spirit World? No wonder it looked like a ghost and was so terrifying.” Chu Feng had an expression of enlightenment.

“Don’t stare blankly and leave. You can no longer probe around this place. You must at least reach the Heaven realm or don’t come back to this place.” Eggy reminded.


In short, he already knew that the Emperor Tomb was deep and unfathomable. At least, he was quite some time away from being able to search it. Not only him, even the Jiang Dynasty might not have that qualification.


But after Chu Feng walked out for a short distance, he astonishedly discovered that a city appeared behind him. Focusing his eyes to look, it was the Illusion Formation that Chu Feng and the others stepped into earlier.

Chu Feng was a bit shocked. Although he already experienced the trial of the Illusion Formation, when he saw the formation currently, chills still went down his spine because the formation was truly too horrifying.

“The Illusion Formation was originally invisible, so go. With the Illusion Formation, I believe that many people will not be able to pass through. Even if they can pass through here, they can’t pass through the checkpoint later on. In this continent, there is truly no one who can go near that treasure.” Eggy said with contempt.

Chu Feng also felt that Eggy spoke quite reasonably because the Illusion Formation was only the outermost circle. The Evil Spirit that was described as a little minion by the Black Tortoise Armor Technique was already so strong, so he truly did not dare to imagine what the existence the guardian deeper in would be. Perhaps it was a monster that could completely destroy everything in this continent right?

However, as long as he thought of a monster that could destroy the continent of the Nine Provinces, Chu Feng couldn’t help but think that there also seemed to be a monster that was sealed in his Spiritual World, and from Eggy’s description, that monster was an existence that could cause chaos on the continent of the Nine Provinces.

Also, Eggy said that the sealed monster wasn’t much in her eyes. From her tone, Chu Feng could feel that she didn’t seem to be falsely boasting. She seemed to truly have had strength that allowed her to look down upon everything.

However, such a powerful Eggy and the monster who could devastate the continent of the Nine Provinces were sealed in his Spiritual World. That made Chu Feng imagine how strong the person who did all that was. Was it his parents? Or his relatives? Or who?

“Father, mother, are you two still in this world?” That question echoed in Chu Feng heart. How much did he hope that his own parents were still in the world? It was the truth that he wanted to know the most.

Since he had already explored, when he was returning, Chu Feng could hurry back without a single trace of fear. His speed greatly increased, and only after a few days, he arrived back at the entrance.

However, on the road back, Chu Feng discovered quite a few corpses from the people of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion who miserably died by the mechanisms in the cave world.

It could be seen that after he successfully opened the entrance, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion also sent quite a few experts over to search in this place. But sadly, no matter how much stronger their cultivation was, they who did not know Spirit Formation techniques were unable to dodge even the most simplest mechanisms.

But the thing that Chu Feng did not understand the most was that after the news spread out, the ruler of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, the lord of the mansion had not showed himself.

Normally, after opening the entrance to a treasure trove that very possibly hid endless treasures, even if it was that mansion lord, he would be incomparably moved and he should have immediately came to personally handle this matter. So, as he had not appeared yet, it obviously did not make sense.

But Chu Feng was too lazy to think about those things. As the guards were caught off guard, he hiddenly left that place. Chu Feng already prepared to leave the Azure Province. So, before he departed, he wanted to say his farewells to some people, and the first people he wanted to say his farewells to would be his relatives.

After a short period of hurrying, Chu Feng finally returned to the city that Chu Guyu and the others were hiddenly living in. When he was entering the city, Chu Feng was still thinking. After taking out the rank 6 martial skills that Li Zhangqing gave him, he wondered how happy Chu Guyu and the others would be, and perhaps they would even have trouble falling asleep.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally appeared. We were so worried about you!”

However, just as Chu Feng entered the residence, Chu Yue ran out with a full face of panic. She hugged Chu Feng, and he could even feel that her body was trembling with some weeping noises coming from her mouth.

Simultaneously, all the other Chu family members behind Chu Yue were both joyed and worried, and with lingering fear all over their faces, they looked at Chu Feng as if he came back from the gates of hell.

“Chu Yue, what are all of you doing? I’m perfectly fine and nothing has happened to me!” Chu Feng really didn’t know what to do because of Chu Yue and the others, and at the same time, he also felt indescribable uneasiness.

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    1. Yeah I’m surprised the author forgot to mention something so important. I mean if I’m not mistaken there were a bunch of Profound Realm experts…

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      1. I’m suspecting the Azure Dragon School was wiped out in revenge for what happened at the Hundred School Gathering. Lingyun School isn’t going to take what happened laying down.

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