MGA – Chapter 285

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MGA: Chapter 285 – Looking for the Path of Death

“A tooth for a tooth, so that means that it was intentional?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the Lingyun School crowd was even more furious. Killing intent was revealed one after another, and they hated to be unable to rip Chu Feng into shreds.

“Hmph. How did Dugu Aoyun treat my school head at first? As the host of the Hundred School Gathering, why didn’t you stand out to talk that time?”

“The people from your Lingyun School are people, but other people aren’t people? I harm someone from your Lingyun School and you need me to pay the price, but where did you run off to when your Lingyun School injured my school head?”

“As the number one school in the Azure Province, where is your fairness?” Chu Feng was not afraid even as he faced danger, and he even severely questioned back.

“You…” As they faced Chu Feng’s consistent questioning, the faces of the crowd from the Lingyun School turned ashen and indeed, they could not retort.

Accordingly, as long as Chu Feng did not kill Fenghao, they should not surround and attack Chu Feng. After all, Dugu Aoyun was the first to dislocate off Li Zhangqing’s arms.

*bam bam bam…* Suddenly, a burst of clear and loud clapping sounds rang out.

“Hahaha… Good good good.” Following that, abnormally strange laughter rang out as well. It was the head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian.

At that instant, he was standing on top of the tall stage with the might of a lord descending down to the world. As he looked down, he clapped and smiled while looking at Chu Feng but his eyes were filled with oddness.

“It seems like quite an impressive disciple has appeared in the Azure Dragon School. Chu Feng, the title of the strongest disciple in this Hundred School Gathering belongs to you.” Yan Yangtian loudly declared after laughing.


After Yan Yangtian spoke, even though the people from the Lingyun School were not willing to, they had no choice but to quickly retreat and they didn’t dare to attack Chu Feng anymore. Even the surrounding and observing schools were stunned.

Yan Yangtian did not attack, and that caused them to think of a lot of things. First, it was possible that Yan Yangtian cherished Chu Feng’s talent. After all, Chu Feng’s battle power defied common sense so much, and from a certain angle, Chu Feng was a genius who had not appeared in the Azure Province before. If that battle power continued to be developed, one day, he would surpass Dugu Aoyun and become a huge character.

However, after some more careful thinking, Yan Yangtian was not such a kindhearted person. The reason why his Lingyun School had grew to this current stage was because the methods of the Lingyun School had always been ruthless. Those who offended the Lingyun School would usually not end well.

However, in front of so many people, Chu Feng cut off Fenghao’s arms. He slapped the Lingyun School’s face. He slapped Yan Yangtian’s face, so how was it possible that he so easily forgave him?

So, the only possibility why Yan Yangtian did not do anything was because of Qi Fengyang. In the Azure Province, the only thing that Yan Yangtian feared was the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

Who was Chu Feng’s sworn elder brother? It was Qi Fengyang, the number two character in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. No matter how much stronger Yan Yangtian’s strength was, no matter how much higher his position was, he still had to give some face to Qi Fengyang.

If it was at first, people would still suspect why Qi Fengyang had to become sworn brothers with a boy like Chu Feng. However, after seeing Chu Feng’s super strong battle power, almost everyone understood Qi Fengyang’s intentions.

That also meant that not only did Chu Feng have Qi Fengyang behind him, he also had the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and under those situations, even if Yan Yangtian wanted to take care of Chu Feng, he naturally had to think for a while first.

“Impressive. This Chu Feng has such talent and he also has the protection of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion behind him. How outstanding will his future achievements be like?”

“The Azure Dragon School will really rise in power. Since the Azure Dragon School has such a disciple, the rising will only be a matter of time.”

“Yeah, he gained the title of the strongest disciple in the Hundred School Gathering at this age. This is the first time it has happened in history, and Chu Feng is an unprecedented genius!”

At that instant, other than the people from the Lingyun School, almost everyone was praising Chu Feng’s strength. They were predicting Chu Feng’s future, as though they saw the birth of a great character who would rule over the Azure Province.

The various school heads felt envy towards the Azure Dragon School as such a disciple appeared, but at the same time, as they were also people from the Azure Province, they felt proud that such a genius appeared in the Azure Province.

Almost everyone put their previous prejudices away from Chu Feng as nothing else remained in their eyes other than shock. Chu Feng already used his strength to prove to everyone that he was not trash. He was a genius.

“No. the title of the strongest disciple is empty. I, Chu Feng, do not want it.” But just at that time, he pushed the title away because of dislike as he spoke.

