MGA – Chapter 299

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MGA: Chapter 299 – Ancient Castle Exploration

After hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be taken aback. He never would have thought that it was able to feel the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique that was in his body.

“Haha, you don’t need to worry. I won’t be as proud as that guy. I don’t mind recognize the same master, but if you want to receive my ability, I still need to test your courage.” The Black Tortoise Armor Technique said.

“Test in what way?” Chu Feng quickly asked.

“Follow this place and go straight forward. There is an ancient stone castle there. Deep within the stone castle, there is a box that is sealed. Bring that box to me, then I’ll pass my ability down to you.”

“Of course, it won’t be that easy if you want to take that box. You have a ten hours limit. If you can’t do it, that can only mean that you and I aren’t fated for one another. Hahaha…”

Suddenly, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique strangely laughed loudly, and as he laughed, the fog that surrounded Chu Feng also backed away. When the fog completely disappeared, Chu Feng also returned to the vast cave world. However, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique already disappeared and could not be seen.

“Senior, is there something protecting it? Or does that mean that there is some mechanism?” Chu Feng quickly and loudly asked, but it was useless as after the Black Tortoise Armor Technique left, it did not return. It was as if it completely disappeared and it did not leave a single trace.

At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help but cast his gaze towards the direction that the Black Tortoise Armor Technique said to go towards. There was a tunnel made out of the cave rocks. It was quite similar to the tunnels at the Emperor Tomb entrance underneath the Vermilion Bird City.

Chu Feng did not hesitate as he took out the World Spirit Compass again and walked forward. He was truly powerless towards the attraction of a Secret Skill.

“Chu Feng, I feel like that Secret Skill is tricking you.” But just at that time Eggy solemnly reminded.

“Eggy, what do you mean?” Chu Feng asked.

“I feel like that Secret Skill is cunning. It would not pass its ability down to you in such a simple manner. Putting aside that the thing it told you to get is very difficult to obtain, even if you got it, it would not necessarily recognize you as its master. Perhaps it would even consume you.” Eggy reminded.

“Really? What benefits does it gain from using me like that?” Chu Feng was a bit confused.

“That’s simple. The reason why it is staying here is very likely because it is stuck here. The thing that it wants you to take can possibly be the thing that can recover its freedom.”

“You need to know that Secret Skills are very prideful. Unless it is an extremely powerful person, they would not be willing to submit. So, that causes some Secret Skills to not choose another master after it left its first master.”

“So, with a body of freedom, it wanders around the world. Unless it meets a super strong expert who forces them into submission, they will not serve any other person.”

“The Secret Skill just now said it was different than the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. It intentionally said that it was not proud, but that causes it to be more suspicious in concealing its pride. All in all, I feel that it will not easily serve you, and rather, it seems to be using you.” Eggy explained.

“Indeed, the good things that is in range of touching will always cause people to doubt. However, right now, I don’t even have another choice. Besides, what I’m currently afraid of is that the box it wants me to take won’t be so easily taken.” Chu Feng already walked into the huge cave tunnel. In front of him, densely packed huge symbols also appeared.

“These are Anti-Demon Symbols! Is it possible that there is also an Evil Spirit here guarding?” At that instant, even Eggy could not remain calm. Anti-Demon Symbols were used to restrict Evil Spirits, and those who were able to become Evil Spirits required at least the cultivation of the Heaven realm. It was not something that Chu Feng could fight against.

“It seems like the Black Tortoise Armor Technique has really given me a difficult task.” Chu Feng bitterly chuckled and he couldn’t avoid becoming more careful. However, he did not stop his steps forward as he did not want to waste the time of ten hours.

After two hours of hurrying, the cave tunnel also started to become huge and the Anti-Demon Symbols also gathered more closely. Which also meant that Chu Feng was getting closer and closer to that Evil Spirit.

Finally, after two more hours of walking, the Anti-Demon Symbols disappeared and a huge old castle appeared in front of Chu Feng. The old castle’s shape was like a human skull. It was sinister and scary, and it gave people an extremely eerie feeling.

In order to not attract attention, Chu Feng had no choice but to put away the World Spirit Compass and to conceal his aura. Carefully, he went into the entrance that was like a mouth.

“Chu Feng, listen to me. With your current strength, if you meet an Evil Spirit, you will, without a doubt, die. Evil Spirits grasp the power of Spirit Formations, and despite having no Spirit power, if it locks onto you, escape is pretty much impossible.”