“What? Chu Feng doesn’t want the title of the strongest disciple?”

After speaking, it was as if a frightening thunder exploded next to their ears and it caused everyone on scene to be greatly shocked. The title of being the strongest disciple that were the wishes in countless disciples’ dreams was unwanted by Chu Feng. What was he doing?

“Chu Feng, what do you mean?” Yan Yangtian lightly furrowed his brows and he spoke to ask.

“Since the title is named as the strongest disciple, of course, it would be for the strongest disciple out of all the schools in the Azure Province.”

“However, Dugu Aoyun, as the number one disciple of your Lingyun School, has not fought against me. So, my title of the strongest disciple is hollow. It’s fine if I don’t take it.” Chu Feng looked at Dugu Aoyun who was currently standing next to Yan Yangtian.

“Haha, Chu Feng, you are challenging me?” Dugu Aoyun laughed loudly, and within his laugher was disdain and mock.

“I, Chu Feng, will challenge you, Dugyu Aoyun. Do you dare to come down to fight against me?” Chu Feng’s gaze was like a torch as he pointed at Dugu Aoyun and loudly yelled.

“Heavens! Is Chu Feng insane? He is actually going to challenge Dugu Aoyun?”

After Chu Feng spoke, almost all the faces of the people on scene changed greatly and they were astounded. What level of strength did Dugu Aoyun have? He was the character who defeated the various school heads from the Azure Province and gained the title of the strongest school head!

Even if Chu Feng had better talent, his cultivation still currently remained in the Origin realm. He might have been too insane since he challenged Dugu Aoyun because he was different than Fenghao. He was publicly recognized as the number one genius in the Azure Province

Even the various school heads could not defeat him and he was almost invincible within the Profound realm. Some people even suspected Dugu Aoyun was the strongest person in the Azure Province other than the head of the Lingyun School and the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

Even the school heads were afraid of such a person, yet Chu Feng wanted to challenge him. Naturally, it caused people to be endlessly shocked and it was hard for them to accept it.

“Haha, truly shameless big words. Is it even possible that I, Dugu Aoyun, am afraid of you?” Dugu Aoyun coldly smiled, and after that, he flashed and became a blur. He shot towards the fighting stage that Chu Feng was on and stood in front of Chu Feng.

“If we’re going to fight, why not make it a bit more interesting? Today, me and you will fight in front of all the school heads for the title of the strongest disciple in the Azure Province. The winner receives the glory, and the loser destroys their own cultivation. What do you think?” Chu Feng closely questioned.

“Heavens! He’s insane! He has gone completely insane!” At that instant, almost everyone couldn’t help but take in a breath of cool air and they were deeply agitated by Chu Feng’s words.

Not only was Chu Feng challenging Dugu Aoyun who had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm with his own cultivation of the 9th level of the Origin realm, he even set the rule so that the loser had to destroy their own cultivation. Wasn’t he just digging his own hole to fall back in it, and looking for a path to death?

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      Chu Feng is looking to die. How can he succ on such a big dicc. His mouth is too small.

      Later they see him roll and say
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    1. If he doesn’t get help from Eggy, Dugu Aoyun will be the new main character cause Chu Feng will die.
      I’m pretty sure that he will instantly use Eggy’s power and defeat Dugu Aoyun instantly. If it’s a long fight it will be kinda stupid. I think the point of all this should be to prove just how strong he is and in order to do that he must “oneshot” him 😛

      1. If he uses his true power then, he might as-well put his Grey-Cloak on too, as everyone will figure out who he is. If he only borrows cultivation then.. Hmm.. He’ll probably win. Possibly. Power levels are kinda fuzzy in this novel though.

        1. Once he defeats Dugu Aoyun I don’t really see any point in him concealing his power. At this point I believe the story should start developing in another direction, aka him becoming Blue Cloak, helping the Purple Cloak beast in the Asura tower and possibly finally moving to other places than the Azura Province.

          Basically what I’m saying is that there really isn’t any point in him hiding that he is Mr. Grey.

          I mean think about it. No matter how he defeats Dugu Aoyun the Lingyun school will probably try to kill him, so I assume that once he defeats him and get out of the Lingyun school that crazy bum that is at the heaven realm will come and destroy the school cause otherwise they will pose a threat to him 😛

          1. I look forward to that last paragraph lol, it’s been a while since we heard from old homeless heavens realm

          2. The Asura tower is in the Spirit Province which is somewhere other than the Azure Province. Honestly, he hasn’t spent much time in the Spirit Province and there’s probably plenty of places to explore and all sorts of high level tournaments.

            Maybe, he’ll get a prize for doing the Grey-Cloak exam like with the White-Cloak one.

          3. What people fail to realize is that until he passes his Grey-cloak exam him wearing the Grey-cloak is illegal.

          4. If he shows his World Spirit Guild badge and wears the Grey-Cloak then, the Heaven Realm guy will recognise him as a Grey-Cloak from the World Spirit Guild.
            That lowers the chance of him killing him dramatically infront of everyone, as he wouldn’t want to anger the Spirit Guild which can simply squash his school with ease.

            Even if it’s illegal, I doubt that the World Spirit Guild will be too annoyed, especially since his more or less at the Grey-Cloak level anyway, and just has to pass the exam to make it official. They might question where he got that Grey-Cloak from though.

      2. That isn’t entirely true, like in the fight against gong trash, whatever his name was, Chu Feng displayed his power, but he toyed with him first before showing his overwhelming might. A sudden one shot at the beginning could be interpreted as a cheap shot, especially by the trash of the number 1 school. They’ll just say, Our number 1 disciple decided to go easy on you, and you dare to use tricks, or whatever garbage spews from their mouths.

        1. Honestly.. His better off revealing that his Mr. Grey-Cloak than he is revealing that he has a secret skill. A secret skill will just result in countless schools going after him.

          1. That is very true the secret skill should never be revealed, but I’m not sure if revealing that he can use grey-cloak level spirit power is in anyway necessary. He can take that arrogant guy down very effectively by countering all of that guy’s best skills and then showing the world that he is the very best disciple that there ever was. Now there only needs to be a guarantee that the arrogant ass will destroy himself if he looses.

          2. Now there only needs to be a guarantee that the arrogant ass will destroy himself if he looses.

            I have every reason to doubt it. It wouldn’t surprise me to see his school protecting him, actually. The school head at least doesn’t seem to have the balls to kill Chu Feng.

  1. Thanks for all the chapters

    You know, since I was introduced to this site earlier in the month, I’ve read MGA, ATG, ISSTH, BTTH and partway through ST and CD, but I only just realized that the comments were done through WordPress right now. I was being lazy and didn’t want to make another forum account to keep track of.

  2. I think we’ve all seen THIS pattern before.
    The only suspenseful question is whether or not he will use Eggy’s power. I think he might have to.

    1. If his going to make it obvious then, he might as-well put the Grey-Cloak and World Spirit Guild badge on now and make his dramatic entrance. That way, Heaven Realm guy might think about the consequences of killing a Grey-Cloak World Spiritist who belongs to the World Spirit Guild.

      Grey-Cloaks are World Spirit Guild Elders, if I remember correctly.

      1. he could use the white cloak and eggy. Not super obvious that he is greycloak, but fairly obvious that he has a contracted spirit beast. might want to tone down his skill with formations though…

        1. Actually, it would be pretty obvious that he is a greycloak world spiritist since his spirit formation takes that color. Also, one of the audience members is a greycloak so I doubt it’ll go unnoticed.

          As for your concern over using eggy, people would just think chufeng was hiding his cultivation before. Things would only become suspicious if he uses that black gas again.

          1. The World Spirit Guild sent *twenty* Grey-Cloaks to his battle with what’s his face.
            They didn’t seem to discover that his actually a Grey-Cloak World Spiritist.

            I don’t see why it would be any different here.

          2. I don’t recall him using his spirit formation techniques in his fight with gong luyun. Nice try. Correct me if you find evidence.

            You can’t determine someone’s cloak status by just being in their presence.. otherwise the lingyun’s school greycloak would have realized chufeng is a greycloak spiritist already.. the formation has the coloration that reflects their cloak-level equivalent. Self-explanatory from there.

          3. Actually, I jumped the gun. Checked myself, and he did utilize his spirit formation technique which got shattered easily by gong luyun. Sorry about that.

            Nonetheless, that only shows that he didn’t use his full powers as a World Spiritist because Gong Luyun wouldn’t be able to break the formation of a Greycloak, and I’m certain the formations have coloration. Let me check again later.

          4. He is able to use different levels of power in his spiritual formations. The power he gets from Eggy allows him to show the cultivation level of Profound realm 3. This power up is not obvious to others they will think that he was hiding his power previously and is only now going all out. With his absolute skill in the 7th rank skill that is approaching rank 8, he can and will counter whatever ranks 7-8 skill Dugu uses against him, this I’m confident in. Eggy going all out is the only reason the black gass shows up and the backlash can be devastating to Eggy so he won’t do that.