“So, if you meet an Evil Spirit, you must let me control your body or else both you and I will die by the Evil Spirit’s mouth. If consumed by it, not only you, even I will certainly die. We will be absorbed and refined like Source energy and we will disappear completely and thoroughly.” Eggy gravely reminded.


Chu Feng nodded his head. He had seen an Evil Spirit before and he knew the scariness of things like them. It was exactly as how Eggy said it was. They were not something that he could fight against. These were not times to fake strength, so when the time came, he would do what he needed to do.

He would allow Eggy to control his body. Even if Eggy would receive a huge burden, as long as they could survive, at least he had methods to help Eggy recover. But if they were dead, it meant that they had nothing.

After the decision, Chu Feng continued deeper into the ancient castle. The deeper he went, the more Chu Feng felt disturbed. He astonishedly discovered that there was only a single tunnel in the ancient castle. To avoid being discovered by the Evil Spirit, Chu Feng did not dare to use his Spirit power for detection.

Chu Feng was forced into being passive under those situations. But he had no choice. He could only continue straight forward, and finally, Chu Feng reached the end. At the end, a vast main hall appeared in front of Chu Feng’s face.

The style of the main hall could be described with one word: Strange. Uneasiness seeped everywhere as if a terrifying Evil Spirit could appear in front of Chu Feng at any time.

But Chu Feng did not have time to think about those things because his current gaze was already attracted to a huge chair at the end since there was an odd box on the chair.

The box was very big and its shape was very strange. It seemed quite like a coffin, but that coffin had thousands of holes and it was ten times the size of normal coffins.

“Dammit. There’s a Spirit Formation on this chair.” Seeing that the Evil Spirit was not inside of the ancient castle, Chu Feng quickly arrived in front of the huge chair. But he discovered that outside of the chair, there was a very impressive layer of protective Spirit Formation laid.

“Don’t panic. With the Spirit Formation techniques that you currently grasp, you should be able to decipher it. But no one knows when the Evil Spirit will return so you need to be quick.” Eggy reminded.

“Mm, I can only do that.” Chu Feng gnashed his teeth. To gain the Secret Skill, Chu Feng could only risk the danger of being caught by the Evil Spirit at any time to decipher the Spirit Formation on the huge chair.

However, the more he deciphered, the more Chu Feng felt troubled. He felt that there was a pair of eyes staring behind his back, yet when he turned around to look, there was clearly nothing there.

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63 thoughts on “MGA – Chapter 299” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Am i the only one who really dislikes the MC? It is really hard to feel sympathy for this kind of MC in “sad” moments like when his family getting massacred or him seeing illusions of his dead family members…

    He is a sociopath to the core who causes genocides and kills the family tree of someone when he is just being called “trash”, but then the author throws out one “nice act” of the MC to even the odds and try to make him likeable again.

    Compared to ATG, the MC in this novel is such an asshole who kills thousands of family members (women and children included by logic), just because they got the same surname as the person he dislikes…

    Dont know, dropping this half assed novel seems like a better solution, just because the MC is a badass once in a while does not justify his hypocritical and psycho acting

    Just a one man’s opinion~

    1. Stating my opinion, I think its already been stated that he is extremely ruthless , I mean shit isn’t everyone like that in this novel , gong lyun , shangguan family , whoever else ? Power is everything good or bad power is EVERYTHING. Everyone has someone they care about , that is how they know they are human , even the most evil of people , as long as still containing some rationality would still love their family etc. If he doesn’t eliminate the entire family then roots of ” revenge ” grow , and it won’t stop until 1 side is fully dead, so its the best decision. So even if they weren’t involved its kinda like a , suck for you / bad luck type of thing, just like cancer or ALS in the real world , you can’t do anything against it.

      1. You can do something against all of those things, research is done every day,and today, there is a chance of full recovery from cancer when previously there was none. ‘Innocent bystanders’ deaths can be reduced by stopping to thunk for about five minutes, and coming up with a method that does not endanger them. Chu Feng got mad about his family getting killed because they were innocent, but then he went on to do the same thing, if not worse, and that is just hypocrisy. Two wrongs do not make a right.

        1. In that specific situation, Gong Trash was too cowardly to go after Chufeng himself and went after an easier target to make a point. Chufeng goes after the families to cut the problem at the root, not as a way for him to make a point to someone.

    2. It’s fair enough for you to have your own opinion, I would bet against comparing him to Yun Che from ATG however.

      Yun Che massacred millions in his past life, poisoned entire regions and cities to get his revenge, to the extent that a poisonous almighty treasure had no more poison in it. That and a couple of families are far, far different. Still a massacre, still morally wrong by our standards, but not equatable on a numerical standpoint.

      Also, at the moment he hasn’t killed anyone for calling him trash. He has hurt them. But only, those who have tried to kill him or others he likes have been killed.

      In short. Lesson 9.

      1. @RiseOver, i get that this world is supposed to be seen as ruthless and it is either eat or get eaten, but then the author should stick to it and show the MC as the hardcore sociopath he is, and not throw “nice acts of humanity” here and there to show his good side in the most half assed way. My point is that looking at the amount of corpses the MC has left behind so far, shtload of guilty as well as innocent ones, dont expect any sympathy from myself as the reader for 08/15 rescue missions (like this one, literally 1500 chinese characters summed up his saving action, wow… the author has become so lazy with this even he doesnt take it serious anymore)

        @The Wandering Dragon
        Then what about the thousands of thousands shangguan family members who never got in contact with the MC? Sure, they didnt call him trash, hell they didn’t even see his face, but did they deserve to die in that manner? The protagonist of ATG kills specific people, this is why i compared these two together. Chu Feng kills the whole family tree until the cousin of the 2322th generation just because one person of the same surname said something bad, but Yun Che only kills particular people, ONLY THOSE who wronged him, which is why i can sympathize with him much better.

        1. He kills off the entire family to make sure no one comes for revenge. I think he mentioned this in an early chapter where he stated that weeds have to be removed with the roots.

          Btw. we are almost 300 chapters in, if you still complain about the MCs personality maybe you really should drop it, he has been this way for almost all of the chapters ever since he got strong enough to afford being this way (so about 250 or so chapters so he will probably stay this way) and if you really dislike the character this much maybe you should stop complaining and no longer read MGA.

          1. Not only did i criticize the personality of the MC, i also mentioned the kindergarten attempt of the author to make the MC likeable despite his obvious misdeeds.

            Giving critics does not equal butthurt complaining per se, and because i mentioned something which is quite questionable, does not necessarily mean that I would have to drop a project altogether. By your logic anyone who gives a series or movie on Imdb a score lower than 10/10 should never watch it again and forever turn around.

            And of course I posted my opinion after a handful of chapters, do you expect me to judge his character after 10 chapters or what?

          2. 300 chapters is more than “a handful” and sorry but the mc is going to stay the most important character in the story. So seeing how you dislike the mc and apparently the way the author shows that he is not simply a massmurdering psychopath I just think it’s better for you to drop it instead of wasting your time reading about a character you dislike and posting about how you dislike the character.

          3. Most of the characters are arrogant jackasses to everyone.
            Chufeng on the other hand smacks people who look down on him and kill people who try to kill him while disposing of likely future threats.
            As for the people who are actually his friends and family? Why wouldn’t he be nice and friendly to them?

            The more ruthless you look, the less likely that someone’s going to mess with you.
            As for Lin Ran’s death, he obviously made it look as bad as possible in order to frame the Gong Trash clan, who mostly likely were involved in the massacre.
            You think that they didn’t give their sign of approval when it involved destroying a city?

            And what if the Gong Clan had a son who was also OP or a descendent who decided to have revenge? By then, Chufeng might be long dead.

        2. Chu Feng only hurts people who have wronged him or are related to people who have wronged him. Anyone else he usually is a pretty decent dude to. I’ll take it one step farther Chu Feng would not be alive if he didn’t act he does. He isn’t a sociopath he’s a survivor.

          1. The thing is that Chufeng has run into people with divine bodies before.
            What if some child in the Shangguan Clan turned out to have a Divine Body and decided to have revenge for the clan?

            Many of his opponents get destroyed due to them underestimating him.
            For instance, Gong Trash agreeing to the duel or the Shangguan Clan allowing him to jump over the cliff and just assumed he was dead.
            If he lets an enemy remain then, they’ll grow stronger in the background.

            They were already trying to kill him even before the massacre and I doubt that they would stop.

        3. Uhm. Regarding the ATG mc and MGA mc, I also like the ATG mc better but seriously? He killed millions in his previous life, how is that “killing specific people”. That is more than a few cities in MGA. And like the person below me stated, ‘Return the kindness 10 times and return the enmity 100x’ is something common to every Chinese LN.