        2. It really depends on how strong his opponent is. If his forced to then, his better off using his Grey Spirit Formations instead of the Secret Skill. Unlike the Secret Skill, it’s not like someone can “steal” his Grey-Cloak status. While with a Secret Skill, they can kill him and take it.

          The Secret Skill would only invite the entire province’s schools to send experts after him.

  3. Chu Feng is at the 9th Origin cultivation. Eggy is at the 4th Profound. With Chu Feng’s Godly Lightning’s first technique, as well as the High mysterious technique, he can go as up to 6th Profound level. He has a level 3 (Illusory Palm), 4 (3 Lightning Techniques), 5-ish (the 3rd stage of the Ligthning technique), 6 (100 Golden Weapons), 7 (Imperial Sky), and lastly the White-Tiger Slaugthering Technique. With this arsenal, and being the MC, how can he lose?

    1. Well.. yeah, no one’s expecting chufeng to lose. People are just wondering how he will. Will he use eggy’s cultivation? Will he use his spirit formation techniques (concern being his greycloak status)? Will he use his divine lightning powerup? Will he use his secret skill?

      Personally, I think he will borrow eggy’s cultivation and use his spirit formations. Dugu, though he’s technically profound realm 8th level, pretty much possesses 9th level profound realm power (he beat two profound 9th schoolheads). Chufeng can fight across 6 or so levels. He needs eggy’s cultivation.

      Also, at this point, since they’ll realize that chufeng is “Asura”, there’s less need for him to cover up his greycloak power. It’s not even much of a secret. He progressed with his own comprehension and earned spirit fruit (and a bit of eggy’s discreet help).

      As for divine lightning, he might or might not.. not sure. And I really hope he doesn’t use the white tiger slaughtering technique.. he’s still not powerful enough to reveal it.. Luckily, Linran is the only one to have properly witnessed it and he’s dead.

      And a couple notes, his Bow of Hundred Transformations is a 5th rank martial skill. And you forgot about his Void Dragon Cry 7th rank martial skill (8ish with mastery).

      1. i’m expecting him to show off his speed, we saw dugu showing off to the head of the azure dragon school, i’m hoping to see chu feng pull an enel (1piece) and stand around looking bored as dugu attacks him

      2. You are correct in your assessment and I’m sure that he will very likely take Dugu out without using Eggy’s power at first but after a while he might have to just so he can completely crush his opponent.

  4. At this rate, all the so-called geniuses will either be killed or crippled by chu feng.

    But he really should let some live. Its only a matter of time before he starts his adventures outside the azure province. Those so-called geniuses will come in handy at that time. ……by being the azure province watchdogs during his absence. Can’t let other provinces bully them too much when chu feng is not there

    1. lol i dont think chu feng gives a crap about how others treat the azure province cause all that matters is how they treat him and his loved ones and school ppl. Besides, if chu feng roams around the nine provinces, his name will spread and just from that, ppl will not dare to treat the province badly

      1. I was thinking that too.. though even if the Azure Province is 10times weaker then the next-weakest province nothing major will happen since, even though they are all sort of autonomous, all 9 provinces are under technically the same rule (the Imperial Court… I forgot it’s name).

        I will say however, that Chu Feng should be trying to make friends. Even if they are weak in terms of the 9 provinces as a whole, it’s better to have connections outside the Elder generation.

        1. Well, Chufeng has friends in the World Spirit Guild (the really nice guy who saved their asses from that other clan). All he has to do is pass the Grey-Cloak exam and he will become their favourite disciple with Blue-Cloaks saving his ass.

          Not so much in the Azure Province. In the Azure Province, he has “second-rate” connections for the most part, asides from the Qilin Guy who spends most of his time cultivating anyway.

          At the end of the day though, his better off just taking his family to the Spirit Province and living there. He has some powerful supporters there who can step in whenever he has a problem for instance rather than forcing them to go all the way to the Azure Province whenever he challenges someone locally influential to a duel.

          As for the Azure Province, if an interesting tomb comes up then, he could go around in disguise in order to pillage it. I really think that the Azure Province is probably going to be a minor plot point from now on though. Maybe, he’ll revisit it in a later volume.

          Maybe, he’ll make some friends in the other provinces while his name spreads out.

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    i think the MC is maturing bit by bit. he’s using challenges and tactics to cripple people

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