          Example in ATG, he crippled an entire sect just because he felt the bloodlust from their little master. He tortured his former cousin (even if he was a douche). And he killed millions.

          Heck, even in CD, Linley showed brutality for every member of the Radiant Church and the royal family of his former kingdom.

          Anyway, I do agree with you that MGA mc is more hardcore than others so dropping it would be good if you are bothered by him. FBT did warn us at the end of book 1. The MC will remain the same so yeah. 🙂

          1. The thing with MGA is that Chufeng smacks down people who look down on him or offend him. He eliminates people who try to kill him and cuts the problem at the root.

            Crippling an entire sect over at ATG is actually in response to them going back on their promise and plotting to kill him. All that’s going to do is create even more enemies (who probably didn’t even care that much about him other than them losing face, it’s only really the leader who’s directly related to Sir Trash who was really angry), as opposed to just taking out a small handful of people who are direct relatives of bloodlust guy.

            In ST, he actually ended up being the king of an area that he was originally enemies with. Why? Because, he didn’t get revenge on soldiers and minions who were just doing their jobs.

            There’s a big fundamental difference between cutting a problem at the root and turning an entire sect into his enemies. If the leader and the young master die then, they’ll be replaced with a new leader who at most might be annoyed at Yun Che for making the sect lose face.

            There’s a big difference between a Clan and a Sect. A Sect won’t necessarily try to avenge someone after the price becomes too high and might even do a 180 in it’s attitude after he becomes big and powerful.

          2. And would he also remained stupid? I clearly hope not and gain some wits. Right now of all this chapter I’ve read. Not only his too ruthless, and doesn’t play it safe. He is also very stupid and only good at doing evil scheme and start a massacre that may affect the innocent. But whatever I’m used to that, but he shouldn’t be stupid at least. For me Eggy is like 100% times more interesting and probably the only reason why I kept reading this alongside with the other supporting characters. The only thing that is interesting is when they prove them wrong and that his actually stronger, but overall the supporting characters is the one that truly interest me as they babysit the MC all the time.

        4. Since you decided to entirely ignore Yun Che’s past life, I will as well. But he still has the goal of utterly destroying the Xiao Sect. Why? Because a few individuals from the main sect, his adoptive family from a disowned branch and the leader of the branch sect and his son are on his naughty list. Yun Che and Teach are pretty much the exact same type of xianxia character. The difference? One story has a plot that moves much faster than the other.

          The reason Yun Che does good deeds, the reason Teach does good deeds is exactly the same. Neither character is seeking trouble. In a perfect world, they’d be perfectly nice and normal. But their worlds are not perfect. People are out to kill you for the smallest of things and hardly anyone cares about other people. They have both learnt to be ruthless, learnt to be unforgiving and learnt to utterly destroy any enemy they face.

          Both characters are not/were not natural sociopaths. If society treats someone like dirt for long enough, it will affect them in some way. In both cases it makes them unforgiving to any enemy that arises/any show of hostility.

          Teach massacred the Shangguan family because it was quite clear the family in and of itself were plotting to kill him from their ambush. If he were to kill their strongest members and leave any alive, he would be risking letting someone from their family do what he had done, get revenge.

          I don’t mind you having an opinion on Teach at all, it is yours. Own it as you have been. But I find it bizarre that you think Yun Che causes less meaningless murder than Teach. Especially when his reasoning so far is……..he’s not strong enough to kill all his foes. If we compare this by chapters, at the point ATG is now, MGA had one slaughter, the clans who tried to slaughter Teach’s clan. In my honest opinion it is safe to say there is plenty of slaughter to come in ATG, so let’s not count our chickens.

          For those who think they want to know what my point is, but do not care to read me explain it:

          I think Yun Che and Teach are pretty similar if you disregard Yun Che’s past.

          1. I guess my attitude towards Yun Che is more favorable because he is easier to identify yourself with and feel with him in a way that is not possible at all with Chu Feng. It appears to be that the attempt of the author to make Chu Feng likeable with minimized attempt what was really bothering me.

            Thanks for your opinions, and without a doubt some of you are right in some cases, guess dropping the LN might be the easier way.

          2. Honestly, Chufeng is better at keeping a low profile and not making his connections to every massacre too obvious. Yun Che arrogantly put up a massive message saying.. “IT WAS ME!!” after crippling a sect like a complete retard which is likely to send every power in the empire after him in the worst case.

            I can see exactly what they’re doing in ATG. They’re making the MC moronic enough so that their version of “Eggy” never recovers in order to invent more “desperate” situations which could have been easily avoided, if the guy had an extra couple of braincells.

            I sometimes wonder whether they should reverse their roles considering that Yun Che’s supposed to be much much older than Chufeng and yet, he makes worse arrogant mistakes.

            ATG had potential, but it’s really starting to get annoying.

    3. Well a Shanggauan family member almost killed him and Lin Ran threatened him that Su Rou and Su Mei will be raped turn by turn by 10000 men if he doesn’t castrate himself. I can’t blame him if he wants to kill anyone who offends him.

      Most of the Chinese MC’s mottoes are ‘Return the kindness 10 times and return the enmity 100x’ and ‘Strong devours the weak’. Don’t forget that. It’s far from the Harem MCs of the Japanese LNs .

      Though the killing of innocent people in the process of revenge leaves a bad taste. 😀

      1. Well – that’s pretty much the ancient world in general.

        Look at the Punic Wars. 2 million dead over the course of the wars and when the Romans did finally take Carthage they killed 90% of the population of the city and enslaved the rest.

        Then a century or two later Roman scholars and politicians were lamenting the fact they destroyed the only Civilizations in the area who could be considered their peers and were left surrounded by barbarians.

    4. Well your way of thinking is not wrong
      you simply put it in a modern societies point of view
      clearly we have wars,murders and other criminal related stuff in our society
      and modern people is also very bias when it comes to peace

      but before you start spouting nonsense about mc character
      you should realize that you are reading a fantasy base novel which is clearly far from your modern world
      and if you study a bit of history in the past people are much worse and brutal than the mc
      MC can even be consider a saint when compare to the past people 1 thousand years ago
      In the past in China millions of people die daily
      you can die by just walking in the street and doesn’t greet any higher people

      you are so use to peace that you feel horrible about the mc character
      but for me like I said this MC is consider a saint
      all his action and form of killing are base on emotion
      if you may you can call it cause and effect
      all his action is justified and within the reason of being human

      you stated that mc is hypocritical and psycho acting?
      lol I find it funny so please go to the nearest psychiatrist and reevaluate your self you might not now but you are currently reflecting yourself and comparing it to the mc of the story
      in the long run you might just kill someone easily just because they offended you
      most people of react to this kind of story are emotional unstable
      my proof? you call MGA mc bad but you love the mc on ATG when for me they are basically the same lol

      1. You just said that i put my own moral standards while reading this which is why i can hardly comprehend this kind of brutal behaviour in a peaceful world such as ours. Then 5 Lines later you say that thinking that this behaviour is cruel and hypocritical reflects my own attitude…………………What? Seriously, what? Can you decide which way your argument goes in the end, or do you have a habit to write something as long as it SOUNDS justified even though the content is total bullshit? Seems like you, as a Harvard psychology student, know too much of my character and I should really go to the doctor. Thank you, you cured me, now you can go back on your Psycho-o-mobile and drive through the city and cure everyone with your Mountain Dew certificate from the University of Mother’s Basement.

        P.S.: Unlike the comments above who actually made me reevaluate my opinion, you just made it worse

    5. Chufeng has always shown respect to those who treated him respectfully. It is just that almost everyone acts arrogantly in this novel. But it isn’t out of character for him to help others, as long as people ask him nicely.

    6. ehh?? If you really dislike the MC, then you don’t really need to read his story -_- I think strong and ruthless MCs are far better than MCs who’re weak and acting like a pure and kind man.

    7. But thats what makes him great. So sick of pretentious whiteknight mcs who always have the moral high ground. Also Yun Che killed 17 000 in his current life and millions in his first one. You seem like the hypocrite here…

    8. You don’t even know what a sociopath is, I think you shouldn’t use words beyond you. The mc isn’t a sociopath, his behavior clearly shows that. He’s not a psychopath either for that matter… Go read up on it before using these words again.

  2. Teach is taking a major risk with this one. Wonder if Eggy will have to control him, wonder if the evil spirit is in fact, not that evil. I’d laugh if the spirit helps him plan to capture the secret technique. Or maybe the technique was actually made from the evil spirit, which is trapped inside that coffin like box?

    Never fear, Teach. Just deploy the teaching zone!! Or paint yourself red, I hear it makes you three times faster.

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